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Marty Engler, July 30, 1924 – June 17, 2021

In Memoriam

July 30, 1924 – June 17, 2021

It is with sadness that we mention the passing of Martin (Marty) Engler. A club member, a friend to many, and an American hero. A member of America’s Greatest Generation, who rose to fight a true evil threatening our world in World War II.

Marty served as a pilot, flying P-47 Thunderbolts in Europe. He was shot down while scouting enemy positions and was rescued by an American armored column. Returning to his airbase, he continued flying combat missions during the Battle of the Bulge.

After his return on the QE II to the United States, he enrolled at Cal Poly.  Soon after, he married his wartime sweetheart, Mary, the day after her graduation from William and Mary in Williamsburg, VA.  They settled and started a family in San Luis Obispo while he earned his degree in Mechanical Engineering.  In 1950 he returned to San Diego where he worked for SDGE for 27 years…starting as a laborer and leaving the company as Executive Vice President.  His accomplishments during that time paved the way for more success in Texas where he worked for El Paso LNG Company in Houston and later retired from their parent Company, El Paso Natural Gas.  He enjoyed 25 years of fun restoring and flying antique airplanes.  After Mary’s death in 2012, he settled back in San Diego with his daughter and his dog, Piper.


AMA Administers TRUST

The following is from the AMA:
Dear valued AMA member,
When the FAA Reauthorization Act of 2018 was signed into law, it included a requirement for recreational UAS users to pass a knowledge and safety test. The Recreational UAS Safety Test, or TRUST, has the goal of increasing awareness of safety and best practices in the most complex airspace system in the world. AMA has worked closely with the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), ensuring that TRUST meets the intent of Congress without placing an undue burden on our hobby community. AMA has been there to help make decisions regarding guidelines, administration, and questions included on the test.
Since 1936, the AMA has been dedicated to the hobby of model aviation, educational programming, and safety in the airspace. As such, the FAA selected AMA as a test administrator for TRUST.
What can you expect from TRUST? First, AMA is offering it for free for all recreational fliers. But don’t worry, it is more like a brief training session than a test, because you can’t fail! There is some information to read that deals with flying safely and legally, along with 23 multiple-choice questions. If you select an incorrect answer, you’ll be guided to the correct response until you get it right. After you finish, you’ll receive a TRUST completion certificate that you should print, save electronically, or take a photo of with your phone. This certificate is proof that you passed, and you will only have one opportunity to save it. To protect your privacy, the FAA dictates that taking the test is anonymous and no record is kept by anyone other than you, so losing your certificate means you need to retake the test.
More information about TRUST can be found at, including frequently asked questions. We’re here to ensure that you can quickly pass the test and potentially learn something new as a recreational pilot. We even have a quick tutorial you can look through to get an idea of what you’ll need to know. It will allow you to get through TRUST quickly and easily, allowing you to prove that you are a safe and knowledgeable pilot. Learn more at MODELAIRCRAFT.ORG/TRUST.

Treasurer’s Report for June 2021

SEFSD has 303 members as of June. It looks like we are right on track with our 2019 membership levels before the pandemic. With the county and state reopening on June 15, the board is making plans to resume our normal activities, including serving food in July at the monthly field meeting. We’ll have a meeting this Saturday in June, but it will be without food since we weren’t sure what the status would be to plan things out.

We have a great relationship with the city, and I want to thank Mike, Bill, and Karolyn for assisting us so quickly with securing the field with pairs of railroad ties around the southern edge of the parking lot along S. Shores Pkwy. It looks great too. Without their help, we would have had to call up volunteer members to help move rocks around prior to the 4th of July, since Brad threw out his shoulder trying to do it himself a few months ago.
Lastly, I wanted to share an article I wrote on behalf of the County of San Diego. In December, I had the opportunity to interview a docent at the San Diego Air & Space Museum (which by the way is fully open now, so go visit them!) They are also doing virtual tours for those who are not ready, or unable to leave their home. 

Some Fun Videos

Click the pic for the video:

Here’s the first video clip from our new GoPro Fusion 360 camera, as you can see it can do all kinds of pretty cool special effects! – Frank


Great Blue Angels Video


This is without a doubt the fastest R/C jet available anywhere, it tops 150MPH even before lifting off the runway! 😉👍 WARNING: THIS JET IS NOT FOR NOVICE PILOTS!


Drone Flying at SEFSD Field

Design Build Fly Competition 2021

L to R standing are Zach Cohn, Sara Brandt, Andy Hernandez, Brendan Lameiro, Roberto Marquez and Jeremy Johnson. Kneeling is Team Lead Daniel O’Haire


By Steve Manganelli

Design/Build/Fly (DBF) is a competition sponsored by the American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics (AIAA) for undergraduate aerospace engineering college students. The competition is unique in that the rules change every year so the previous years’ experience is not terribly helpful to successive teams. The competition requires fabrication and documentation of a UAV aka R/C model airplane capable of carrying some kind of cargo, or deploy a “sensor” or some item representative of what might be typical of cargo for a UAV. In recent years, the entry has been capped at 100 schools many of which are from abroad. Usually, the process culminates in a fly-off at either the Textron facility in Wichita KS or a model airplane field in Tucson AZ. This year, a “Covid year” things were a little different.

Myself and Steve Neu have been mentoring either SDSU or UCSD DBF teams since 1999 after we were approached at an SEFSD meeting by the leader of the UCSD team; at the time, DBF was only int its 4th year. What was soon clear was no undergraduate aerospace engineering curriculum had R/C model building instruction! The models of the most successful early teams were constructed in Steve Neu’s shop with expert supervision and frequent R/C modeling lessons. Later teams chose to fabricate in their own on-campus labs and over the years we’ve carried tennis balls, softballs, pint water bottles, Estes rockets, water, ping pong balls, various weighted cubes just to name a few.

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Carl is Watching!

Hi Folks,   
As the West Pylon turn Marshall for the T-28 racing, I have seen a lot of improvement in your ability to make it around the Pylon.  It certainly makes my job easy.  I hope everyone is enjoying this event as much as I am.  I will be joining you in competition in the future.  Good luck out there, remember that if you cut the Pylon, I’ll tag you.  I’m watching.

Treasurer’s Report for May 2021

SEFSD has 291 members as of May 2021, an increase over the 254 members at the same time last year, an impressive comeback from the pandemic. As we plan the gradual return of club events, we are budgeting for equipment updates, such as a new PA system, and prizes for contests. The City of San Diego cashed our check for the Special Use Permit (formerly called the “Right of Entry”), and it is good for three years. While on that topic, I would like to remind our members that the Special Use Permit gives us use, but not exclusive use of, the field, since it is still public property. Therefore, the occasional jogger may pass through the field. When you see someone crossing the field, unless there is low flying model aircraft near them, please let them pass undisturbed. I know we all want to be good stewards of the land, and we want the word about how friendly our club is to continue to reverberate across the county, so please help continue that trend!

Treasurer’s Report for April 2021

By Quan

We have 283 members as of April 2021, and we continue to get more renewals and/or new memberships as the county gradually reopens. In April, the club signed a Special Use Permit with the city, allowing us access to the field for an additional three years before we renew again. This is great news, as that gives SEFSD solid recognition with the City of San Diego. The District Manager of Mission Bay Park is very supportive of our hobby and the way club members help maintain the field.

Electroglide has resumed, and the club expects to gradually resume  normal events, such as monthly field meetings and contests, as the county permits and club members feel safer after getting their vaccinations. SEFSD is in a strong financial position to fund events as they resume.