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Founder’s Trophy – Dennis Laberge

The Founder’s Trophy was introduced for the first time this year at the Holiday Banquet.  This trophy will be given annually to someone in the club who has demonstrated selfless contribution of time and talent well beyond the call.  No surprise it was given to Dennis LaBerge for his dedication to the care and maintenance of our field.  Please congratulate Dennis next time you see him.

And the Award Goes to. . .

By Steve Manganelli

Those not at the banquet and those not involved with T-28 racing missed out on award presentations to two of our Club Heros. Let me back up a bit to Fall of 2022 where the BOD voted to create a perpetual award to be handed out at the Banquet to a non-BOD member making the greatest contribution to the operation of the Club during the previous year. I coined the name “Founders Trophy” the intent being that it will presented by one of the original founding members of the Club to convey our appreciation.

At the banquet, I was most pleased to be able to present the trophy to Mr. Dennis LaBerge whose contributions toward maintaining the field are innumerable and exemplary: Thanks so much Dennis! Dennis also received a plaque commemorating the occasion which is his forever, but the Cup/Trophy he has to surrender at the 2024 banquet to be awarded to the member making the greatest contribution in 2023. Who’s that going to be, you?

Those at the banquet were privy to Frank Sutton’s pictorial essay of our previous year thus know what a great photographer he is, but did you know he does medals too? A couple of year ago, it was decided that “cheesy” medals would be a appropriate recognition  for T-28 racing Gold-Silver-Bronze Cup winners. Then later, I discovered that a custom picture insert could be included for only a little more money and I of course turned to Frank for the artwork. For this year, we decided that a T-28 appearing to be hitting a pylon and a tree was the perfect homage to T-28 racing.  Below is me presenting the first 2023 T-28 to it’s artist, Mr. Frank Sutton. Thanks for all your hard work, Frank!

A Blanket Donation

SEFSD donated forty blankets to St. Paul’s Senior Services. This winter, forty more older adults in need will receive a high quality blanket for the holidays. For many of them, it is the ONLY gift they get this season. Our club is proud that this is the third year we have donated blankets to this cause. Many of the recipients say they cherish their blanket and it keeps them warm on cold nights.

F3E Pylon Team

The US Time Trials to select the F3E Pylon Team for the 2023 World Championships just completed in Tarvares Florida. Bruce Brown (the fast one) and Otto Dieffenbach (the slow one) of the San Diego Silent Electric Flyers both qualified for the US team. Claire Dieffenbach served as team Cheerleader. The World’s will be held in the Netherlands next August.
Brody Freeman with his dad caller Gary Freeman Jr. will be our Junior representative. Trey Witte, President of the NMPRA, rounds out the team.  Otto

Thank You Dennis

Thank you, Dennis, for the 7+ hours maintenance you worked on the SEFSD Field yesterday!  WOW!  We haven’t seen the runway as smooth as it is now in a long time!  Well done!
We cannot thank Dennis enough for all he does, but please TRY.