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The Next Big Thing-Step 8

So now I turn on the transmitter. Then the reciever. And………….


the little LED lights blink the correct codes! Hallahluyah!  I am actually pretty excited.
I am not a failure, I did everything right. Its’ just that Scorpion Commander  ESC’s are not suited for
multicopter use. For airplane use, they are excellent .
But, they just don’t speak Italian and there ya go.

So the tricopter is armed and sitting there  in the grass ready to go, LED’s blinking and everything.
Because multicopters are,as a group,by definition, a multiple bladed blender, capable of 3-D carnage ,
I put on safety glasses! Because multicopters  are
by  definition, kinda scary what with the whirling blades TMES the number of motors, there is a safety routine
you must follow prior to arming the vehicle.

1: turn on the transmitter. Set throttle to low, trim 0.

2: plug in tricopter battery.

3. Pull throttle stick full aft and maximum right for 3 seconds.

The tricopter comes to life!
It just sits there with the motors at idle speed, LED’s bliking, awaiting your commands.

So, I take the sticks and give it 1/4 throttle to get it to lift off. Wrong answer!
This thing takes off like a rocket!. I cut the throttle and bring it back to the
backyard and “settle” it into the grass.

So between 1/8 and 1/4 throttle this thing goes from idle to suborbital !

Yeah baby! Thats what I’m talk’n about. Too much power!

Well I crashed it ( gently) and all’s I have to say is:  WOW.
( easy fix.less than 2 bux 4 parts)
Next fix is throttle respnse.
(  a generous dose of throttle expo and it should be good to go.)

The critera set forth in the first installment for easy reparibility was tested.
Two bent aluminum tube arms.
total: $ 2.15 .

If I was not writing this installment, I would flying. So now I am going to
sign off and get some flying in!

Next month:
Flight Trimming.

Rocket “Bob” Kreutzer