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The Next Big Thing

Yes, a scratch built multi-engined- gyro- stabilized confabulation of componentery that I had no idea of how to make.  I was going to build … a MULTICOPTER !  (A multicopter is defined as any rotor borne aircraft having more than on lift producing rotor. The standard nomenclature being that of a bi-copter, tri-copter, quadrocopter,penta,hexa,octo,deca..copter etc. )

But, which one to build?  Decisions, decisions. Well, simple, cheap,and easy suits my lifestyle so a tricopter seemed to be a reasonable first step. A quick internet search and WAH-LAH!  The MultiWiiCopter shows up. Yes, this looks like a pilot’s aircraft, no hanging around with a camera like an airborne slug for me, no sir-ee. This is the real deal.

( to be continued next month, in the mean time look up RC Groups under multirotor helicopters and look for MultiWiiCopter for more information)

Rocket (Bob) Kreutzer

Some examples:





Tricopter Kit