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Let’s Give Thanks

I was going through old pics and came across this one of long time SEFSD member Carl, taken in 2011.  It reminded me that we should give thanks, not just for what we have, but for our Veteran’s who have sacrificed so much so that we have a life we can be thankful for. 

Thank you for your service Carl.

Welcome Back Jack Hawks

This photo was taken in 1996 at our Field.  Jack is holding one of his favorite airplanes of all time, the Playboy Old Timer.  It was a pleasure to see Jack again.  I hope he can make it back soon.

One of SEFSD’s founding members came to the field to visit us on his 94th birthday last Sunday.  I was fortunate enough to be there at the same time.  Jack was accompanied by his son and daughter.  Here are a couple pics from Sunday:

Jack with Son Stephen


Jack with your editor

U.S. Scale Masters Championship Photos

By Curtis Kitteringham

The National Championship for U.S. Scale Masters was held recently in Masa AZ.  Local San Diegan modeler Curtis Kitteringham, shown below, has been the National Chairman for the last 10 years.  In his words: “It’s the only true scale competition in the country, I have been a part of it since 1998 and this is the 43rd championship.”


Curtis with the first place trophy for Advance Class and Best Golden Age.  The other picture is of Paul Goldstein with his Harris Lee award, Curtis has had the honor of handing out more Harris Lee awards than the past National Chairmans.  Harris Lee was the founder of the U.S. Scale Masters.

Click the pic for the entire album of pics.

For more information:

SEFSD Wishes Alex the Best at College

They grow up so fast.  As you know, Alex Sutton, Frank’s son, Terror of the T28 Race Course and all round RC pilot extraordinaire, has gone off to college at San Jose State University.  There he will be studying for a career as a pilot.  As part of his curriculum he will be taking flying lessons.  And with a proud shutterbug of a Dad we will get to share in some of his exploits behind the yoke as he pilots one of the school’s Cessnas.  A couple videos here: one from the local news about the SJSU Aviation program, one from the school’s Cessna and one from a solo made while training in a glider at Hemet.

Local News


  Here’s a short video on Alex’s first two flights with San Jose State University’s two contracting Certified Flight Training Companies.
      Thank you to all who have contributed to making Alex a safe Pilot and encouraging him to pursue his Big Aviation Dreams!  We cannot thank you enough!
Frank and Joan Sutton

Solo glider flight at Hemet

CVMRCC Field Condition Status

The following is from an email sent by Tom Svircev (CVMRCC President) on 8/21.

“CVMRCC members & Board,

 Well, unfortunately the field has flooded again. Kaile sent a photo at 1:30 where the water was just to the edge of the runway, then Robert checked at 6 and it was a lake again. In Robert’s photo, you can just see a couple of inches of the pilots fence above water. Walter texted me a half hour later and the water was over the fence.
 So again we wait for it to dry up and the cleanup begins again. The only good thing here is unlike last time, it will have been just a one-time event, where last time we had months of repeated flooding. So I hope it won’t be much to clean. I think these are both unprecedented.
 Thanks to the guys who prepped things, and for the condition reports & photos. Now we wait for things to dry up again.

Tom Svircev”

Update:  The water had receded somewhat by 8/24.

As before, the CVMRCC members are always welcome at SEFSD.