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The Next Big Thing-Step 7

Of course it COULD be that the Scorpion Commanders’ only speak in an obscure Malyasian dialect and our little Italian friend , Arduino, just cannot understand Bahasa.  Then again, it could be, Gan,Guan,Kejai,Min,Wu,Xiang,or Yue, as well.  (All of these Chinese dialects are Greek to me.)

In the mean time please enjoy the Tricopter YouTube video below. Watch as this wildman land this T-Copter in his hand!  He HAS to, it has no landing gear and the pusher-props are on the BOTTOM!!!  Can you say “lawn mower” ?  (Sorry, this video removed – Ed)


This is amusing .


Picture overload here


Until next month, on The Next Big Thing .

Rocket Bob Kreutzer