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Dead Stick Challenge

This month’s club event is the:


May 27th, 10am
Not too long ago, when we were all liquid-fueled RC aviators, one skill that was required is the mastery of the dead-stick landing. Nowadays, with electric power, hearing someone call “DEAD STICK” is something we simply don’t hear anymore. Since we no longer experience the problem of a nitro engine flame-out, we rarely need the skill of bringing it back to the field without power.

This event will test your “emergency return” skills, and reward those who have a command of the task.

How it will work:

Rule #1. DO NOT SACRIFICE YOUR AIRCRAFT. If during the event, you are not going to make it to the field safely, you can simply power up and come back to try again. 

You get 3 attempts. NOT 3 TRIES. It MUST BE a “safety for aircraft” abort, not a “you didn’t do well” abort.

You get 20 seconds of motor on. Once the motor is off, the flight timer starts. Timer ends when model stops moving on the ground. Points for flight time are accrued. Landing on the runway allows time score, off field landings are zero. Position on runway ONCE MODEL STOPS, can score bonus points.
If you play Electroglide you will understand because it’s similar. Where the model stops, is where the score is calculated from (unlike spot landing challenge which is where the model touches the runway). Scoring zones are LARGER than the Electroglide target.

Scoring will be similar to electroglide where a long glide is helpful and the scoring bonus zones will be larger than the standard electroglide target. 

No gliders allowed. This is a dead stick challenge of a regular airplane not designed to be flown power-off. 

Gliding starts at 10:00am, and like usual, Meeting, Awards & Lunch afterwards.

April’s Poker Fly RECAP

Poker Fly success!!

Hello fellow SEFSD’ers.    I am happy to report that April’s club event,  the Poker Fly,  went off without a problem…. I think for the first time since we started!!!  April’s event was a PERFECT example of how a club member can influence our events with great ideas.   Poker Fly has traditionally been difficult to score,  because as simple as it is to grade Poker Hands,  it gets challenging when there are 40 hands played.  A tip of the hat goes to Bob Anson,  who last year suggested using 3×5 cards instead of the score sheet.   AMAZING.   GENIUS.   PERFECT.    Using the 3×5 cards allowed the contestants to be responsible for holding on to their own “hands”.    At the end,  we only were presented with the hands that were worthy of scoring,  not the plethora of junk hands as was in the past.   Scoring went PERFECTLY,  until at the presentation for awards,  a member shouted out “What about my xxxx hand??” My gut dropped as I thought we had again,  screwed up scoring.    Well,  it worked out that the club member didn’t understand the ranking for his poker hand,  and our scoring WAS PERFECT AFTER ALL!!

Additional thanks goes to George Sullivan,  who played dealer so I could get my flights in,  and Jovi who shared the final scoring duties.    Our event went a bit long as there were LOTS OF CONTESTANTS, and LOTS OF FLYING!  The flights were entertaining,  everyone gave the right amount of courtesy to all pilots to let them get in their 4 flights.  All in all a great “Luck Based” event.   Alex was the “Lucky Dog” with his lowest hand,  and came away with a pair of MG Featherlite servos from Hitec.

Next month,  there is NO LUCK,  its all YOUR SKILLS!   The Medal’s come out next month for the podium finishers. DEAD STICK CHALLENGE.   You get 10 seconds of motor,  glide for time,  land for bonus.  Similar to Electroglide,  but NO GLIDERS (any other aircraft is allowed even MICROS!)  Scoring is where the aircraft stops, not where it touches.

Congrats to the winners,  THANK YOU to all the contestants that played.  Again,  these go away without participants.  I’m looking forward to May, as that is a NEW event for us, be sure to come down and play!

Jim Bonnardel

Click a pic below for the entire album:

Poker Fly

 This Saturday, 4/22/2023 is our POKER FLY!! 
We will be trying a NEW scoring method,
so look forward to something to make it easier!
Poker hands start building at 10:00am and lasts through the hour.
You get 3 cards dealt to you. For each flight, you get another card dealt to you. 
 You want to build the best 5 card hand you can with 4 available additional cards.
Club meeting and BBQ lunch to follow.
The Best Poker Hands and Bluffs from Movies - Borgata Online

May Club Event Recap: Altitude Quest

We got back into the event groove in May,  with April being rained out.    Our “Altitude Quest” game was easy enough for everyone to play,  and the spinner, as well as the altitude meter worked great for everyone.  It always makes me happy when club members play our games for the first time.  

This month we had Joe Rosevear join in his first club contest with an absolutely awesome CLASSIC Dynaflite Wanderer with a power pod.   This charmer of an airplane took its sweet time to get to altitude,  but the whole time everyone was having flashbacks of their early years with home-built balsa kits, and reliving those early days.  I think more than 12 people raised their hands when I asked, “Who here has had/built/flown a Wanderer?”  The Wanderer was first produced in 1975 by Marks Models.   Joe’s score didn’t put him on the podium,  but he did have a great time joining in on our shenanigans.  

Also joining in on the game, Vlad Robin who also is not a usual monthly game participant,  we are happy to see you joining in! I don’t want to forget mentioning Brian Glensky,  who is pretty new to all of our games, he did better than the average score!    
Congrats to the winners,  THANK YOU to all the participants.  Without you playing these games,   they go away.  Your continual participation in the monthly event,  then the monthly meeting,  is what helps truly keep the camaraderie high and the information flowing.

The Results:

Place      Name                   Score
5th        Mary Riney           +9ft
4th        Scott Vance          +5ft
3rd        George Harper     -3ft
2nd       Bruce Driver         -4ft
1st        Steve Manganelli   BULLSEYE @ 199 ft. !

Also,  thanks to Steve Manganelli who has stepped up to handle the monthly contest certificates for the rest of the year.  All of our volunteers have real lives, and sometimes extra errands are just too hard to get done, or even forgotten. Thanks Steve!

Lastly, please remember to THANK the people who are working hard to keep SEFSD functioning, eventful,  fun, and one of the best AMA sites in the USA.   It’s not always easy, it’s not always fun. It’s often demanding of time,  but our volunteers are always, awesome.  Thanks.
NEXT UP….  For April,  POKER FLY! See you on Saturday 4/28/23 10:00am
Your Event Meister –   Jim

Don’t Spill the Beans Event Report

By Jim Bonnardel
Our first event for the year was met with very grey skies, and chilly weather. Weather was likely a factor in the average turnout of 18 sign-ups and 17 competitors.

At 09:45 the sign up sheet was put out. Our chairman, Jovi, had been wanting to be the first to sign up and had actually gotten ahold of the sign up sheet and was told he could not sign up until 10:00. Jovi knew the reason why you want to sign in early for 2023’s events, and thats because all tiebreakers will be decided by sign up order! Well Jovi got to sharing his 2022 video with AMA District 10 President and friend to SEFSD Greg Stone an forgot to watch his watch! 10:00am ticked by and our Treasurer, Steve Manganelli beat him to the punch with being contestant #1. Jovi realized his mistake and got in at #2.

There are some ‘rules’ we will operate under 2023, and that is the sign up sheet will always be the tiebreaker. Granted our games are pretty hard to have exact ties, but it does happen with Limbo which is our next event in Feb.

Beans started flying right after the pilot briefing, and Steve doing his first bean event EVER, did his first out of the gate, with no one showing their strategy, did a very respectable 1:14 flight but he only had 3 beans. The bar was set with room for improvement!

More entertainment ensued with George Sullivan almost donating his plane to Mission Bay, and carrying a RUNCAM onboard! That video is found at: Thanks to Frank Sutton, Georges near loss was captured for your entertainment! I cant believe how long the beans were there, but you gotta watch!

We had several pilots come home with the full load of 20 beans:

NAME Time Place
Bob Anson 0:22 1st
Brad Bender 0:27 2nd
Bruce Driver 0:31 3rd
Jim Richardson 0:34 4th
Ty T 0:54 5th
Phong Tran 0:57 6th

The rest of the pack with beans came in as follows:

Bob Stinson 18 Beans :25
Alex Sutton 14 Beans :38
Steve Manganelli 3 Beans 1:14
Jim Bonnardel 3 Beans and a CRAZY FAST 16 seconds!

Jim lost his beans when his airplane had a hiccup in the middle of the loop, otherwise it could have been a record breaker!

Kudos to:
Phil Barlow
George Sullivan (Loops & Rolls)
George Harper
Quan Nguyen
& Mark Davis

Those gents did their duty to populate the field with bean sprouts. We thank you putting all of your cargo out in the field and adding to diversifying our vegetation index.
Next month,  is the LIMBO event.  Come down and have a great time flying or just watching!

We were visited by the AMA District X VP, Greg Stone, Saturday and he very much enjoyed watching our “Don’t Spill The Beans!” competition.

Don’t Spill the Beans!

January’s Club Event: 

Don’t Spill the Beans! 

Our FIRST event for ‘23 is one  

EVERYONE can participate in! 

Beans & carrying devices are provided. 

You get 20 beans, you do a flight with a loop or roll, and land.   

Beans left in the cup count. 

Leaders get $1.00 per bean PAID CASH MONEY! 


Saturday 1.28.2023 

Beans start flying at 10 am 

Club meeting and BBQ to follow. 

Typical 3S 2200 style airplane preferred.  Not an event for Micro, or Large Scale. 

Warbird Day

OCTOBER’s Club Event: 



October 22nd 2022 10:00 am

Our tribute to warbirds of all types. 

There will be a chance to participate in an “Axis Vs. Allies” Attack of our field! 

Prizes and medals for defending our honor! 

All warbirds for open flying before the runway attack.


3~4cell battery types for Axis Vs. Allies event pls.


Participation earns raffle tickets, all raffle tickets are eligible! 

Meeting and FINAL BBQ of the year to follow.

T28 Pylon Racing Report for Oct 2022

We had a good turnout with 11 pilots going for the gold. As is often the case Quan was fashionably late in arriving  putting him at the very end of the signup sheet. Jovi did a great job of keeping things moving along and keeping the scores.

In the first round of the preliminary races there was some very tight racing with Alex and myself trading places for much of the race—near the end of the race with things a virtual tie Alex made a bad turn giving me enough distance ahead to get the win. A couple races later Otto and Alex tangled at the downwind turn just a couple laps into the race—with both tumbling to the ground. Steve Manganelli waltzed into first place in that round given that 2/3rds of the group had crashed.

Alex had planned ahead and had a second plane ready to go for the finals—and Otto was able to glue the wing back together all within the 10 minute break before the medal race start—amazing what the right CA glue can do with foam.

The results were as follows:

1) Quan
2) Bob Simon
3) Carl

1) Alex
2) Otto
3) Bob Stinson
4) Daric

1) Steve N
2) Glen
3) Steve M
4) Brad

For those looking for “tips and tricks” for racing T28s a good starting place is this guide:

Setting up your T28 to race.

The most important thing that many people miss when starting to race RC planes is that going fast is nothing without control! The FMS T28 is a small plane and setting it up to race IS very different than for your basic sport flying. Getting the CG and control throws dialed in are key to getting the plane to “go fast and turn left” and keep in control. As a racer running at full throttle— the elevator and aileron travels needed are minimal . A properly setup T28 will actually be easy to fly with only small control deflections.

The control throws suggested in the FMS instructions are intended for a plane flying much slower on a 2S battery. We are flying much faster with 3S. Here are the control deflections I have on my plane:
Ailerons: 6mm up 6mm down
Elevator: 3mm up, 3mm down
Rudder: 6mm left, 6mm right
CG measured from edge of wing at fuselage opening 71-72 mm

I like about 30-40% expo on both aileron and elevator—helps make the plane less sensitive around center making it easier to do fine adjustments to the planes track. A little nose heavy help make the plane positively stable in pitch which and the elevator less sensitivity but the recommended CG in the FMS instructions is too nose heavy for my tastes. Too rearward CG locations will make the plane neutral in pitch stability or even negative which will make it more difficult to find a stable track down the course. The trade offs in moving the GC is stability vs turning ability with the aft CG setup being able to turn more quickly. You need to be careful with the CG and elevator throws in that if you get too aggressive the plane will tend to snap roll in tight turns.

If you find the racing setting a little too  mild for take off/landing and general sport flying I suggest setting up a dual rate switch so you can easily swap from one control rate to another.

Some of you did not read my previous article regarding the “AD” for the nose wheel strut—I learned the hard way that on our rough field the stock strut puts the nose wheel too close to the prop which will result in props getting busted when the blade hits the nose wheel rubber. fix is easy—just turn the nose wheel around (be sure to put a flat on the shaft on the opposite side!).

We had a great time—see you at the next T28 race on November 12th!

Civilian Scale Day

September’s Club Event:

Civilian Scale Day

This is your chance to show off your scale airplanes! 
Private and commercial! 
We will highlight and feature scale aircraft across the
hobby spectrum.  If the airplane exists in the real world, and is not military, then this is your event to shine!  Each participation component (flight & display) earns raffle ticket(s), and all of the tickets are in play. If you earn 3 raffle tickets, you could win 3 prizes!  
We will have Scale open flying,  a pilots vote session, and the 
“Oshkosh Hour” 
where any aircraft that would fly in and attend at Oshkosh, 
can earn bonus tickets by flying for judges.
Scale flights begin at 10:am with club meeting and BBQ to follow.

Spot Landing Challenge

August Club Event: 


Saturday, 8.27.22


You get three landings (touch & go) to get a score.   Scoring is where the first wheel makes contact. 


Club meeting and BBQ to follow.

T28 Racing Report for May 2022

Our May T28 races were held May 14th with most of the usual suspects in attendance.  Racing got underway at a little after 10am . Larry had some bad luck starting out when his plane decided to make a hard left turn after takeoff right in to the side of Jovi’s  pickup truck—most of the damage was limited to Larry’s pride but the crash put him out of the rest of the races. After that most of the races were mostly without drama—there were a number of very tight races with planes crossing the finish line wing tip to wing tip. Several of us got tagged by eagle eye Jovi at the starting line for crossing early—protests proved pointless:) 
After the preliminaries were out of the way the finals proved to have some great racing with the Bronze class having a great battle between SteveM and Alex with Steve getting the win. Silver was less eventful with 2 planes dropping out early leaving Alfred and SteveN to go at it with SteveN taking the win. Gold race was a battle between Brad and Otto with Brad proving that you usually will come out the winner if you avoid mistakes–like not cutting turns or jumping the starts!
The next scheduled T28 race is June 11th at 10am. As usual  newcomers and other interested people can find setup and info on the planes and how to set them up at: 
Until next month—go fast and turn left!
Steve Neu

Meeting and Contest for April 2022

April’s Club Event:
We are doing something new for April
A 3 Ring (event) Circus!

Ring #1: Limbo Loops
Ring #2: 30 second power to dead stick landing
Ring #3: Figure 8 Taxi race

For March’s 3 Ring Circus, we will use the typical, 3-cell airplanes under 50″
wingspan. Trojan, Cub, Timber, Visionaire, Apprentice, Extra 300 etc. No motor-
gliders, no drones, fixed wing only. 3 Cell, 2200 mah battery aircraft is desired.

Limbo Loops = Looping around a limbo ribbon 10ft AGL
30 Second to Dead Stick = Power on for 30 seconds. At power off, timer is
started. Longest glide to scored landing using Electroglide target. Off runway
landings do not score.

Figure 8 Taxi Race = 3 laps around 2 cones without leaving the ground.

Spot Landing Challenge Report

We are back! Yes, indeed January’s first club-event of the year was met with enthusiasm and anticipation.  With 25 competitors, it was easy to see that we are all ready to resume our monthly shenanigans.
I wanted to START ’22 with our STOPPING event, and that was met very well.  Everyone who played the game was ready to get started right at 10:00am.   
There seems to be a trait, of people not wanting to be the first competitor, and always waiting to sign up after a few people have.  Well, let me suggest otherwise!  Our first two sign ups, took 2nd and 3rd place, so there ya go… Sign up early!
Points were 5 for bullseye, 4 for the middle ring, and 3 for the outer ring.  Landing anyplace on the runway got you a single point.  There was lots of action, and people were watching the competitors battle it out with some pretty favorable conditions.  I decided to add the “Time” element to solve any ties,  and I’m happy I did, the top 3 all tied in points!
Finishing order:              First Place          Brad Bender with 13 points @1:04
                                    Second Place      Bob Anson with 13 points @1:13
                                    Third Place         George Sullivan 13 points @1:29
                                    Fourth Place       Alex Sutton 12 Points @0:53
                                    Fifth Place          Tom Baker 11 points @ 1:30
It’s always great to see new member joining in on our monthly games, but more so, having our membership participating regularly, is what makes these events fun.  This last event shows that for our events, participating is the main focus, anyone can win.
SPEAKING OF anyone can win…..  Next event is the ever-popular POKER FLY!  You have the same chance of winning as ANYONE ELSE, as long as you make the flights to draw your cards.  As usual, all club events are on the 4th Saturday of the month, sorry for the confusion in the dates!  POKER FLY is Feb 26th, 2022.  I hope to see you there.

Electroglide Report for Feb 2022

  We had a pretty good time at the first Electroglide for this year. The weather was much better this time around; we had clear skies, a Northwest wind of 3 mph and a temperature of 64 degrees at first launch.

 Although the wind was light and the sun was shining, thermal lift was very hard to find. As a result, fight times on all launches were on the short side. The scoring points were being made on spot landings as opposed to flight times.

 On the first launch in the Radian class, Alex Sutton had a bull’s eye in the target circles, earning an extra 30 points. Bob Anson picked up a 20-point. landing and Scott Vance scored a 10-point landing.

In the open class, Denis LaBerge, Bob Stinson, and Derik Knight all scored 20-point landings.

 Flying in the Radian class, Scott Vance had the long flight at 2:32 minutes and Bob Stinson had the long flight of 2:12 minutes in the open class.  

 Second launch had Alex again scoring a 30-point landing, joined by Dennis flying open class. Bob Stinson, and Derik also flying open picked up 20 and 10-point landings respectively. Bob Anson, flying Radian class scored a 20-point landing, Fritz Logan (Radian) picked up a 10-point landing. The long flight in the Radian class was earned by Scott Vance at 3:27 minutes and in the open class it was Dennis LaBerge at 3:40 minutes.

 Third launch again had Alex parking his Radian in the 30-point circle, joined by Scott (Radian) and Bob Stinson (open). 20-point landings were made by Dennis and Derik, both flying in the open class. The long flight for Radians was by Scott Vance at 3:44. The long flight for open class was Dennis LaBerge at 3:10.

 Fourth and final launch had everyone missing the bull’s eye but still, there were close landings.  Alex and Fritz (Radian) both had 20-point landings. Bob Stinson (open) also had a 20-point landing. 10-point landings were earned by Scott (Radian) and Dennis (open class). The long flights were flown by both Scott Vance and Bob Anson (Radian) at 4:12 minutes and Dennis LaBerge (open) 2:34 minutes.

 We didn’t have much in the way of thermal flying this time but all the scoring in the spot landings, despite a Northwest wind, showed good skill among all the pilots. Great job guys!

 Thanks again to Frank Sutton for the event pictures. Next Electroglide will be on March 19th. First launch at 10:00 a.m.

See you there,


Meeting and Contest for January 2022

– Jim Bonnardel will return this year as our SEFSD Contest Director. –

Welcome SEFSD club members to
the 2022 Club Event Season!
I’d like to first say that in our efforts to continue with the club monthly events, we will remain socially responsible at all times in regards to COVID, and try to maintain a schedule as advised by local standards or mandates.  With that, we ask that all members, that participate, follow current guidelines in regards to social distancing, mask wearing and any other conditions regarding using our outdoor space safely.  Thanks – Jim Bonnardel
This year we are using typical 3-cell airplanes like a ParkZone Trojan, Extra 300, Piper Cub, Apprentice, or the handful of other typical aircraft with a wingspan approx. 50″. This does not mean you will be turned away if you have something different, it means the games, events & contests we do this year will feature what those airplanes do well.  Large aircraft will not have an advantage and micro aircraft will get their own event. We are targeting smaller, cheaper type aircraft that EVERYONE can afford. There will be a scoring system for a final grand champion, and having the proper airplane type is always helpful.

What are we starting with?  For 2022, we are starting with one of the easiest games we have, the:

Spot Landing Challenge

All you have to do is touch the ground, and believe me, EVERYTHING that leaves the ground, touches it again at some point, so you got that going for you…
Saturday, Jan 22, 2022 10:00 am is when the
pilots meeting starts. 
As usual, no cost to participate for club members and
$150 in prizes!  
Be there!!
 Monthly Meeting afterward.

October’s Event – Bomb Drop, Squadron Style

An exciting variation on the popular Bomb Drop

Bomb Drop Squadron Style,
Five pilots per squadron. Each squadron bomber takes off one after another, follows the lead pilot, turns final and drop their bomb. Tally the drop and distance to the center of the target for that squadron. Closest to the target gets to advance to “Squadron Leader round”. This is the same process for the remaining squadrons. 
More information in the “President’s Corner” above. 
$150 in Prizes awarded, 1st through 5th place.
 Monthly Meeting, and Hot Dog Lunch served afterward.

Event for September 2021 – Bomb Drop

It’s that time again. Come out for the Bomb Drop on September 25 at 10am. Also if you have any payload releases on your plane you’re encouraged to bring them for some target practice before and after the regular event.  Click the pic for pics from a recent Bomb Drop event.

Club Event for August 2021

This month’s Club Event:
Saturday August 28, 10:00am

Altitude Quest!

One of our easiest games to play,

Simply spin the game spinner to get an altitude target,
then take off and try to fly your plane
as close to that altitude as possible.

 We use the JollyLogic Altimeter One device
to see how close you get!
$150 in Prizes awarded, 1st through 5th place.

 Monthly Meeting, and Hot Dog Lunch served afterward.

President’s Corner for July – Aug 2021

It was a great turnout of Club Members at our first Monthly Meeting last month. We also had a great fun fly, “Spill the Beans”, (I’ll have more on that here in minute, ok Alan).  Now comes our July meeting and get ready for Hot Dogs and soda’s.  The club is back in full swing! 

On other news, and I believe Brad mention this but we could use your old chairs out at the field.  Seems like some have walked away.  Sorry we missed out the Fourth of July this year.  Thought of doing something for Labor Day weekend??  Some thoughts would good!!!

FAA Safety team event went well and Thank You to Jim for putting the event together.  Great Job Jim!

Our First Fun Fly of the year (well over a year now):

 Spill the Beans was a good laugh for all.  16 participants took to the sky avoiding spilling any beans.  I took-off with 20 beans flight time (53sec) and came back with none, zero…Frank was up next, with his flying (46sec), he came back with 11.  Then we had Dave (45sec) and Bob (1:30) and both came back empty.  Next was Brad, of course his flight was smooth (49sec) um, came back with just 2 beans???   Dennis (used a glider) went up after Brad, (60sec) and came back with zero.  Eric took off did his loop and back down in 31 seconds.  Fastest to do the task, however, he too came back with zero beans!  Jeff was next (48sec), he came back with 5 beans.  Frank was looking pretty good so far for the lead.  Larry took his turn (43sec) and also had zero beans!  Frank was smiling.

Fritz took the stage on this flight (32sec) and had 13 beans.  Sorry Frank. Pressure was on Daric now (45sec) and come back with zero beans.  Alan, gets in his first club event for the first time.  Yeah, you know Alan, the one who flies into the gates and…. well, here’s Alan, flies in safe mode (yes it was approved to do so) takes off, gets ready to do his loop, (safe mode off to do the loop) and then he just gently fly’s around, getting his approach lined up and lands. (1:18) Bean count, are you kidding me, all twenty beans were accounted for.  Have you ever seen an, um, excuses me, old man dance on the runway, a site one would not want to see…?  Now talk about pressure on Quan to achieve the same Plato that Alan was riding.  Quan up (54sec) and lands with zero beans…Here comes Nick, all calm, no sweat takes off does his loop lands (51sec) and he, ties Alan with 20 beans…OMG.  Mike took his turn (48 sec) and he came with 13 beans.  George was the last contested (1:11) with no beans…

Congratulations to Nick for finishing in 1st with the time of 51 seconds all 20 bean and Alan taking second with the time of 1:18 and his 20 beans and I’m still having a hard time taking this in!!!  Coming in third was Fritz with 13 beans 32 seconds, 4th was Mike with 13 beans 48 seconds, 5th was Frank with 11 beans 46 seconds, 6th was Jeff with 5 beans 48 seconds and our 7th place winner was Brad with 2 beans 49 seconds. 

Special Thanks to the team of players who helped, Forest for being the official bean counter and Randy for keeping time and altitude.


Club Event for July 2021

Monthly Event for July 24, 2021

Poker Fly

This Saturday, July 24, 10:00 am is the first
Poker Fly of the year!
The Poker Fly is super easy to play, all you have to do is fly something!
Yup, come on down, get 3 cards to start. Then, you can do as many as 4 flights to draw cards to build a 5 card hand. Best Hand’s win!   You can fly ANYTHING!  Planes of any type including: Warbirds, Gliders, Scale, Sport, Foamies, Mini, Micro & Giant scale, Heli’s, Multis and Ornithopters!
Lunch will be served, so we will see you there!
Saturday, July 24th, 10:00am
Club meeting to follow.

Club Event for June 2021

Don’t Spill the Beans!

The single time during the year

You can win CASH MONEY!


Any Airplane Can Participate.

Beans, and holder device provided.

Take off,  climb 100ft,  perform loop or roll and land.  You get 20 beans, and each bean is worth $1.  Quan your treasurer,  has lost his beans and will buy each bean back for $1.00 each after your flight!  He only wants beans that have flown!


$150 in Cash awarded to top winners!


Saturday, June 26th 10:00am

Club meeting to follow.