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The Next big Thing-Step 4


Blade Grip


I chose to use a pushrod because I want to keep my electronic trim to zero-zero for this first try. There are electronical ( ?? ) type issues with the programming of the “brain” that just does not like excessive trim usage. I will report on more of that in the next installment. Here is another picture of the yaw mechanism. Really pretty simple stuff. Hanging the servo off of the tail helps balance out the battery rather nicely.


Hanging Servo


Here is a head-on picture of the front of the multicopter without the battery in place. Notice the low profile. Notice the soft rubber mounted circuit board. You do not want too much excess vibration upsetting your gyros! Actually, my set up may be TOO soft and introduce its’ own set of problems. I may have to put an extra rubber mount in a tripod arrangement . ( next installment!)


Head On


This next picture shows a head on picture with the battery in place. Notice the low frontal area. Does this matter on a multicopter?  I don’t know. It looks kinda cool. One thing is , I will put an extra piece of foam under the battery as a “landing gear” of sorts so the nacelles do not have to support the airframe weight. Of course, if I just restrict it to
“hand landings” this would not be an issue. Right?




Well, for everything you might want to know about a WiiMulticopter check out this site:

That’s it for this month. Next time:  PROGRAMMING !

Rocket Bob Kreutzer