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The Next Big Thing-Step 2

It turns out that a laser printer uses a type of ink that is more like hot melt glue than ink. That’s why it is called toner instead of ink. There we go, learning something new everyday.This toner has a certain amount of acid resistance and can be used as a “mask” to etch a printed circuit board. To make it even easier, some very talented and generous people have already done the design and artwork and have posted it up in R/C Groups.



Multi Wii Adapter

So now I have the art work and access to a laser printer, I bought a blank circuitboard at radio shack,now what?
Check this site out.

That’s what I did and this what I got:



Whoo Hoo! I’m SO excited ( I live a very dull life it seems…) Any little imperfection can be touched up with a Sharpie felt pen too. Now I have to etch the excess copper off. This is actually the easy part, but wear gloves and safety glasses because you are going to use swimming pool acid and drugstore hydrogen peroxide 50/50 mixed. Yep, just regular old hydrogen peroxide from the medicine cabinet. I “borrowed a cup” of acid from my neighbor who has a pool and I raided my medicine cabinet. I added the hydrogen peroxide to the acid slowly and it got all warm.  I place the circuit board in and swished it around until the copper was etched away just enough. I removed the board ans washed it off and Wah-Lah !  I’m SO excited!



Now I just cut the boards out and drill the holes.
Nothing to it, but to do it, right?



I am ready to “populate” the board. ( thats’ geek speek for solder on the parts)

I am SO excited! I log onto R/C Groups to post pictures and share. Well, some other enterprising people are just now, offering these same boards for sale!

So, just buy the board and I’ll see you in the next installment of “The Next Big Thing”.

Until then, check out the below site for LOTS more entertainment.

Rocket (Bob) Kreutzer