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The Next Big Thing-Step 13

Yes, I have a divergent wind tunnel effect coming out from the offshore ocean wind between my and my neighbor’s ( 2 story) houses.  In addition , both houses have “vortex shedding” issues. Very difficult to anticipate. Add into this the fact that the hedges are of all different heights, the poor flight control board, (super cool gyros and all…)  just has a lot of problems to deal with and is quite nervious. But, I have to say that since removing “too much vibration isolation rubber”, its flying character is very predictable.

I don’t know, maybe it had to do with the setting sun on a clear San Diego evening (right into my eyes!)
Maybe it had to do with the blossming bugs seeking the moisture IN MY EYES.
Maybe it had to do with the variable winds.
Maybe it had to do with my resolution to stay airborne and in-control-at-any-cost.
I sucked up my fear and kept the tricopter up and flying in a particularly nasty gust.
I gave it full power to avoid the “monster”  but to no avail..

“Wham! Smack, right into the ground! .

(wow the first non-“Snap roll, right into the ground” incident ! )

That’s progress is’nt it?

Still, my tail boom broke off right at the base of the main body.


Now this really pdmeoff because I worked so hard to make the servo and motor pivot set up
as strong and as light as I  possably could. Indeed, the motor-servo-pivot survived without a scratch.
I have to say though,a zero velocity crash from 5 feet straight up , right onto concrete, and only this boom break,
well, it could be worse. I am going to put some pieces of carbon rod  inside and epoxy it back together
so it should never break or bend again. I am willing to take the weight penalty of a few grams in this highly loaded junction.
I am also willing to hard land into the grass. Descretion is the better part ov valor as someone once said.
No damage, no foul, get back into the air and keep practicing. That’s what it’s all about.

Before I go, please click on this YouTube video for the most amazing Monocopter EVER !!

Until next month, on The Next Big Thing,

Bob K