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Chairman’s Corner for Oct – Nov 2021

Things are finally cooling off and recent rain has left the field in fine condition. It’s still pretty dry in the outlying area though, so please continue being diligent with fire safety. We continue to request the city keep our are safe by restricting access to non-members when the gate is closed. The city did respond by placing the railroad ties, but there are still determined people that move the boulders to access the field. There continues to be damage to the parking lot and people dumping trash on site. Our part in this is to lock the gate when there are no members on site. Please – if you are the last one out, Lock the gate behind you.

I have seen some distressingly unsafe things this past month that I would like to touch upon. With the nature of our hobby, we need to be extremely aware of what is happening around us. There were a couple more incidents of planes having an abrupt landing in the pit area or parking lot this month. While I generally get on the pilot for not warning others, I understand that they are busy trying to save their aircraft. If you see it, whether it’s your aircraft or not – please loudly warn others. Also, I continue to see people walking onto the runway without actually looking both ways to ensure it is clear. While some do call out that they intend to cross, they do not always call out loudly enough to be heard at all of the gates.  We HAVE to look and be safe! I had someone step out 10 feet in front of a 30 lb plane that was on final – at head height. His statement afterword? You guessed it – “ Well I said I was crossing! ”  The same thing goes for preparing to take off – Just saying “Taking Off” does not mean its ok to taxi out in front of people already landing, and in one case, two jets that were landing next to each other in formation when a trainer type aircraft slowly taxied out in front of them both… If you hear another pilot call out, and they are using their inside voice instead of their MAN voice, please feel free to pass it on in a louder manner so others are aware.

For those of you that remember our past club member Bak Kahn, or “Captain Bak” as he was affectionately known, I had a chance to visit him and his family in the Portland area late September. He is staying away from the drama in downtown Portland and is doing great things. He has attempted to find a local flying site, but seems to only find grumpy clubs. I’m thinking the friendly atmosphere he enjoyed at SEFSD may have spoiled him. I’m trying to convince him to visit before Christmas.

There will be some minor changes in the make-up of the Board of Directors for 2022. Most of the Board members have agreed to stay on for another year. THANK YOU TO EACH !!!  We will say Thank You and farewell to our current Secretary, Eric Shapiro – and will possibly shift a few current members around in positions. I have had one member say he would like to join the BOD ( Thanks Larry Kosta!! ) and am still awaiting an answer from 2 others ( Dave?, Larry? ) who made previous suggestive comments about serving. I will firm the possible nominations up and determine whether there will be active competition for any position – which will require a vote.  If seats are spoken for without challenge, there will not need to be a vote.

Quan is finalizing the details for the club banquet which will be held on Jan 15th. It should be an amazing event this year, making up for the one we missed last year. Once ticket sales are announced I recommend jumping on them, seating will be limited, and even alligator tears will not get you a seat once sold out…

The club meeting and fun fly at the field will take place on Saturday the 23rd at the field starting at 10:00 AM. Jovi has an interesting twist on the Bomb Drop that I am looking forward to! Following the fun fly, we will have Hotdogs provided by Fritz and cooked by Carl.

With the holidays coming this may be the last meeting at the field this year, so come out and join us!!

Have a great month and be safe!


President’s Corner for Oct – Nov 2021

Aloha, club members.  My wife and I had a great time on the Islands and it’s also good to be home! But the real fun was being able to sit in the captain seat of an Airbus A330 as you can see in the picture.  Naturally after that I had my Mai Tai…….and enjoyed the flight!  We have had some interesting weather of late, all which has been great for the field.  The lightning was amazing and something we San Diegans don’t see that often…unlike back east.  Then we got a good rain storm followed by some wind. The first storm caused us to miss out on our club meeting and Fun Fly “Bomb Drop”.    However, hot dogs were served, (Thank You Mark and Carl) and they were enjoyable!

We will get back to the fun fly, but now some club news.  I am happy to say that we will be having our annual gathering on January 15, so please mark your calendar.  We will have up to 125 tickets available in the coming months.  Entrance is $20.00 per person at the Edgewater Grill which is located in Seaport Village.  This will be a fun event and we are going to make up for the lost year. 

Our field looks pretty good these days.  Thanks to Dennis for keeping the runway smooth and getting rid of any footprints that may damage the runway.  And, as always, we are looking for more chairs, so if you have any old outdoor chairs please bring them to the field. 

There are still times at the field when pilots don’t call out “takeoff”, “landing” or “low flyby”.  Please, call out your intentions (projecting your voice) so that all pilots are able to hear you.  From the west gate to the east gate, you must be heard!  Thank You!

As we approach the end of year, the club will just be holding the T-28 races to finish out the series.  As far as club meetings and Fun Fly events go, this month’s event and meeting will be the last one for the year.  It’s Thanksgiving and Christmas and I am sure a lot of members will now be able to enjoy the holidays since COVID 19 hit us.  I would also like to mention that this is the time of year that Board of Directors members are looking for new club members to join in the fun.  I would like to run for President again and I also invite any members as well who would like to be President to run.  Same goes with Vice-President, Secretary, Treasurer and Safety Officer.  If you are interested in any position, please advise any BOD of interest in becoming a BOD member.

Thank you all for keeping the gate closed and locked as you leave the field.  Along with the new railroad ties that were installed, it looks like we are keeping the riffraff out.  So, thank you club members.

We may have missed last month’s Fun Fly, but we’re not going to miss out this month.  The Fun Fly for this month is “Bomb Drop – Squadron Style”.  Each squadron has five pilots and your positioning is based on how you pick your ticket.  Each ticket identifies what squadron you have chosen with a number listing your position.  If you chose number 1 you are the lead pilot and the other pilots follow in the order they have chosen.

Two squadrons will be on the runway ready to go.  The first squadron takes off, one pilot after the other.  Continue to make final approach and each pilot will try to maintain some sort of controlled distance.  When the first pilot drops his bomb, the next pilot drops his bomb and then the next and so on.  When all five pilots land the next squadron takes off.  The altitude for the bomb drop will be the height of the wind sock, no lower or you will lose points if you are below.  Each pilot will have a spotter in helping to help them with flying, staying in formation and dropping the bomb.  Each pilot must keep an eye on their aircraft and not watch where the bomb drops.  A spotter will inform you of your drop.  If a pilot does not watch his aircraft and it veers off to the pits, you could be disqualified from the event and we don’t want that.  So, keep an eye out on your aircraft at ALL times!  The pilots who comes closest to the center of the target advance on to the next round.  Once the first round is completed, we move to the round of Squadron Leader.  From this round we will determine who the true Squadron Leader is.  Gift certificates are awarded based on how close the leading pilot comes to the target; the closer the better!

My last note is that you all should be receiving or have received the AMA voting ballot for District X.  Please make sure you vote for the candidate that you like.  So far we’ve had one candidate at our field, Greg Stone, and we look forward to meeting the other candidate(s) when they make an appearance.  I do believe Mr. Stone will be down for our monthly meeting this weekend since he, like we, were rained out last month.  So please make your vote count!  Voting goes till November 12, 2021.

Thank you all and looking forward to seeing you all at the field!

President, SEFSD 2021

Chairman’s Corner for Sep – Oct 2021

Hey SEFSD team! As the days get cooler we have been seeing more of you at the field. I have been enjoying catching up with some, and seeing the projects you have been working on while enjoying your air conditioned homes!

One thing I have noticed while watching folks returning to the flying field after a break is a rash of crashes that can be attributed to failing to pre-flight your aircraft.  Just because you have not flown it in a few months doesn’t mean it is in the exact condition as your last flight prior to putting it into “Lay up”.

 A couple of things to check every time you take a plane to the field are the condition of your clevises, and clevis keepers holding the clevis shut. Take a look at each control horn and ensure it is properly connected to the control surface, and tug firmly on each control surface to ensure the hinges are still attached as you expect. Also, give your battery connectors a good visual inspection. As you go up in voltage on bigger planes, there is an initial spark while connecting that will eventually cause failure – sometimes in flight.

When I bring planes out of a longer storage, I go through every nut and bolt to ensure it is how I expect. I check each hinge/clevis/and control horn. I look at glue joints visible in the airframe and add adhesive where necessary. I look at each servo to ensure there is no damage to the control arm and the screw is tight. Also I will carefully study the servo as it rotates for sign of gear slop or missing teeth.

Finally, I see people put planes on the runway and listen for servo noise while walking back to the gate. Then they take off without visually verifying each surface is moving as it should. Then they crash because something is reversed or not working. Your eyes are your best tool! Ensure it looks right before taking off!

Quan is looking at options for our end-of-year banquet. We missed out last year as the virus was limiting gatherings over 10 people.

As Quan is looking for banquet sites for our event, he is hearing that venues are limiting attendance to 100 people. That may change, but my advice to you is not to dawdle when we announce tickets for sale – as they will go quickly!  For newer members who have never been to a SEFSD Banquet – you get major bang for your buck! Quan is still setting up, so prices/venue/menu is still TBD, but in 2019, club members purchased a 20$ ticket for each family member attending, which got them a raffle ticket ( one per purchased meal ) for a chance at $1600 in prizes, and a sit down meal valued at around $55 per person.

We will have a few openings on the Board of Directors for 2022. If you are interested in assisting with the guidance of the club, we are looking for new blood and fresh ideas. Our next BOD meeting will be held on Oct 6th. If you would like to attend – either in person, or via ZOOM, please let a board member know.

This months club meeting at the field will be on the 25th, with the fun fly event starting at 10am and the meeting to follow around 12pm.  This months event is a club favorite – Bomb Drop. Compete for your chance at $150 dollars’ worth of gift certificates to Discount Hobby Warehouse – and Bragging rights!  One year, Eric and I were less than one inch from the center of the circle. We are all rusty now, let’s see how you do!

Fly safe,


President’s Corner for Sep – Oct 2021

Hello members, we had a great summer of fun flies for 2021!  To continue the fun for 2021, get ready for “Bomb Drop”.   We continue to have great turnouts with Flyers, planes in hand and ready to fly and it’s good to see you all.  Our last event was “Altitude Quest”!  We had 22 members join the fun.

Altitude Quest. Object of this event was to see who could come closes to the altitude, that they choose with the Altitude Quest Spin Box.  Each member had a chance to push the button on the Altitude Quest Spin Box. Chooses were: 100, 125,150, 175, 150 x2 and 200 x2.  The x2 was not to your favor.  If you were off by 8 feet, it became 16 feet. A few of us got the x2, Jim R choose 150, his actual was 361 which became + 422 feet.  Bob B, choose 150 and he reached 122 – 56.  Then came Frederich, he chose 150 and he reached 133 feet, that came to -34 which was good for 4th place.  I chose 200, I was off by -240 feet…

It was fun to watch fliers reach an altitude in which they think they reach the altitude they chose.  The altitude was never called out, it was a secret.  So, guys were just flying.  It was a delight to see.  Thong Le chose 100 feet he reached 62 feet, short by -38 feet, good for 5th Place.  As mentioned before, Frederich came in 4th.  Daric chose 200 feet and he reached an altitude of 172 feet and was off by -28 feet, good for 3rd place.  Jon V, chose 150 and he reached 131 feet, that was off by -19 feet, good for 2nd place.

The club’s been open for some time now and we had a lot member come out.  There was a time I was not showing up and most of it was due to my Fairchild flipping over all the time and the repairs were getting to me, so I took some time off.  I believe I was gone for a few weeks.  However, this younger gentleman comes out during that time, but once I got back, he does not show up until Altitude Quest Day, he and his mom show up!  And to my surprise how grown-up Neil Zhu has changed.  He is now taller than his mom……. Neil chose 100 feet, takes off, shoots straight up, he calls it and lands.  When Denise showed me the altitude, I knew who was going to win this event.  Young Neil reached 99 feet, yes that’s off by -1…Congratulation to Neil for putting us all in our place!!!!    

We’ll try not to talk about how your president did not have your prizes available at the time of our event.  Nice copy of an award was given out.   But even when the actual gift certificates were available, there was still a mix-up.  I had given Thong Le, 5th place winner 3rd place prize and to Deric I gave, I mean Brad gave him 5th place certificate.  That was all my bad for not remembering or bring the list of winners with me.  So, beside the Hot Dog in which I own him, he will receive the complete amount he won. 

At the time I am writing this I am also packing for Hawaii.  I won’t see all of you till our monthly meeting and fun fly at the end of this month.  Enjoy flying and see you all at the Clubs Monthly Meeting!



Chairman’s Corner for Aug – Sep 2021

Hey flyers,
Right off the bat I would like to touch on the pandemic status in San Diego County. As most of you know, there has been an upward trend of positive cases over the last 2 months. The number of fatalities has thankfully remained low. There were never statements that the vaccines were 100% effective, so even vaccinated persons can still contract and spread Covid 19. Reliable medical officials state that vaccinated persons generally do recover faster with less of the serious side effects that unvaccinated persons are still suffering from. The Pfizer Vaccine has recently received FULL FDA approval, I hope this helps if you have still been on the fence… Please do what you feel is necessary to keep your loved ones, and associates safe. As before – stay home if you feel sick.
 We are halfway through summer, with potential for another 90+ heat wave or two expected before things start to cool off. I do notice people drinking lots of water on site and am happy to see that. During previous summers I have seen numerous folks get shaky from heat exhaustion and dehydration. Since we spend several hours on site at a time, portable shade canopies and beach umbrellas are still recommended along with Minimum SPF15 sun block to protect you from harmful rays. There are a couple of members having biopsies on “questionable” moles this month. At least we could attempt to wear a hat.
Along with the suns effects on us, the outer field area is EXTREMELY dry. The tiny bits of moisture we have seen this month was of no help. I have recently seen a few members carry extinguishers into the field when a crash occurs ( Thanks Jovi and Jeff! ), and suggest we continue this practice for the remainder of the year.
 Thanks go out to Quan and Dennis for procuring and driving the equipment to wet and roll the main runway this month. Dennis was on the roller for 7 hours straight – like a BOSS! Quan also had the water tanker driver soak the parking lot area, which will reduce the dust from the ‘Andretti’ like persons speeding through our lot. While thanking Dennis, I would also like to highlight him for the hours of weed abatement and random trash removal he does for us. On top of all of this, I see him helping others with their projects for hours at a time – sometimes not getting in a single flight on his own planes all day. Such sacrifice!! Thanks again Dennis!!
We continue to look at ideas for improving the surface of the main runway. We thought we had a way ahead with stabilized decomposed granite, and the park manager was agreeable with the idea. Sadly, once the local contractors found out we were attempting to upgrade city property at Mission Bay, they assumed we were funded by the city and the cost estimates became astronomical. While we would all like a more consistent surface, the BOD will not bankrupt the club to do so… Steve Neu and Carl Cox have recently approached some contractors that are friendly, so there is still hope of reasonable resolution.
 Quan has again volunteered to head up the end of year banquet committee. If you would like to join him in planning efforts, please let him or Jovi know. While the pandemic kept us home last year, the years prior were stellar events – also coordinated by Quan. Sadly the Harbor House is no longer available as a venue, we are looking for alternative locations. In the past we have enjoyed dinners that were served as well as buffet style. We are already discussing some pretty awesome raffle prizes, more to follow as we finalize plans.
Membership is close to pre-pandemic numbers and we should end the year with around 350 members the way things are going now. As people tend to ask this time of year – Sorry, we do not pro-rate membership rates. The $50.00 initial fee and $10.00 family member fee applies no matter which part of the year you join. I feel there is incredible value if you participate in the monthly events, and especially if you attend the banquet! 
 On a safety note we have some newer members that are now good enough to be dangerous. That being said, while you have the ability to do high speed passes directly over the fence, please refrain. While you have the confidence to come in at 90 degrees to the runway – aiming directly at the pit area at full throttle, with the plan to yank it away at the last possible second…, please refrain. One wrong input or a failed servo has the potential to put your plane into a fellow member, spectator, or vehicle. Some people may remember past BOD member, Scott F. – he took one to the temple a few years ago. It happened so fast the pilot had no time to react. You could see the specific cuts the full throttle propeller made to the bill of his cap as it hit him. Luck was with him, and he didn’t need to be hospitalized, but the potential was there. Please consider the safety of all while determining your flight path! I saw another near incident last weekend when two pilots were flying from gates one and two. The gate two pilot called “landing” way early. While gate two pilot was still on his 3 minute landing approach, the gate one pilot landed in the weeds at the end of the runway. He failed to notice the other guy was ( finally ) on final – and stepped out directly in the path of the plane now 10 feet away and headed directly at him. While he stated he called “on the runway”, if the guy at the next gate can’t hear you – you need to find your “ Man voice”. A few take aways : Please call landing when you are actually on final – not 2 or 3 passes away. If you need to go around – call it so others know what is happening ( they may need to land and could be waiting for you). Also, LOUDLY announce any time you are stepping on the runway surface AFTER (AFTER) carefully looking in all directions to ensure it is safe to step out. As a final safety note, if you are losing control of your aircraft – YOU should be the one warning others with a loud “HEADS UP!” announcement. 
 There will forever be homeless people in Mission Bay Park. There are no fences to keep people on foot and on bicycles out of our area. No matter how many e-mails I receive stating that it is somehow my responsibility to get them out of the field, the reality is that it is beyond my control. Periodically the city comes through and moves them out, but they come back within a day or two. There was an incident late in July where a homeless individual loudly approached a lone drone pilot screaming at him for “ spying on him “. The pilot quickly packed his items and left, which is what I recommend if you feel at risk. Again, if you are there alone, it is your decision to fly or wait for others. If you fly FPV, you are required to have a spotter at all times anyways – so you should never be ‘under the hood’ while by yourself. There are commercially available items such as pepper spray that you can keep on you or in your flight box if needed. Immediately call 911 if you or your property is injured or damaged in any way. A picture of the aggressor is recommended if possible.
It looks like efforts from our editor, Steve – and his tech support, Quan, have our For sale by members area of the website operational again. If you would like to sell items to make room for more ( of course ) please send your submissions to Steve at Include a description if the model, components, condition, price, contact information, and a pic or two.
3 or 4 of you have personally mentioned that you were thinking of nominating yourself for a position on the Board Of Directors for 2022. We will start taking nominations in October with voting in November. If you would like to sit in on a meeting let any BOD member know. The next meeting will be on September 8th
This months Fun Fly event and club meeting at the field will be this Saturday, the 28th and will start at 10:00AM. Jovi has been going a great job of selecting and running events since we re-started them. If you have a fun idea, let him know maybe your event will make the calendar! For August, the event will be Altitude Quest, which is a favorite because any pilot that is past solo stage can play and it’s fun to see how accurately people can judge their height. Thanks go to Jovi, Mark, and Carl for coordinating and executing the hot dog lunch to follow the meeting.
See you there!

President’s Corner for Aug – Sep 2021

Welcome to the Dog days of Summer.  August club meeting is just around the corner and what a fun time our last event was, Poker Fly (more soon).  I was also happy to see how many members showed up, great to see you all and as always looking forward to see more of you out at the field.  Thanks Mark and Carl with prepping the Hot Dogs and all the goodies that came with it.  Looking forward for our August meeting!!!

A few notes:  The surrounding area around the field is very dry.  If an aircraft goes down, I know we slowly walk out to it, thinking all is good, which in most cases has been good.  Let’s not take it for granted.  Fire Extinguishers are more important to have now with the field being dry.  Costco had them on sale, not sure if they still are sale.  Please, if you’re able to, bring a fire extinguisher with you.

In the last meeting, we had this one question come up a few times about the gate and being the last person and I just want to make sure (no names mentioned here, right Alan) very member is aware of…. You’re the last one out, Lock the Gate behind you as you leave the field!  This will maintain the integrity of our field!

Poker Fly

28 members joined in the fun.  All were able to draw their first 3 cards.  Just like in Vegas, you get a lousy first three cards, some got a pair like Ty with pair of Kings, good for fifth place, way to go Ty!  But even with a pair you still need to collect your two remaining cards.  Right after receiving your three cards, it was time to fly, come back get your fourth card.  Fly come back for your fifth card.   Then you had the opportunity to discard a card, fly receive a card and if you still needed too, discard a second, fly get your last card and hopefully you got the had you wanted.  So, without further delay here are the winners:

  • As mentioned, congrats to Ty for taking fifth place with a pair of Kings – $10.00
  • Fourth place went to Scott with two pair threes and sixes – $20.00
  • Third place went to Nick with three eight’s – $30.00
  • Second place went to Jia with three nines – $40.00
  • First place went to George Horper drawing just five cards with a Flush, Hearts! – $50.00

Congratulation to you all!

This Month it’s Altitude Quest.  Here is how it’s going to go.  Any airplane may play.  No Drones allowed.  You will be able to drawn, spin to get you altitude anywhere from 25 to 199 feet.  A device will be mounted on your plane and will record the altitude you are to achieve.  You are going to be judge on your height your aircraft achieves.  The closer you are to you mark, wins.  Prize will be TBD.

Looking forward to seeing you all at the field!


Chairman’s Corner for July – August 2021

Hey guys! Hope everyone is having a good month, and staying out of the heat when able.
To start, I would like to thank the people who were on site into the evening on Independence Day. You helped keep our site secure from unauthorized users, while having a front row view of the fireworks at Sea World. I heard it was a good show, though some people wished the breeze had blown the smoke the other way – but you can’t have it all.
I would like to thank Quan for negotiating with the city managers for added security for our site. Some of you may have noticed the double railroad ties now in place between S. Shores Dr. and our access road. While the more motivated trespassers still seem to get through, it is a start in the right direction. Just a reminder to all, please ensure that if you were the last member leaving the site, you’re required to close and lock the gate behind you. If there are nonmembers / or people you don’t recognize on site, let them know that you are locking the gate and ask them to depart. If people leave their cars and wander away, LOCK THEM IN! They will figure it out.
As mentioned last newsletter, some of our chairs have wandered away to various homeless encampments, and we could use a few more chairs on site. If you have some old lawn furniture lying around, we could really use it at the field – instead of sending them to the dump. On the same note – if you’ve had renovations to your house, Office, or general workspace and have old carpeting you’re trying to get rid of, you can bring it down to the site instead of paying waste management or Edco to dispose of it. We will roll it out in the pit area on top of several years of carpeting to keep us from standing directly in the dirt.
The outer field area is extremely dry and likely to get worse as we head into August. I appreciate that most of you have extinguishers on site for emergency use. If there is a particularly bad crash, I would like to see one or two people heading out with extinguishers – just in case. Before moving on from issues caused by heat, we have had a few members nearly overcome by dehydration and heat exhaustion in the past. Please bring plenty of fluids and portable shade to the field if you need it. One member mentioned recent bouts of skin cancer, please cover the sections you want to keep!
For the last couple weeks the BOD has been discussing alternate surfaces for the main runway. We have a little bit of money in our account, and once we have a plan I may toss the hat out in a fundraiser to see if we can raise the difference with donations. For the first time in my memory we have a Mission Bay administrator who seems openly agreeable to our requests for improvements. We are getting estimates on tons of material and are pretty surprised at the prices we are quoted for the actual installation. If any member has a friend or relative that works with heavy machinery and may be willing to give us a deal as we contract improvement  work (with the approval of the city), please let our secretary, Eric Shapiro – or myself know.
  As part of the FAA Reauthorization act of 2018, the FAA has finally issued their Recreational UAS Safety test (TRUST). All recreational flyers must pass this aeronautical knowledge and safety test and provide proof of test passage (the TRUST completion certificate issued upon completion) to the FAA or law enforcement upon request. While our club has no designated persons to verify that members have taken and passed this test, our governing/insuring organization ( AMA) has requested all members take the test ( and pass!) and keep their certificate with them while flying at any AMA site. The AMA is an approved TRUST test administrator and you can begin the process here:
Right now we have 315 club members and two or three joining every week. I want to thank everybody for welcoming new members, and being welcoming to people visiting our site with questions. I appreciate that folks are warm and willing to help people that show up with a plane and a dream. Remember though, that all persons lofting an aircraft into the air at our site are required to have AMA membership. They can NOT be covered under your membership unless you are designated by the AMA as an IP INSTRUCTOR.  With AMA membership, a new pilot can get flight instruction prior to joining the club, but once they solo- they are required to join.
I would like a volunteer or two that would like to be designated as official flight trainers for our club. There has been a gap since Mr. Forrester left us. While a lot of people help out when asked ( Dennis, Randy, Brad A., and Dave come to mind), I would like someone officially willing to take ownership of the clubs training airplanes and buddy radios and also be willing to spend some time with new people getting them ready to solo. Please see myself or Jovi if this is you.
It looks like we may not be completely out of the pandemic woods as there are some virulent COVID variants starting to show up in Ca. Our hobby is still considered a safe outdoor activity. However, in efforts to not poke the bear, if you are not feeling 100% on a day you plan to fly- please feel free to practice social distancing by staying home for a couple of days.
It’s never too early to start soliciting for members interested in joining next years Board Of Directors in guiding our club through the perils of 2022. Nominations go out in September, with voting in November. A couple of you have recently expressed interest in joining. If you would like to attend a meeting or two to see what goes on, please let me know.
As we move to our 2nd in person monthly meeting at the field and Fun Fly event, I would like to thank our President, Jovi, for being FUNMASTER for the rest of the year by coordinating and running the events. Also, HOT DOG Lunch following the meeting will return this month, with a thanks to Jovi Murek, Mark Davis, and Carl Cox for doing the work.
This months event will be the POKER fly. Jovi may add a twist to keep it interesting, but any pilot that can safely control their plane should be able to compete for a total of $150.00 worth of Gift Certificates redeemable at Discount Hobby Warehouse.
Be safe and have a great month!

President’s Corner for July – Aug 2021

It was a great turnout of Club Members at our first Monthly Meeting last month. We also had a great fun fly, “Spill the Beans”, (I’ll have more on that here in minute, ok Alan).  Now comes our July meeting and get ready for Hot Dogs and soda’s.  The club is back in full swing! 

On other news, and I believe Brad mention this but we could use your old chairs out at the field.  Seems like some have walked away.  Sorry we missed out the Fourth of July this year.  Thought of doing something for Labor Day weekend??  Some thoughts would good!!!

FAA Safety team event went well and Thank You to Jim for putting the event together.  Great Job Jim!

Our First Fun Fly of the year (well over a year now):

 Spill the Beans was a good laugh for all.  16 participants took to the sky avoiding spilling any beans.  I took-off with 20 beans flight time (53sec) and came back with none, zero…Frank was up next, with his flying (46sec), he came back with 11.  Then we had Dave (45sec) and Bob (1:30) and both came back empty.  Next was Brad, of course his flight was smooth (49sec) um, came back with just 2 beans???   Dennis (used a glider) went up after Brad, (60sec) and came back with zero.  Eric took off did his loop and back down in 31 seconds.  Fastest to do the task, however, he too came back with zero beans!  Jeff was next (48sec), he came back with 5 beans.  Frank was looking pretty good so far for the lead.  Larry took his turn (43sec) and also had zero beans!  Frank was smiling.

Fritz took the stage on this flight (32sec) and had 13 beans.  Sorry Frank. Pressure was on Daric now (45sec) and come back with zero beans.  Alan, gets in his first club event for the first time.  Yeah, you know Alan, the one who flies into the gates and…. well, here’s Alan, flies in safe mode (yes it was approved to do so) takes off, gets ready to do his loop, (safe mode off to do the loop) and then he just gently fly’s around, getting his approach lined up and lands. (1:18) Bean count, are you kidding me, all twenty beans were accounted for.  Have you ever seen an, um, excuses me, old man dance on the runway, a site one would not want to see…?  Now talk about pressure on Quan to achieve the same Plato that Alan was riding.  Quan up (54sec) and lands with zero beans…Here comes Nick, all calm, no sweat takes off does his loop lands (51sec) and he, ties Alan with 20 beans…OMG.  Mike took his turn (48 sec) and he came with 13 beans.  George was the last contested (1:11) with no beans…

Congratulations to Nick for finishing in 1st with the time of 51 seconds all 20 bean and Alan taking second with the time of 1:18 and his 20 beans and I’m still having a hard time taking this in!!!  Coming in third was Fritz with 13 beans 32 seconds, 4th was Mike with 13 beans 48 seconds, 5th was Frank with 11 beans 46 seconds, 6th was Jeff with 5 beans 48 seconds and our 7th place winner was Brad with 2 beans 49 seconds. 

Special Thanks to the team of players who helped, Forest for being the official bean counter and Randy for keeping time and altitude.


Chairman’s Corner for June-July 2021

Hey guys, now that the state of California is officially open, I am seeing more and more of you at the field. I am really enjoying catching up and seeing a lot of you bring new planes to enjoy this summer! It was great to see so many of you at the Swap Meet at Discount Hobbies on Fathers Day!

Right off the bat, one thing I’d like to discuss is that we had an issue at the field with a homeless person. As Mission Bay had a decrease in overall usage for the past year, the homeless have really moved into the outer field areas. While I do understand that people have fallen on hard times, the mental states of some of these folks are questionable. Two of our members were injured in a confrontation with one of them early in June. He was arrested and charged with felony assault. Please attempt to maintain your situational awareness while on site, and look out for each other. Be extra vigilant if you are by yourself at the site. My thoughts are that it wouldn’t be a bad idea to keep bear spray/or pepper spray in your vehicle and handy if needed. Something to go along with your fire extinguishers. Again, please take care of each other on site.

One thing your president and I have been pinging on lately is the number of people who are currently flying, and appear to be progressing well until you find out that they never get out of safe mode. You owe it to yourself and the rest of us at the club to actually learn how to fly your aircraft!  If you accidentally turn it off in flight, or buy a plane without safe because “you have this!”  you increase the risk to us all and any spectators on site, not to mention what happens to your wallet. While safe mode can be a great tool to get started, please don’t rely on it as a crutch.

As the summer begins we have already seen some pretty heavy temperatures at the site. Please remember to bring plenty of water to stay hydrated, and limit your unprotected sun exposure as I keep hearing of members with bad sunburn and some skin cancer issues. Protect yourself!

Just a reminder on field etiquette, always yell loudly when you are crossing or stepping on to the runway. Please announce your take offs and landings so others have an awareness of the situation around them. I keep hearing people whisper to themselves, but I implore you to use your man voice! Also, as you place your planes on the field prior to flight, please think for a moment on where your prop/fan blast will throw the sand and dust. Quite a few people are getting the back of their SUV’s filled with sand and are asking me to make an official rule. For now it is just a note – please think about others!!

For the last few months I have been asking for help from members in re-arranging the boulders along South Shores Drive to keep people from jumping the curb to use our site without being members. The response was crickets…Quan has been communicating with the city about keeping our site safe from interlopers that want to take advantage of the great conditions you pay for. Part of our written agreement with the city requires all pilots be members in SEFSD and AMA and to keep non-members from jumping the curb and using the site when no one is around. If they hurt someone, we know who will catch the blame. The city responded to Quans request by re-arranging the rocks 😊 themselves and adding some large heavy wood posts. Thanks Quan!!  See Randy’s video.

 On June 26 we will hold our first club meeting  at the field in 16 months. We will also have  a fun fly that morning.. The fun fly begins at 1000 and is one of our historical favorites, Don’t Spill The Beans. Bring a plane that you’re comfortable to fly and that lands nice. Anyone can play! Jovi and Jim will be running the event. There will be $150 in prize money. The club meeting will follow, somewhere between 11 and 12 AM depending on how many play the game. Sorry, we decided to wait to serve Hot Dogs until next month.

The Fireworks should be spectacular this year, and the view from our field is one of the best available.

We will not be having any actual event for the Fourth of July, however the field will be open for daytime flying from sun up to dusk. I’m going to have the members only sign posted on the gate and ask members to open the gate, pass-through, and close the gate behind them. In the past when we allowed a lot of general public persons on site into the evening they left nearly a thousand pounds of trash for us to pick up the next day. A closed gate-Members Only Fourth of July will help keep our site clean, and is one of the benefits of membership. Per our agreement with the FAA, there is no night playing allowed and class B airspace, which is us. This will probably never change. Feel free to bring gas barbecues and have lunch/or dinner on site, and also remember no glass beverage containers are allowed in Mission Bay Park. Exiting after the show can be simpler than people think. Instead of turning right or left on Sea World drive, going straight through the light puts you on Old Sea World Drive – and an immediate left will bring you to Friars road which can get you to I-8 pretty quickly.

 On a closing note, If you replace your lawn chairs or carpeting in your home, we can use your old items at the field.


Alex and Otto


Brad and Randy



President’s Corner for June-July 2021

Happy Days are Here Again!

Click for a short video

Hello fellow SEFSD members.  I am happy to say, now that the state of California is opening 100%, we are now open to continue our activities starting with our club meeting and a Fun Fly on Saturday June 26th.  Spill the Beans will be the Fun Fly! As far as serving hot dogs, that will happen on our July meeting – so just one more month to go for goodies.

This also means that everyone who is fully vaccinated should no longer need to wear a mask.  However, those remaining unvaccinated should continue wearing a mask until you are fully vaccinated.  SEFSD is not going to enforce this rule. Instead, you are on your honor to use best judgment while following state and local guidelines.

Since this is our first meeting of 2021, you will finally get to meet the new board members which include your new president, me, Jovi.  This is very exciting for me to meet all of you.   During the past six months I have met a few of you at the field on Saturdays (which is the only available time for me to fly, something that I am going to work on and try to get out more often).

So I thought I would give a brief description of who Jovi is.  So let’s get started:

I started with RC airplanes back in the mid 70’s. At that time, you had to build your airplane (Old School) and it took some time before you could actually fly.  My first club was the Torrey Pines Gulls.  I would head out to the glider port and spend a Saturday afternoon when the winds were blowing.   There were full-scale gliders (no hang gliders were around at that time) as well and it was fun.  The first glider I learned to fly was the Wind Ward with a KRAFT radio. The Hobie Hawk was my best glider to fly.  It was fast, it could climb in the thermals, it soared over the cliffs and if you did it right, catch your plane with one bounce to slow it down.  From the mid 80’s to mid-2000, I spent hours away from flying.

I was lucky to travel the world with the company’s I had worked for.  I spent 3 months in Korea working with Samsung’s D Ram chips.  The town I stayed in was called Onyang which had no American food to speak about.  I just lived off French fries and OB beer at this one watering hole. Half way thru my tour I found a restaurant that had steak and A1 sauce on the table. The steak was good!

I have been all over Europe, Brazil and even down in Malaysia!  I arrived in Kuala Lumpur at 3:00 am after a 22 hour long flight, needless to say I was ready to get out of the aircraft, but I was not expecting on the humidity at 3:00am and the heat…OMG.  During those times my mind was still on model planes and during the off times I would be building a TopFlite kit and would spend years building it.   But as the years went on I would fly here and there.  I would have a nitro airplane out in the sand dunes to go fly around. It was a challenge with sand, thick sand, but having balloon tires, a 90 size 2-stroke engine and a tune-pipe turned out to be no problem!  Out by Lake Mead they have a runway setup for models, but not many fliers would show up. Plus it was 100 degrees when I was flying, so it was nice to be the only one and having the background of the Lake Mead was sure nice.  Took my toy trailer out Lake Mead RV Village; yeah, those were the days!  The field is still there.  Today I work for General Atomics where we build the new launch and arresting gear for the new Ford Class Carriers using electromagnetic systems. To be exact, they are called Electromagnetic Aircraft Launch System (EMALS) and Advanced Arresting Gear (AAG).   I invite you go online and check them both out, they are very cool.   Today, I’m back full speed with my RC planes and I am all electric – no more nitro.  I am a scale type person who just loves to fly straight and level, but I’m still working on loops and rolls!!!

I would like to take a minute and talk about safety when flying and this happened a few months ago, but it still worth mentioning:

Heads-Up”, which has three meanings:  Adjective – showing that you are very aware of what is happening around you and it also goes for heads-up football.   Noun – a message that tells or warns someone about something that is going to happen as an example, gave him a heads-up that an investigation was pending.   Interjection – used to tell someone to look up because of possible danger or to clear a passageway.   Out of the three definition of heads-up we are more commonly known as to Interjection.   There are times out at the field, you hear heads-up and sometimes we just don’t look because someone say heads-up, especially when the voice projecting heads-up is not all that loud and, in most cases, we keep our conversation going with a fellow pilot until we hear from other pilots on what just happen.  Aircraft down….

As part of the club’s safety, we need to Shout Out heads-up when your aircraft is in danger and you are over the pits or parking lot.   The end of March there was an incident, well names don’t need to be mentioned……Ok, fine it was me and I was flying my Hawaiian Air.  Take-off was perfect, then 30 seconds into the flight I was in trouble.

One of my favorite old movies is “Animal House” 1978, starring John Belushi as Bluto and in the movie is this one seen where Bluto and D-Day were helping Flounder getting revenge for having Flounder cleaning out the horse stalls and doing push-ups over a horses surprise.   D-day hands Flounder a gun and Flounder goes into Dean Vernon Wormer office where the horse is and as Flounder is squinting his eyes pointing the gun at the horse, which he then points it, in another direction and fires the gun.  But the sound of the gun, killed the horse.  The prank-related accidental death of a horse belonging to Omega member and Reserve Officers’ Training Corps cadet commander Douglas C. Neidermeyer.

Bluto and D-Day run into Dean Vernon Wormer office and the first words coming out of Bluto mouth was, “MERRY CHRISTMAS”.    D-Day goes and says, “There were blanks in the gun”, Bluto again says, “MERRY CHRISTMAS”.   Those same words came out of my mouth when I was in trouble and I yelled it for all to hear.  As I got some control over my Hawaiian Air I again yelled out “Christmas”.  With seconds I had Dennis coming over.  I hear Brad in the background, “you in trouble Jovi” ……Yes was my response.  Dennis got it under control, gave it back to me and still, I was as nervous as I have ever been.  Brad finally took control and landed her safely for me.  Happy was I.  I needed oxygen after that ordeal.

Mark came walking by me and he mention to me how effective I was in yelling “MERRY CHRISTMAS” and how everyone was alerted of the situation at hand.

Here is what happened to me, I relied on the gyro.  When I took off, I thought I had the gyro on, but as I was heading downwind and when I turned base, that is when I notice I was in trouble.  My Airliner was climbing and I’m looking straight up in the sky and flying over the parking lot and Sea World Dr.   I was able to get back over the field.   I have learned that I cannot depend on the gyro all the time in which I did depend on it. It’s a nice feature to have but something that one should not always rely on. So, I am going to learn to fly without the gyro and just keep it for safety…if that makes sense.

However, the morel of this story is when you’re in trouble, it is most important to be yelling out loud heads-up or Merry Christmas!  Remember you must stay north of the fence line at ALL times.  You should never be flying over the Parking lot or the Pits, for the safety of our club members and guests!

On my bench I have the Top-Flite Bonanza which I started back in late 1998.  This was built to take a Satio 120 four-stroke.  Wingspan 81” and the length, 63.6” also included are the following:

  • Robart Air Retract w/scale Robart Struts
  • Scale Navigation lights that work off two 9-volt battery’s
  • Scale Interior Cockpit that is all removable

As time went by, I really never complete my Bonanza.  But as of late, I got my hands back into it.   She is almost ready to go, however I have a few things that need to be done, one is to replace my flap servos.  I had to replace the v-tail servos.  When I was moving them, I notice that the servo arm was going around in oblong circle.  Not good.  Change them to newer Hitec servos and were back to perfection.   Theses retracts are old and not holding pressure.  It is holding pressure for a good 10 minutes in which I only need about 6-7 minutes…. Maybe some risk here…I’ll keep working that problem.

The biggest task I had was figuring a way to change batteries without taking the wing off like I have to do with my Cessna 182.   The Canopy is bolted down with four socket head cap screws, problem with that was getting to those bolts.  I removed them and now I have a quick latch to remove the Canopy.  You’ll see what I mean in the pictures.   It’s actually very cool how this works.  I can put the wing on and I don’t need to hook up the connectors or the air lines.  Once the wing is bolted, flip the Bonanza, unlatch the Canopy, remove the interior and I have access to everything in the aircraft.  Hooked it all up, connect the airlines and place the interior back into place.  Where the fuel tank would have been are where the batteries now sitting.

Balancing was next, I did a rough balance and she seemed to be good with the batteries mounted up front.  Out at the field on T-28 Race’s, April 10, was the day she was going to maiden!  Complete check out was preformed and she was now certified to fly.

Brad did the maiden flight!  She took off like an F-14 Tomcat heading towards the Sunset as seen in “Top Gun”.  As he was trimming her out, he was noticing the balance may be off.  She acted very weird.  He flew her around and she look very nice up in the sky, you think it was a full-scale Bonanza.  Time was running out and Brad was preparing for landing.  She came and touch down and just rolled down the runway.  I was happy, but the next flight, I am going to dial in the balance and hopefully that helps out, which it should!

Ok, I have made enough noise!

Grab your planes, batteries and radio, and let’s go Flying and looking forward to seeing you all at our Monthly Meeting!


Chairman’s Corner for May – June 2021

Hey Modelers, I hope you are having a good month!

For the last two years we haven’t seen much of the marine layer that contributes to the traditional May Gray and June Gloom…  Mother nature is making up for that already this year with some pretty dark days that remain heavily overcast past sunset.

In conditions like these it can be very easy to loose aspect orientation on our aircraft. Even looking away for a moment can leave you confused as to what your aircraft is doing, since most colors just present as dark in the gray sky.  I, myself lost a fine 80mm ducted fan model just over a month ago and will confidently state that camouflage works extra well on an overcast day.

I replaced the model, and made some changes to its color scheme to help with orientation. One or two people commented on it’s less than scale appearance, but If I can see it, I will fly it. If not, it becomes another garage queen…

I used paint, and self-adhesive trim sheets to add some color to the models in the pictures. I can see them now!

The Covid situation continues to improve in the country. Our hobby is still considered a safe outdoor activity. California will continue to require masks for outdoor gatherings of 30 or more people not in your family. Even though we currently don’t cluster much, I encourage each of you to continue doing what you feel keeps your family safe. Current indications are that the mask/gathering guidelines will expire on June 15. If we continue in that direction there is a very good chance that we will resume our monthly meetings and fun fly events in June. We will listen to progress and make a decision at the Jun BOD meeting and send info out at that time to allow people to get their dusty fun fly planes ready to go.

A couple of members donated wind socks to replace our deteriorating ones. A Mystery member installed the one at the west end, and Fred Daugherty donated the mid-field sock. Thanks guys, for your support of SEFSD.

Also, Thank you to Nico G. for his work in painting the “No Parking” signs on all of the telephone poles headed towards the gate, and to Dennis L. for some extensive work with his weed whacker at many on-site locations. I’m still in need of a “fresher” member to take over the duty of keeping the boulders which protect our site from curb-hoppers in place. There seems to be determined folks that want to fly from our site who would rather not pay membership. I just cant move the heavy stuff like I used to and really need a volunteer (preferably two people to work together).

Hackers have again been relentless in attacking our public web-site. They have had some limited success in deranging our “for sale” area, so if you asked Steve to post something for sale and it is no longer there, please send it again.  Also, No Board member will EVER text or e-mail you asking you to send “emergency” money. The criminals are pretty good and can make a spoofing mail look like it comes from someone you know, especially if you use your phone as your primary mail handler.

Please be careful!

Be safe, and remember : It’s easy, but fleeting to fall in love with your favorite aircraft. You risk heartbreak when it’s gone.

Instead, fall in love with flying, That affair will last a lifetime!


Chairman’s Corner for Apr – May 2021

Hey fellow Flyers!

April has been amazing for flying, and summer is almost upon us. Enjoy the cooler temperatures while you can.

This month Jovi and I are going to talk about different sides of a couple of similar items.

  We have received our signed copy from the City of our right of entry permit to enter and use our flying site in Mission Bay Park for the next 36 months. A couple of things I have to mention: article 27 in our permit clearly states that our premises shall be utilized and operated in a Smoke, Vape, and drug-free environment. The permit also states that an inspection can be conducted at any time, without notice. Please take the stated activities ( NO Drugs!) into your personal vehicle if you have to do them on site, and not in any outdoor areas of Mission Bay Park. Our permit also requires us to ensure that all persons utilizing our site are a full member of the AMA and a SEFSD club member that has signed the city of San Diego waiver of liability with SEFSD. Sometimes we get the occasional Lawyer who tells us that they don’t need to join the club to fly, and we have it in writing that they do.

 Next, I want to touch on the use of gyros, and the impression of confidence they can instill.  Jovi has a good story about his RC airliner. Recently we have had quite a few new members show up with aircraft that have safe receivers installed. While I appreciate the way new pilots can use SAFE technology to understand the basics of flight and resolve initial orientation problems, some pilots are continuing to rely completely on the Gyro to fly the airplanes, some on their 4th or 5th plane. If something happens and the Gyro is disabled, or they think to themselves that they are “ FLYING MASTERS” and buy a plane without a Gyro and take to the skies – then there’s an accident in the making. It would be a shame to destroy an aircraft, or hurt somebody.  Once you understand the basics of how to fly, please get one or two mistakes high and turn SAFE mode off and learn to fly without it. Use it as a tool, not a crutch.

Covid. Please continue to do what you feel is necessary to protect yourself and your family! As positivity rates and people suffering severe sicknesses continue to decline in the county, we will be considering returning to a more normal event routine. This month saw the return of your Electroglide contest, and we just had our fourth T 28 pylon race of the year. Stand by for more information about a possible event in July, and restoration of club meetings at the field with fun flies. Jovi is considering what event to kick off with when it’s determined safe to gather outdoors in groups potentially larger than 50 people.

One last note, as you are calling out your activities on the field such as taking off, landing, or on the runway, please ensure that you are communicating loudly enough so other pilots in the air can hear you. Sometimes I hear people whisper to themselves, and then takeoff without looking and nearly caused a catastrophe. Don’t be that person, loudly announced your intentions! If you hear someone weakly call out, feel free to pass on their information in a loud voice for them. On Race day we had a member use his child voice to say ( quietly) “emergency landing”, then come in a few feet over Franks and Brad A’s head as they were on the runway at the time.  SAFETY has to be first in our thoughts guys!

It’s again time to think about replacing your ailing lawn furniture before summer, please think of us and bring your less than ideal looking – but serviceable- old chairs to the site.

I am looking for volunteers to help me keep the perimeter rocks properly arranged. We often have people move rocks to gain access when the gate is locked and we need to keep that under control. I seem to keep hurting myself moving the rocks alone, and would appreciate help!

Thanks to Dennis for some great Weedwacker work this month, and Nico for painting NO PARKING onto the poles as you head towards the gate.

PLEASE Lock the gate if you are the last member leaving. If someone is there and you are not sure if they are a member, please take the initiative, and ask. Tell them you are locking the gate. Most of them will leave.

I have included pics of my 5th 40% plane and the motor installed. Size is no longer a limiting factor for electric flight, and Big flies better. Feel free to contact me if you want to start a big project and would like some suggestions.

Have a great month, and get your flying in before it gets too hot!


President’s Corner for Apr/May 2021

Club News:   We have received our three-year Special Use Permit to continue to operate out of South Shores of Mission Bay Park.   Special thanks go, to Quan Nquyen for renewing the club’s insurance and Special Use Permit for operation.  Thank You Quan!  I had created a Facebook account so I could post some weekend flying on the clubs Facebook page.  However, upon making my post, I immediately got locked out of Facebook and I am no longer able to get in.  So please bear with me, for when this nightmare is over with, I will continue to keep you all informed on happenings of our club activities.

COVID 19 is still continuing to shut us down for our Monthly meetings and most of all, our club Hot Dogs.  Can’t forget Mark’s Salsa sauces.  But it does look like there is a light at the end of the tunnel.   That is as long as you can get an appointment.  It’s been a little frustrating in getting that appointment.  But you will get it!  Easter was great, just happened to be lucky and got our appointments.  Both my wife and I got the J&J vaccine, one shot only.  First 24 hours, just my wife got headaches during the night, next morning she was good. Me no problems.  State wants to achieve at least 70% herd immunity of Californian’s being fully vaccinated, then we just might be able open up our events fully, like our monthly meetings.

“Heads-Up”, which has three meanings:  Adjective – showing that you are very aware of what is happening around you and it also goes for heads-up football.   Noun – a message that tells or warns someone about something that is going to happen as an example, gave him a heads-up that an investigation was pending.   Interjection – used to tell someone to look up because of possible danger or to clear a passageway.   Out of the three definitions of heads-up we are more commonly known as to Interjection.   There are times out at the field, you hear heads-up and sometimes we just don’t look because someone say heads-up, especially when the voice projecting heads-up is not all that loud and, in most cases, we keep our conversation going with a fellow pilot until we hear from other pilots on what just happen.  Aircraft down….

As part of the club’s safety, we need to Shout Out heads-up when your aircraft is in danger and you are over the pits or parking lot.   The end of March there was an incident, well names don’t need to be mentioned……Ok, fine it was me and I was flying my Hawaiian Air.  Take-off was perfect, then 30 seconds into the flight I was in trouble.

On my bench I have the Top-Flite Bonanza which I started back in late 1998.  This was built to take a Satio 120 four-stroke.  Wingspan 81” and the length, 63.6” also included are the following:

  • Robart Air Retract w/scale Robart Struts
  • Scale Navigation lights that work off two 9-volt batteries
  • Scale Interior Cockpit that is all removable

As time went by, I really never complete my Bonanza.  But as of late, I got my hands back into it.   She is almost ready to go, however I have a few things that need to be done, one is to replace my flap servos.  I had to replace the v-tail servos.  When I was moving them, I notice that the servo arm was going around in oblong circle.  Not good.  Change them to newer Hitec servos and were back to perfection.   The retracts are old and not holding pressure.  It is holding pressure for a good 10 minutes in which I only need about 6-7 minutes…. Maybe some risk here…I’ll keep working that problem.

The biggest task I had was figuring a way to change batteries without taking the wing off like I have to do with my Cessna 182.   The Canopy is bolted down with four socket head cap screws, problem with that was getting to those bolts.  I removed them and now I have a quick latch to remove the Canopy.  You’ll see what I mean in the pictures.   It’s actually very cool how this works.  I can put the wing on and I don’t need to hook up the connectors or the air lines.  Once the wing is bolted, flip the Bonanza, unlatch the Canopy, remove the interior and I have access to everything in the aircraft.  Hooked it all up, connect the airlines and place the interior back into place.  Where the fuel tank would have been are where the batteries now sitting.

Balancing was next, I did a rough balance and she seemed to be good with the batteries mounted up front.  Out at the field on T-28 Race’s, April 10, was the day she was going to maiden!  Complete check out was preformed and she was now certified to fly.

Brad did the maiden flight!  She took off like a F-14 Tomcat heading towards the Sunset.  As he was trimming her out, he was noticing the balance may be off.  She acted very weird.  He flew her around and she looked very nice up in the sky, you think it was a full-scale Bonanza.  Time was running out and Brad was preparing for landing.  She came and touched down and just rolled down the runway.  I was happy, but the next flight, I am going to dial in the balance and hopefully that helps out, which it should!

Ok, I have made enough noise!

Grab your planes, batteries and radio, and let’s go Flying!


Chairman’s Corner for Mar – Apr 2021

Spring is finally upon us! Longer days mean more flying. While we have managed to get a little bit more rain this month, forecasts predict a dry summer. Please take a few moments to ensure your safety equipment and fire extinguishers will be up to the task this year. As a reminder, the KIDDE fire extinguisher company has offered free replacement of their extinguishers that have a plastic vice metal head. Their contact info is on the extinguisher labels. We had failures involving the plastic heads last year. Scot watched his Heli go up after a battery failure – the damage would have been minimized had the on-site extinguisher ( plastic head ) operated properly.

I would like to WELCOME our editor, Steve Belknap, officially to the Board of Directors for SEFSD. He has long been a valuable member of the club as its webmaster and newsletter editor and now he has volunteered more of his time to help guide the club. THANK YOU Steve!!

As vaccinations continue to roll out in San Diego county. Life is beginning to see some normalcy. Who could have guessed last March that the year would have progressed as it did? While the infection rate is down, along with the associated fatalities, It’s still too soon to relax our posture on site. Please continue to wear your masks when you are within 6 feet of others, and take care of yourself and your family. If you don’t feel 100%, please stay home.

Membership is coming along well, with numbers at a pre-virus level. Please ensure you are visibly wearing your badges while on site, and don’t get upset if another member asks to see your badge if it isn’t visible. If you have not renewed yet, please complete the process, This year is only going to get better.

There have been quite a few instances lately of the gate being left open overnight. This has led to more trash being dumped in our parking lot, and more intelligent people doing burn outs in the lot. Remember, our agreement with the city includes locking the gate when the last member leaves to stop unauthorized use. There are many times when non-members are on site and the last member just leaves them there and the gate open potentially overnight. If you are nearly the last person on site, ask the others if they are members and inform them you are locking the gate – they will leave. If there are empty cars left in the lot, lock the gate – they will figure it out.

T-28 Racing is coming along great! If you have any interest, stop by before 10:00 am on April 10th and watch the fun. The FMS 800mm Trojans are inexpensive and provide a challenge while you go fast and turn left!  Not 100% yet, but we may resume electro-glide in May. More to come. As situations improve, I will resume the monthly meetings and fun fly’s, and eventually we may get back to enjoying hot dogs.

The Weed Whackers Swap Meet is on for April! Click <<HERE>> for info.

Have a great month!


Chairman’s Corner for Feb – Mar 2021

Hey guys, as we finish up February I want to personally thank all of you for your continued safe practices when it relates to social distancing and personal safety while at our field. As vaccinations proceed across the country, safety margins are increasing – but we will likely be under Covid protocols for the rest of 2021.
I am seeing a lot more members returning to the field now, and I am really enjoying catching up with them. Last week I managed a visit with Lee Norton. He and his wife Rosie are doing well, but still isolating for their safety. He wanted me to pass on “Hellos” to everybody for him.
Along with prior/current members returning and flying their aircraft, we have had a large influx of new members join in the last couple of months. I have seen members from Miramar, Chula Vista, and Chollas RC clubs on recent weekends. Each of these clubs have had interesting challenges this year between FAA regulations, Site issues, and drama between members, and members are looking for alternate flying sites. I have heard some pretty odd claims on what is acceptable safety wise at other sites so I am going to restate some of our best practices, and our safety procedures for all users at SEFSD.
To start with, Our flying site is situated within a 50 foot altitude restricted area in accordance with the UAS Facility Map for the San Diego Area. Our current agreement ( Dec 2018 )with the FAA and US western Division of Air Traffic Control has given us up to a 200 foot altitude limit. There is no one out there with a tape measure, but most people have a fair idea of where 200 feet is. If you think you are close, ease down a bit. If you are “close” too much, expect a personal discussion. We have engaged the AMA on our behalf in attempts to restore our previous limit of 400 feet, but just hearing back from government bureaucracy can be a chore.
Along with the altitude limitation came a restriction on night flying. flying is not allowed at our site between dusk and dawn any day of the week.
The FAA also requires UAS recreational pilots ( US ) to register with them and place our registration number in a visible location on EVERY aircraft. While the club itself will not check your planes for registration #s, there has been an FAA enforcement officer at our club in the past with stern talk of a $2000.00 fine for every aircraft on site without a registration #. In the changing Remote ID environment, it is best to not be labeled as “outlaws…”
At our site we are surrounded by the community at all times, no fences. That means that we have random people walking across the runway and outer field by themselves and with pets. Do not harass people or animal in the outer area!  If they are on the runway you can tell them it is not safe and ask them to move on. Always maintain an absolute minimum of 50 feet from any living creature. If you are flying a drone that can go over 50 mph at less than 50 feet altitude , be especially cognizant of pedestrians. Our outside boundaries are posted at every flying gate and at the Rotor Plex area. Please be familiar with the boundaries prior to each flight. Most importantly, do not come within 50 feet of the cement pedestrian pathway by the beach or get within 100 feet of any road bordering the outer field area.  Do not fly over the water, and definitely do not fly to Fiesta Island. All Flying must remain within Line of flight – within our boundaries. Just because your drone can go 3 miles doesn’t mean you can…
In order to minimize mid-air, head to head collisions, we promote the use of a standard pattern while flying airplanes from the main runway. Over the runway or near the runway passes should be conducted into the wind. Downwind passes should be conducted 75 to 125 feet out over the field. The air space above the runway is reserved primarily for aircraft taking off and landing. If you desire to do a high speed pass over the runway, loudly call out your intention so other pilots know, and make every attempt to keep your high speed pass on the far side of the centerline ( I did a high speed pass with a jet on the near side of the centerline a few weeks ago – and needed to apologize to a few startled pilots -sorry..).
NO flying over the fence or the pit area. If you are out of control and pass over the fence line YOU are obligated to call out a warning to other pilots and family present.
If you need to step onto the runway or cross the runway for any reason, please loudly announce your intention to do so. Also pause and look both ways to ensure there is no one in the landing pattern before stepping out.
Pilots must loudly announce take offs and landings so others on the flightline are aware. Whispering it to yourself does absolutely no good. Make sure you are heard!
VTOL aircraft such as Helicopters and drones are allowed to fly from the main runway as long as they are flying in a scale like fashion. If they are in the pattern just like an airplane they are good. If they are out over the field away from the standard pattern they are good. No extended hovering or loitering on the field or directly in the airplane pattern is allowed – get it moving or move it to the Rotor Plex Area. We strongly discourage Helicopter 3-D over the main runway. The only exception to this is if there are no other aircraft in the sky at the time. If you intend to fly your helicopter in a non-scale manner and planes are utilizing the main runway, you must use the Rotor Plex area to avoid collision.
Mission Bay Park is designated as a non-smoking, no alcohol allowed area. Absolutely no smoking or drinking in the pit area is allowed. If you must smoke, please do so away from the parking/pit area and be downwind so your smoke doesn’t blow and everybody else’s face.
Mission Bay Park is also designated as a no pet area, and citations have been issued by rangers in the past to people with pets outside of their vehicle. Be careful with your animal.
A few more notes, and I’ll bring this book to an end…
T-28 Racing has started for 2021. It is held the second Saturday each month and starts at 10:AM. The FMS 800 MM Trojan cost $110.00 and are available from Discount Hobbies and Horizon.
I expect electro glide to resume in the next couple of months, a mail blast from Jeff will announce the exact date.
As positivity rates continue to decline, the Board of Directors will be watching and will determine a safe time to resume meetings at the field and fun-fly events.
I’m going to ask a favor from each person using the main runway over the next few weeks. The slight rain we received last month didn’t do much but uncover a lot of small rocks on the runway. If people take 5 minutes each day they fly and pick up a few handfuls of rocks to throw into the weeds or the parking lot, that will help set us up to wet and roll at the end of March.
Finally, the homeless have been extremely active again and are stealing all of our chairs rapidly. If you plan on replacing your lawn furniture this season, please bring your old chairs to the club – we can use them!

Stay Safe!

President’s Corner for Feb – Mar 2021

Here we are in February and we’re still dealing with COVID 19.  I cannot express the gratitude that everyone is using commonsense out by the field by wearing your masks and keeping that distance between us by 6 feet. Thank You All for your continuing efforts. It has been good to see a lot of members renew and and we also have received new members to our Club, and I would like to welcome all our new members to the Silent Electric Flyers of San Diego, we appreciate you joining our club!

Today I would like to introduce a new airplane, Black Horse Model, Fairchild 24W ARF and yes its by Motion RC.  I know, spending too much money with Motion..anyways this is a pretty nice model.  The Fairchild is an all Balsa – Plywood Construction and its covered with Oracover, for those of us who use an iron to apply the covering material…..Here are the specs:

  • Wingspan: 79 inches
  • Length: 38 inches
  • Weight: 41 lbs.
  • Wing area: 1dm2
  • Wing loading: 62 g/dm2

Had its first flight on FREEZE FLY day.  Happy to say, this is San Diego, it turned out to be a very pleasant day of flying! Had many members show up and even saw a lot of new airplanes.   Thanks to Frank Sutton and his great photograph, he was able to capture all the new aircraft! As I was saying, the 24W had its’ maiden flight and she flew as well as expected.  I had a video camera mounted in the cockpit, so I hope you have an opportunity to watch its’ maiden flight. However I will warn you about a very hard bounce at landing and Yes this issue is being resolved with low bounce wheels…..

How about that rain we got this past January?   Boy did that make a huge improvement on our runway.  Finally, the soft sand is now nicely packed to the ground, just waiting for us to tear it up, in a good way.   I took a picture of the runway, just after the rains and it really look good.   However, I would like to make a comment here and that is, just after it rains the runway can be very saturated with water and if you try to fly, you’re going to see your tire marks, and if you get stuck, yep you guessed it, footprints, or footprints crossing the runway.  Please, may I ask that we have a little patience and once it had a chance to drain and dry out, we’re all going to love the results as we see today!  Thanks Club Members!   New stripe down the runway, Thank You Jeff Struthers for getting that done for us!  In the meantime, hopefully we still get some more rain, we really do need it.

On another note, I would like to add and it’s to all club members that when you’re flying and perhaps it is a 2-meter size aircraft, and we all know we must stay under 200 feet and stay in our fly zone.  But sometimes one could be flying on a very cloudy or clear day and in a blink of an eye, it’s gone, just disappeared.  You’re not seeing your aircraft and at that point, you might wish you had an extra set of eyes.   We had a couple of situations that this happened not too long ago.  Without fault to the pilot’s, it just happens.  Perhaps a co-pilot would be helpful before you launch your model and if you or any member request help, Please ask us, we have a lot of good people out at the field and I know that anyone of us, including me, would be more than happy to be an extra set of eyes or just being a co-pilot …..

T-28 races are back up for 2021, and we had our first race of the year this past February 13.  We had a great turnout of pilots.  In our first round of heats of racing we had very close races, however we did have Frank doing loops and water landings off in the bay then racing….and can you believe we had no cuts in the race and to me, something was wrong.  Until the Gold Cup Race.  We had Otto, Alex and Steve M. in final heat.   Alex’s started ahead of starting bell.  Otto and Steve were racing up the sky’s, with Alex just behind them.  Otto crossed first and Steve came in second and Alex came in last as this was the Unofficial Results.   The whole day we had not cuts, not a one.  But Otto came thru like a Pro with 3 cuts and Steve had one.  Alex, even though he started early, he had no cuts and was our Gold Cup Winner for February 2021.   Congrats Alex.  Now you have a challenge for next month in being the defending Gold Cup Winner!  Silver Cup went to Steve N. and the Bronze was given to Brad B.   Otto was given a special award for his recorded breaking Cuts (nine) in last year’s finally.

Thanks to Steve Neu for organizing the event and bringing us Medals and some very nice goodies that were offered as a raffle to pilots and supporting crew!  Thanks Steve!

Weekend is coming so Grab your batteries, chargers, radio and planes and let’s go Flying.  See you all out at the field!


President of SEFSD

Chairman’s Corner for Jan – Feb 2021

Guys, let me start 2021 by saying “Thank YOU” to our board of directors! Also, well deserved Thanks to Steve our Editor, and George our membership Coordinator! Thanks for stepping forward to keep our club steady during perilous times.

We face challenges on many fronts: Thanks to everyone for continuing to practice social distancing while on site. I have seen folks keeping distance, and wearing masks when distancing is not possible. While our area qualifies as a safe, outdoor activity – we still need to project compliance with park/county/state Covid guidelines. Also, altitude limits were imposed by the FAA and Air Traffic Control and we were required to sign compliance in December of 2018 to continue operations at SEFSD…  We are 2 years in to the 200 foot limit, and while we don’t have a ruler in the sky and know some folks come close for a few seconds here or there, a few of the members will get some very pointed letters from the board about putting the club at risk by their obvious activities.  Finally, Remote ID. A proposed rule has been disseminated. While it seems likely that non-hobbyist drones in general airspace will require remote ID transponders, it sounds as if we will not have to put transponders in every aircraft that flies at our site under the auspices of Hobby club membership at a recognized FAA Blue Dot club, and membership in a community based organization (AMA). We will still be required to register with the FAA as hobbyists and put our number on each aircraft. A couple of the board members have been digging into the nearly 500 page document – and will give their impressions moving forward. The AMA is involved with fighting for hobbyist rights, and we will get more guidance over the next 30 months. It is in our best interest to keep the club open by following protocols and rules as written.

Membership renewals are moving along well. We changed the combinations at the gate and the portable restroom last week and most people have adapted to the new locks. The combination is on the back of your 2021 membership card.  If you renewed very recently and have not received your card yet, shoot me an email the night before you fly and I will send you the combo. If you have not been to the club since the new locks went on, I recommend you read the club e-mail that was sent on 14 and 18 Jan describing the differences of the new locks. Quite a few non-members have been showing up recently from other clubs. Welcome them, ensure they understand our safety protocols, and inform them that guest privileges are good for up to 3 visits. If they like the site, please join!

Quite a few people have asked me in the last year to let them know when I plan to downsize my RC fleet. I am running out of space so I will be moving 40-50 planes of all sizes and types on to new owners over the next few months. I will offer fair prices to club members before going to the forums for sales. Let me know if you want to be on my mailing list. I will send mails to that group first based on stated interest, ask Steve to put them on the web site for a few weeks, then post to forums.

Have a great month!


Brad with Mamba

President’s Corner for Jan – Feb 2021

Hello and Happy New Year 2021 to all the Silent Electric Flyers of San Diego.  I hope all had a great Christmas and New Year.   2020, if we could ever have the most unusual year, I think we can say “2020” was that year when all changed.  COVID – 19 sure, it changed our world. It has taken jobs away from many and our way of life.  Luckily for me, I am one of the fortunate ones able to work from home and have my job.  Unlike many Americans currently with no income, yeah 2020 was some kind of a year.

There is a glimmer of hope, Flying RC Airplanes.  It really takes the stress off your shoulders, as you’re doing a few loops with, perhaps your new airplane that you just made your maiden flight with.  But the best part, taking it home the way you brought it out, in one piece.  Now that creates a huge smile on your face, but who cares, you just had a great flight!   We all had to wait some time before we were able to head back to the field.  During that time, I had some time to complete one of my airplanes, a Cessna 172 Skylane!   This is a TopFlite kit and it’s a real nice airplane to build.  It’s just about ready once I install the ESC, give her a test and away we go.  I have gotten so excited about my Freewing AL37, (Hawaiian Air) (ever since the field reopened) that I have set aside my Cessna…….needless to say I did bring it out to the field on Thanksgiving Day and what a day it was, just perfect San Diego weather.  Oh Ok, my Cessna, she flew very nice in the sky, the colors really look good. 

Freewing, a foamy model airplane company…..a foamy.   To be honest with you I never did think foam airplanes would be as cool, as detailed, fly extremely well and actually take a beating on landings are well, a pretty darn good flying model.   My Hawaiian Air has been a fun airplane to fly, as long as the wind is coming from the west.  Cross winds, forget it, not in that airplane.  And if you don’t believe me then check out how the Big Boys do it in the full-scale aircrafts on You Tube!   Good for me I have a very good co-pilot, when needed!!!  Now I have purchased the Corsair F4U, Birdcage version and man I tell you that is a nice airplane.  Very clean and the detail is amazing.   The Corsair just lifts off the ground in the most graceful way as it gains altitude.   She doesn’t get knocked around when she is flying in the sky and she turns ever so smoothly along the horizon. 

Now that the field has been open for some time more members are starting to come out and it’s good to see!   The club has been able to start some fun events recently and that has been the T-28 Races. Steve Neu has done a great job in getting the races ready and boy these have been a blast to watch.  Got to see some very close races, hey look out for that Frank guy…….  Our November race was one for the books.  Not only did we break a record, but in the wrong direction…Otto had a total of 9 cuts in just one exciting race.  You should have seen Alex, he was slicing up the sky with his tight turns that kept him in the lead.  He had a couple of close calls with the ground in his turns, but was closely followed, he kept his lead until the last turn in which once again got to close to the ground… I know I am looking forward for some of the other events to restart back in 2021 (Electroglide, Spill the beans and Limbo just to name a few), just as soon as this COVID-19 has left the building!!!

It is with deep regret that the Club has to cancel our Holiday Event Party for January.  Once again thanks to COVID.   We hope by next year we will continue our tradition and even make it a better one to make up for the loss of this year!

COVID-19, the best we can do as a club is to continue to use good judgment when you’re at the field.  I have seen many ware masks and also keeping social distant. Thanks and keep up the good work!

So yes, there was a Glimmer of hope last year and we all made it to 2021.  As president of the SEFSD, I hope I can rub off the energy that I have with the enjoyment of flying model airplanes. I look forward to meeting all the Club members and hoping we all can make 2021 better year! No matter the size of your aircraft (as size does matter to some and needing a Blankly to protect it… names mentioned here) just have fun in flying your model with our members.

Our Memberships are due, head to and get your membership renewed for 2021 and also make sure your AMA/FAA are up to date in order for you to complete your membership and once you have renewed, we will see you all at out the field here in 2021.   I will also like to welcome our new members who have just joined us for the first time, I welcome you to Silent Electric Flyers of San Diego!

A Huge Thank you to Jim and Mark for getting the tables completed.  Those two have done a fabulous job with all the benches.  Thanks Guys, for your hard work!

So, grab your planes, batteries, charger and don’t forget your TX and let’s go Fly!


Chairman’s Corner for Dec – Jan 2020/21

I hope everyone has a nice Christmas and New Years. Hopefully Santa brings you something you want. Luckily, I am my own Santa, and Santa is good to me!

It has been an odd year, and while I have heard feedback of members and their family catching Covid, I have not heard of any member fatalities attributed to Covid, and hope it stays that way! Our club’s flying site continues to remain open. As we rent from Mission Bay Park, and Parks and Beaches are sanctioned as safe outdoor recreational sites, we are able to operate during the stay-at-home order.

Thank you to the members that continue to practice social distancing on site.

Membership renewal for 2021 is open, and it looks like quite a few people have already renewed. If you were at the field the morning of the 19th, George had a stack of new membership cards for 2021. He may be back on the 26th, but please don’t hold me to it. Officially we will have our annual “Freeze Fly” on Jan 1st. No food or prizes, just enjoy the cold morning. January 2nd is Badge day when you can pick up your badge.  Your second chance will be on 09 Jan.  Following that George will put them in the mail. Please remember to let us know if you don’t want them mailed! Last year a member from Arizona was upset that we has sent his card to the address he had provided… Who Knew?? I will be shifting the lock on the gate and the portable restroom on 15 Jan. The new combination is printed on the back of the 2021 membership cards. If you like the image on the new cards, It was selected from numerous submissions and was provided by Carl Cox.

As we roll into the new year, I would ask everyone to look at your fire extinguishers and see if they still have a charge. A few years back we distributed around 150 fire extinguishers to members to ensure there was always one on site. The caveat was that if it was used, the member needed to replace it themselves – and continue to bring one. If you received one of these, and it still hasn’t been used, look at it and see it the handle is plastic or metal. The Manufacturer ( Kidde ) was replacing them for free a while back due to failures in the plastic heads. There is a phone number and serial number on the label so you can verity if you are eligible. We recently had an ESC failure cause some pretty good damage to a helicopter. A member tried to help, but had one of plastic head extinguishers fail and the fire burned for a minute longer than it should have. Also, if you carry a first aid kit, please look at the contents to ensure they are still usable. There is a shelf life on a lot of those items.

We are behind on our rainfall for this season, and I’m hoping we get some catch-up precipitation in the first quarter of 2021. When we do, please do everyone a favor and stay away from the main runway when it is wet. I can’t count the number of times someone has come out with a micro on the premise that it is light, Then left four inch deep tracks across the runway when it stuck to the mud and they walked out to get it. If it dries like that we have to deal with it for months.

Our incoming President, Jovi Murek, has stated that he will start writing submissions for the newsletter, and I’m excited to get his input. He has been enjoying modeling in many aspects over the years and brings a fresh point of view.

Let’s hope 2021 levels out quickly and we can get closer to normalcy!


Chairman’s Corner for Nov. – Dec. 2020

Hey Guys!

We are nearly to the end of 2020, and I’m glad it’s almost over! Hopefully we will return to something closer to normalcy in the next few months.

I hope everyone had a chance to enjoy Thanksgiving with their closest loved ones. Normally I attend a large event put on by a co-worker, but kept it (very) small this year in ongoing efforts to keep everyone safe.

As for the current State and County COVID restrictions, our site is tied to the fate of the beach areas. As such, we are still considered a safe outdoor activity – as long as we continue to use smart practices on-site. As we reopened in June, there were some fears of overcrowding at the flight line on weekends. I am there most weekends, and I’m glad to report it just hasn’t been an issue. Try to space yourselves to one person per table, and if you must share a larger (10 foot) table – just use opposite ends. From what I have seen, people are doing very good maintaining their distancing, with some people being proactive and staying masked at all times. For your continued safety, please mask up if you cannot avoid closer interactions with others.

November is traditionally the month we vote for club Officers to manage operations for the next year. I put out a call for nominations in September and October, and the responses were slimmer than expected. We were in need of a President, and our current Secretary has some obligations out of the country that would interfere with his prescribed duties. We had one person volunteer for the President position, and one of our Members At Large agreed to swap positions with the Secretary for 2021, and maybe longer. Since there were no challengers for either position, After a lengthy discussion, I proposed to the BOD that we ratify the  positions without a general vote. The Board of Directors voted on my motion and your BOD members for 2021 will be:

Chairman – Brad Bender
President – Jovi Murek
Vice President – Steve Manganelli
Treasurer – Quan Nguyen
Safety Officer – Steve Neu
Secretary – Eric Shapiro
Member at Large – Carl Cox
Member at Large – Jeff Struthers
Member at Large – Ken Dresser

Please thank them for their service to the club when you see them. I Understand these are challenging times and appreciate that each and every one of them has stepped forward instead of stepping back. If any member has thoughts of wanting to get involved in the future and would like to sit in on a Board meeting, or four, over the next year, let me know and I will invite you!

Also needing your thanks are:
Our Club Editor, Steve Belknap – who tracks down noteworthy tidbits to bring this monthly newsletter to fruition, and works tirelessly to maintain our web site, and keep hackers/spammers off of it.

Our Membership Coordinator, George “ MAVERICK” Sullivan – for keeping it straight and spelling everyone’s name correctly.

Our weekend Photographer, Frank Sutton – for some amazing shots!

Our Table repairmen, Jim Bonnardel and Mark Davis – only a few more to go – Thanks guys!!

And the guys that always help with the ongoing maintenance tasks that is generally boring and sweaty- Dennis LaBerge, Jeff Struthers, Nico Goosens, Bob Stinson, Vince Gonsowski, Frank Gagliardi, and Scott Vance. There are quite a few others that routinely assist,( Thank you all!)  I mentioned these guys specifically because they ALWAYS show when there is a need.

We are finishing 2020 with 303 members. Not terrible since a lot more people stayed home this year. The club has officially closed its books on 2020. For the remainder of the year we are going to allow non-members of SEFSD to enjoy using our site as long as they have current AMA membership and understand our safety procedures. Quan and Steve have disabled the “Join Now” tab on the web site are working on modifying the required pages to allow memberships for 2021. The tab should be active again on December first for next year.  Dues will remain unchanged at $50.00 for the primary member, and $10.00 for family members sharing your address. Remember, it takes up to 2 weeks for your AMA membership renewal to update on their online database, and our application process will not let you complete if the AMA database says you are not current – or are shortly due to expire.

My understanding is there will be 4 ways to renew which can be selected from the web site:
Online application with payment via PayPal.
Online application with payment via credit card.
Online application with payment via check in the mail.
Download and printed application with check in the mail. (board members will also have paper copies for issue if needed.)

For our snowbird members that come in from out of town addresses – please remember to note a local address you would like to have your card shipped to, or ask to have it held by George until he can give it to you. An e-mail to George, Quan, or myself can get a hold started.

We had many great submissions this year for the badge picture for 2021. Thanks to all that sent images! Some of them will end up in our smugmug gallery linked to via our web site. The Photo we picked for next year was submitted by Carl Cox, and it is a nice colorful shot. As people renew, George will print the cards and hold them until Badge Day at the field on Jan 02. If you absolutely need yours mailed before then, let him know. The new badge will have the updated lock codes to the gate and the porta potty printed on the back. I will grant a bit of a grace period for renewals and won’t change the locks themselves until the weekend of Jan 23rd. As I have said before, your membership doesn’t pro-rate, so if you plan to fly in 2021, please renew early and get your new badge!

A couple of things were brought to my attention this month that I would like to touch on. There have been reports of flyers diving across the runway at the pit area at full speed, then yanking up and away just before crossing the fence line. This is outright dangerous and needs to stop. We see servo’s fail every day, it’s just not worth the risk.

Also, there were quite a few flyovers of the pit and parking areas without the pilot calling out to notify others that there is a problem. ( Hopefully ) YOU know where your aircraft is. You should be the one to warn others.  On a positive note, People have been doing a very good job of calling their take- offs, landings, and any time they step onto the runway!

I hope you all have a great, safe month!


Chairman’s Corner for Oct – Nov 2020

Well guys, it looks like the heat wave is finally broken – and we can get back to enjoying our hobby in relative comfort! Hopefully we will get rain in the next few weeks to reduce the fire danger at our site, please stay vigilant as the area is still very dry!

Over the last few weeks I have been seeing more of you returning to the field after taking a “Corona” break. While studies indicate the virus does not transmit well in outdoor environments, please continue to practice social distancing while on site to keep club members, and your family members, safe. If you recently completed an interesting Corona project, please share a few pictures and a write up with our editor Steve, at and he will include it in the next newsletter.

I have been asked quite often whether there will be any local swap meets before the year ends, and sadly, I don’t believe so. Gatherings of any real size are still prohibited in the county. Please take a look at the for sale by members area of the website and see if there is something that tickles your fancy. If you are trying to sell items, an E-mail to Steve at editor@sedfd.orgwith a good description and a picture of your item will get it posted. You can still take a chance and bring items down on weekends, set them against the fence with a note stating the price, and who to contact. Sometimes the right person is there and both of you will come away happy!

Along the same line of things lost in 2020, we are still holding off on the monthly meetings at the field, the fun-fly events, and Electroglide. Once the health risks become less, we will attempt to get back to normal operations. It will likely be next year sometime. At this time, we cannot book venues for any indoor gatherings of more than 10 people, which also puts our yearly banquet on hold indefinitely. The only “event” that we have been holding is the FMS 800MM T-28 racing  on the second Saturday monthly. Competition had been becoming stronger as people figure out these small, quick aircraft. If you missed out on ordering one (or two) last February when we announced the race series, they are available for order this month at Horizon. Again, let’s hope a viable vaccine is developed and available as soon as it is determined safe.

I know everyone is extremely sick of all of voting ads right now, so I feel bad to say the words… As I mentioned last month, we vote for club officers in November.

Jovi  Murek has self-nominated to fill an existing empty Board of Directors position, THANKS Jovi! Our current secretary, Ken Dresser, will also not be available for most of 2021 and that means we still have need of one more person who would like to get involved with guiding the club next year. We meet in person or via ZOOM once per month for 2 to 3 hours, but handle most club business via E-mail – so your time commitment is negligible. I feel everybody’s input is valuable, and really want some new blood on the Board. Please get involved! Let myself, or another board member know if you would like to join us!

I appreciate the help we have received from numerous members in maintaining the field this year. To name a few who were there EVERY time we asked for help:  Dennis Laberge, Jim Bonnardel, Frank Gagliardi, Mark Davis, Eric Shapiro, Scott Vance, Jim Richardson, George Sullivan, and Larry Kosta. There were many more that participated at various times – THANK YOU to everyone!  Quan, our Treasurer, will be closing the books on FY20 shortly. Some of you spent personal funds in your support of the club and have not yet submitted receipts for reimbursement. Please send them to Quan or myself so we can square up and close our books.

It has been nearly a month since we backed off on the stance of passing through and closing the gate behind us each time we enter and exit. A lot of people appreciate not having to jump out of their vehicle on the way in and out of the site. In this month, I have been notified by the city 9 times that they have found the site unlocked and unattended…

Please remember that our agreement with the city includes that we will keep the site locked when members are not present to prevent unauthorized access, vehicular use, and illegal dumping. It also keeps theft down, and friendly people from doing donuts in our parking area or on the runway. The porta-potty has also been found unlocked on numerous occasions, all of the paper has been lifted a couple of times, as has our disinfectant sprayer. We are the masters of our own destiny here, so I will say again – if you are the last member leaving the site, Please close and lock the gate!  If someone has left a vehicle there, lock them in. If someone is there and you are not sure, ask them if they are a member – tell them you are locking the gate. If you don’t want to talk with them, lock the gate and let them figure it out.

Bottom line, we need to keep the site as secure as possible. I would rather not go back to the closed gate posture, but if we cannot follow the guidelines properly it is still an option.

One final note. We are all members and pay for the same rights as any other member of SEFSD. If you arrive on site and park near an available table, and you would like to have a specific member park next to you to enjoy each others company, feel free to put a chair next to your vehicle and “save” an already open spot for them to park beside to you. Please don’t park, then ask another member to move so your buddy can park next to you. There are NO “ permanently assigned ” spots at SEFSD. If you arrive and someone is where you ( usually ) park, please find another open spot. DO NOT tell another member to get out of YOUR SPOT. The parties involved are all grown up and simply need to share…

Thanks for another great month and please keep safe.


Chairman’s Corner for Sep – Oct 2020

Hey Guys,

There are a couple of items to discuss this month so I’ll roll right into it.

With all of the fires in California this month, I would like to remind everybody to be extra careful, extra vigilant, and bring a fire extinguisher with you to the field. The entire area is extremely dry and one accident could take down the whole site. If a plane goes in hard off of the runway it is a good idea to bring a “just in case” extinguisher on the walk of shame to avoid having to run back for one in the event of a fire. If there is an incident that seems to be getting out of hand, I need the members actively involved and calling 911 to direct emergency vehicles to the scene. Officially, smoking is not allowed in Mission Bay Park. I know we still have some smokers in the club, please practice your activity well into the parking lot area where there are no flammable materials.

There are some people we have not seen since January, and some new faces that have come along after starting a new hobby while locked inside for a few months. For those that are staying home, we miss you! For the new members, welcome! If you are returning after an extended break or just entering the hobby, please ensure you talk with current members about safety procedures and authorized flight areas at our site. We have had some past members return to the hobby recently who claimed that in “their day” they were allowed to fly over the fence, pits and parking area. I have been with this club for quite a few years and don’t remember that!  [I have been with the club much longer than Brad and am sure that has never been true – Steve B.]

Please keep all flight activities over the runway and the field, but always staying south of the sidewalk and foot path near the beach. Also please keep all high speed activities north of the centerline. Failures and accidents do happen.

One thing I’ve noticed this month at the field is a number of 2019 members arriving and flying with their 2019 badges that have not renewed for 2020. While I do understand that Covid kept us away from the field for three months, we do still need to pay dues if we plan to use the site. Please catch up and pay your 2020 dues if you are expired and would like to continue to fly for the remainder of this year.  

We recently signed an updated copy of our letter of agreement (LOA) with air traffic control at Lindbergh Field. While we have not made progress and restoring or increasing our current altitude limit to go above 200 feet, there is some progress as once this edition of our LOA is filed – we will be officially listed as a recognized AMA flying club with the FAA. This will give us a little bit more ammunition as we fight in the future for more altitude. Thank you Quan for running this to ground for us.

As we approach the final quarter of 2020, it is time to start thinking about 2021 Board Of Director members. Quite a few of the current board members have stated their intention to run for the Board next year. That being said, all positions are open for competition. We are always looking for members to bring new thoughts and ideas to keep the club fresh! If you would like to become involved in guiding the club next year, please approach any of the board members or send me an email within the next month and I will announce nominations in the October newsletter. Voting for the Board of Directors will be held in November.

I will ask Quan ( Voluntold! ) to figure out some way for us to vote online because we will likely still be under social distancing restrictions.

While on the subject of social distancing, the Electro-glide contest is still on hold, as are our club meetings at the field and the monthly fun-flies. I am thinking at the moment that these will not resume until next year. Since we don’t have as many competitors as last year, pylon racing has resumed on the second Saturday of each month. We are not taking score so it is bragging rights only. Steve, our race master, has stated his intention to hold T28 races for October November and December this year. We are still hoping to have some kind of post-holiday Banquet this year, but at the moment the odds are getting worse.

The gate… I have really enjoyed not being blasted by dirt, dust, and asphalt grindings when random people roll in off of the street at 50MPH and realize they are in the wrong place. I understand how much of a hassle it is to open and close it with every entry/exit  and as of this newsletter will revert to leaving it open while members are on site. The last person out MUST take the responsibility to close and lock the gate. If there are empty cars on site, lock them in, they will figure something out. If we start having issues with an unoccupied site with open gate which leads to overnight theft and vandalism, we may have to reinstate the closed gate policy…

That about wraps it up for this month, I hope everybody stays safe and enjoys the rest of the month!


Chairman’s Corner for Aug – Sep 2020

Hey Flyers!

 It’s been over 10 weeks since we have been able to use our field again. I would like to thank everyone that has utilized the site for following the rules as put forth by the county and practicing social distancing. Some of you have decided to stay home and not fly, that doesn’t stop us from missing you at the field! It’s understandable though, I hope everybody is staying safe and keeping your family safe!

 I want to thank Dennis LaBerge for his efforts and weed abatement around the edges of the field. When you have a chance please thank him also – he puts in some serious hours keeping the wild brush under control.

 This weekend on Saturday- 22 August, we are hoping to have decent participation for a field sweep between 8 AM and 9 AM in preparations for soaking the field with the water truck next week. The clay will absorb the water and compress, the sand will not. Thank you to all that show up!

 Following the sweep down we will have our first official Pylon Race of the year, thanks to the event owner, Steve Neu, we will be racing FMS 800 millimeter T-28 Trojans. Starting this late in the year, with an event series that completes in October, we are just going to race for bragging rights – and have invited members from local clubs to participate.

Electra Glide is still on hold for now. We traditionally have 12-15 participants and Jeff wants to stay within the current guidelines for gatherings of 10 or more. We await approval from Jeff Struthers to start. It may not happen this year we will just have to see how it goes. Along the same thought, the monthly meeting/fun Fly event is still on hold. Sorry, no Hot Dogs…

With the heat wave upon us, I would like to remind everybody to bring plenty of liquids with them to the field and also to be mindful of the fire hazard in the outer field area.

For now membership is down more than 80 people below where we were last year at this time, and may not improve. We are still seeing new members join, but there are still quite a few prior members who have not renewed for 2020. If you’re not flying, that’s fine. If you are flying, please renew and finish out the year as a member.

Finally, I want to toss out a bone and ask people to think of what they could personally contribute to make our club a better place to enjoy our great hobby. In a few months we will be voting for the 2021 Board of Directors. Quite a few of the current Board have agreed to continue on next year but a few are on the fence. Right now we are down one club president, and may be looking for one or two others to fill out the board of Directors. Your input is valuable in providing guidance to the club!

Have a great month!


Chairman’s Corner for July – Aug 2020

Hey guys, not a whole lot to talk about this month but still a few items.

With the county locking down again due to increased virus activity – I hope everybody is staying safe!

After arriving very early a couple of weeks ago to find a homeless gentleman sleeping on a table near gate 6, I would say it’s not a bad idea to disinfect tables before using them. Thanks for keeping up the sanitation of our portable restroom. It is nice to have it available for use!

For now I would like to keep the gate mainly closed and have members pass through and close it behind them. This is primarily to keep our club from having a bunch of random people on site and risking losing access if the wrong person notices and reports a lack of social distancing. The new combination locks seem to be working out after some initial drama. Thank you for your patience.

A BIG Thank you to Mark Davis for the hard work you put in repairing and updating four of the work tables on site! They should last for many years to come. I always appreciate the members who step up selflessly.

I don’t know yet whether Electroglide or T-28 racing events will be held in August, it will depend on the Covid requirements at that time and the decision will be made by the race master, Steve Neu and the Electroglide king, Jeff Struthers. Keep an eye on your emails for more information.

For now, our Monthly fun fly events, hot dogs, and meetings at the field are still on hold. The plus side is that the prize money we are saving will be available to allow us to still hold our yearly banquet in January ( Covid willing).

Finally, with the summer heat upon us please remember to bring sunscreen, portable shade, and enough liquids to stay hydrated while on site.

Fly them if you can, but please stay safe doing so!


Brad with Extra taxiing

Chairman’s Corner for June – July 2020

Welcome back Flyers!

 As we finish our third week of being allowed back into our site, I want to thank all of you for your patience as we were negotiating with the city, county, and Park Services for approval to re-enter and resume operations at our field.

One major change is that we are now using a combination lock at the entry gate and on the Porta potty. Current members have received emails from the club with the combination, and new members will have the combination printed on the back of their membership card once it gets mailed out. The expectation will be to change the combination with yearly membership. The city’s new keyed lock on the gate will no longer open using the previous key – that key will no longer fit in the lock – please don’t attempt to force it in.

 Last weekend we were able to allow access to our on-site porta potty. As you can imagine, three months of no use lead to a couple thousand earwigs and a couple of fat spiders taking up residence. I have sprayed bug barrier throughout and terminated all the spiders I could find, but it would be in your best interest to take a good look around before sitting down in there! Posted on the door and inside the bathroom itself are the cleaning requirements that will keep us in the good graces of county and Park services. In the bathroom is a 2 gallon liquid sprayer containing diluted disinfectant that is EPA approved. Please put a light spray on any areas you have touched before exiting.

Seen over the past few weekends while I’ve been on site, and from the feedback I have received from the weekday crew – The consensus is that we are not experiencing overcrowding or people having to wait their turn in the parking lot. I appreciate that everyone is sharing the site! As we move forward please remember there are still social distancing requirements In-place, including separating ourselves in the parking areas near the logs, on the tables, and at the flight line gates. Anytime we are within 6 feet of each other we should be wearing masks as currently required by state/county protocols.

For now we have not determined whether we are going to resume Club events in July, August, or September. Please pay attention to the email blasts from the club for updates. Right now Covid cases are on the rise again in San Diego county likely due to the protests that occurred around memorial day. If numbers continue to rise, we will do our part and hold off on the organized events for a couple more months.  I have received member feedback that some are not receiving all of the mail blasts from the club. The solution is simple, contact the Editor

Recently a notification came from the FAA stating that all pilots that originally registered with the FAA with 2015 will require renewal of their FAA registration by December. There are a lot of sites out there that will process your registration for a fee between $15.00 and $50.00 – but that is not required if you go to the RIGHT site.  It’s not too bad, begin by going to and towards the bottom of the page you will see a line that will allow you to log in to your existing account. You may have to reset your password… Once logged in, you will see an option to renew. Check that you understand the safety guidelines and it will take you to the payment page. Before you pay, it will tell you that you will get a new registration number, but by using this process of logging in to my existing account before paying, it renewed my current registration number for three years – so I do not have to replace the numbers in any of my airplanes.

Usually we whoop it up pretty big at the club for Independence Day. Sadly, that is just not practical this year. Let’s just think of it as a normal use day. Seaworld has announced that there will not be fireworks, and the current agreements with the FAA and western division of Air Traffic Controllers prohibit flying recreational models between dusk and dawn. If we do a banquet fundraiser raffle this year, it will likely be on Labor day.

I heard of a lot of projects that were completed while we were in lockdown, I would appreciate if you share your projects with everyone! Share your repair/build experiences and make the newsletter more fun!  [Please submit your articles to:]

Again, pay attention to emails from the club for any updates concerning Electroglide and Mini T-28 Racing.

It’s been great to see a lot of you, and I’m looking forward to meeting the new members!


Click the pic of Brad for an album of “Return to Flight!” pics from Frank Sutton.

Chairman’s Corner for May-June 2020

Sorry guys,

As of this writing, Mission Bay Park is still closed to any non-boating, non-exercise (sandy beach only) related activities. It is a fluid situation, and I am really hoping that it changes prior to Memorial Day weekend! We are keeping a close eye on the situation, and even though new recommendations were sent to the Governor on Tuesday, requesting more openings in San Diego, the response has not been publicized as of this writing.  I also heard that Balboa Park and Mission Bay Park will remain closed longer after other parks reopen due to the manpower required for the place to keep an eye on these extremely large areas. I hope it’s not true!

As I mentioned in my weekly updates, some other local clubs in the San Diego area (but not on the beach) have reopened. In the past couple of weeks I have joined and flown with the Chollas RC Flyers, and as a guest at the Chula Vista Model Radio Control Club. Both clubs were very welcoming and accommodating. I hope you’re getting out while being careful!

One thing I want to discuss is how we are going to reopen our area when the time comes. Once we have an indication that we can access the site, The Board of Directors will be looking for a few volunteers to join us on-site getting it ready for recreational activities. That will involve placing some City and County mandated signs at the gate, and within the flying site outlining the directives that we must follow: such as limiting the numbers using the site at one time, and explicit social distancing requirements. In the beginning we will be limiting the number of vehicles allowed to park near the pits to 20. Most of the work tables are long enough to share from opposite ends, but the short ones will be limited to one person per table. Each 9 foot gate can be used by two people distancing themselves to each end. If there are vehicles in the parking lot waiting to pull up to the tables, we are asking members to limit their flying time, at the beginning, to two hours then move away and let other members move up and fly. We are not going to be the table police, but I’m asking you all to share the site with each other on your honor. Due to strict cleaning requirements every 2 hours if opened, the Porta Potty will remain locked until further notice. Facilities will be available at the boat ramp if in dire need. Once things level out a bit we will look into reinstating the monthly event calendar, and possibly electroglide and Mini Trojan racing. Randy had a chance to take a look at the field in the last 2 weeks and most of our chairs have migrated away. Please plan to bring chairs with you, and if you have some old ones you would like to donate, we could use them!

While I do miss flying at our club, I miss interacting with the members most of all. I want to thank Scott Charity for helping me check the final balance, and standing by when I did the maiden flight on my 125” Extra 300 at Chollas, and Jim Bonnardel who was my wingman at Chula Vista for subsequent flights last weekend. Steve Neu also spent an evening basically soldering jumper cables ( 6AWG wire ) on to the battery packs  as needed to support a 330 amp draw to hover a 46 lb plane.  Thanks guys!!!

John at Discount Hobbies currently has both of his stores open for curbside service.  His hours have varied for the last two weeks, so please call before going to the store. You can call ahead and check if particular items are in stock, or order at the door. Sorry, no browsing.  It is critical that we support him in these times or we could lose his store fronts all together!

I hope to see you all soon, Stay safe!


Chairman’s Corner for April – May 2020

Hey guys,

It’s going on five weeks now since the city shut down the beach areas, and subsequently our flying field. I have had people sending me messages with recommendations for hidden flying sites, and I’ve also had one member tell me he received a $400.00 ticket for flying behind a Target store near I- 805. If you absolutely have to fly, please be careful. I, for one have still been at work, and have been staying home on the weekends – working on an “Apocalypse project”.

Sad news this month as we have had two SEFSD members pass away recently (NON-COVID). Jack Hix was an active member when I first joined the club in 2003. He was heavily involved in the club from the late 90’s to early 2000’s, and his personable attitude is one of the things that brought me back to flying with an AMA club after a 10 year break. I haven’t seen him for a while, but I remember his smile and his friendly influence In the club at that time. Also, John Foster passed away recently. For the last 20 years John has been an institution of training at the club and he was always willing to volunteer his time with new pilots with both an intensive ground school preflight training program, and then hands-on instruction. I know a lot of current pilots who spent time with John Forrester as they were getting their wings. Steve Belknap had a chance to meet John’s son this week as he was in town settling affairs, and will also make some comments in this newsletter. John will be sorely missed!

With the exception of the homeless people using Mission Bay Park during the virus outbreak, there should have been little to no traffic on our site. I am hoping the rain has done its job of smoothing out the runway surface, and that no one has slipped in during the evenings to do donuts in the parking lot. I do expect a problem with weed control on the runway proper upon eventual return.

Just a quick note I’m carrying over from last month: When we do return to the site – we will need your used, but still serviceable lawn furniture, and any decent carpeting that you may have replaced while stuck at home.

Not much else to write about since we haven’t had any events at the club since our initial T-28 race practice day mid March, so instead I’m going to paste a couple of pictures in. I get asked quite often just how I store my airplanes, and what my garage looks like. When I purchased my home the garage was unfinished. I had the chance of hanging the drywall myself and chose to Hang it right to the bottom of the roof joists. The first image is of the open ceiling space after I completed the sheet rock. This gives me quite a large space in the overhead to the peak to mount angle irons with pool noodles zip tied to them from which to hang my planes. If you look at the attached pictures, right now I have 68 planes in the garage from micros all the way up to 40% aircraft. And I can still fit a car in there! If anybody wants more specifics, please feel free to email me.

Here’s to hoping things normalize in May and we can get back to enjoying our great Hobby!


Chairman’s Corner for March – April 2020

Well guys, it shouldn’t come as a shock to you that our site is currently shut down amid the coronavirus outbreak. Now is the time we keep saying we are waiting for to get the damaged models fixed, or the projects you have been saving, onto the workbench and in progress. For now, please stay away from the club field as the San Diego Police Department has issued warnings of citations and/or arrest for people utilizing Non-critical parts of Mission Bay. All activities at the club site are currently suspended.

Thinking ahead to when the crisis ends, I hope everybody returns happy and healthy!  As I mentioned a week ago, please be careful of who you come in contact with, and who enters your home.

One thing we will need when the crisis subsides and we progress into summer is your old lawn furniture.  Please bring used, but not broken, chairs to the field as you replace your items at home with new product. We are down to about 15 chairs on site and a decent Saturday this summer could see the need for 50 or more chairs to keep members comfortable.

 I am happy to report that my stolen iX20 radio was returned – thanks to the efforts of local modelers who kept an eye out for it and found it after the thief posted it for sale on the online site “Offer Up”. THANKS Brian and Mike!! These guys actually responded to the ad and went to the thieves apartment complex like GANGSTERS and picked it up for me. Once they powered it on and saw my name on the screen, they gave him the choice of giving it up now waiting for the police to arrive. So that should be a reminder to us all to be careful what you leave out on the tables at all times. While I respect and trust our members, we have no control of who visits the field, or who rolls through on Bikes.

For now, it would be a good idea to put all of your batteries at a standby charge, so they will be ready to go! Now is also the time of year I ask everybody to check the charge on their fire extinguishers, and the freshness of their first aid kits in their vehicles. A little preparation now will go far if there is an emergency at the field!

I have heard reports of some people being able to fly smaller aircraft at their local junior high and high school football fields. Please continue to fly safely and respect structures and people sharing this type of site to ensure there are no negative reports of out of control modelers in the news .

If you are able to, get out have fun!

Until next month, my best wishes to you and your family,


Chairman’s Corner for Feb – Mar 2020

Hey folks! It looks like we’re starting 2020 with rain again… The weeds are already starting to come up in the outer field area, and on the runway. Thanks Dennis for chopping out some of the weeds on the runway and on the approach area!  Jim is going to be using his Mission bay park approved herbicide in the next couple weeks, it is a diluted blend so requires multiple applications. Thanks Jim! Please be courteous to folks that are volunteering to help maintain our field and loudly call take-off and landing at all times.

We’ve had some issues at the field recently were people have been coming in and doing a lot of donuts in the parking lot. Thank God they’re not getting to the runway! I’m not sure if they are hopping a curb somewhere, or if the gate is being left open. Please do your part and if you’re the last one out for the day – lock the gate! I know the lock requires some fiddling as you come in and out,  we’re going to work on that over the next couple of weeks to make it a little better for everybody.

As we move into 2020 there are a couple things I want everybody to take a look at. Please double check your fire extinguishers to make sure they still have a proper charge, and also look at your first aid kits and see if anything requires updating. Last year I was handed a band-aid by a member that must have been over 10 years old, it had the consistency of a rice crispy…

Chairs Are starting to get sparse at the field. A combination of age, and leaning back in them are taking a toll. If you intend to buy new yard furniture in the next couple of months, please bring your old items to the field – we will make good use of it over the year.

We are currently at 240 members, the 200 foot ceiling has not seem to have affected our membership. There are still reports of people flying the pattern during the week up to 700 feet, please don’t be that guy risking the future of our club! We continue to attempt to get our 400 foot altitude limit restored, it seems like it’s going to be a long road finding someone at Lindbergh ATC to have a dialog with.

Swap meet season is approaching, but if you have a few dollars burning a hole in your pocket, there have been some nice items posted in the clubs For Sale By Members area.

Welcome back to Carlos, who continues to recover from his accident one year ago. He is flying again and hoping for a full recovery.

Our club meeting this month will be held on Saturday the 22nd, the fun Fly event will be altitude quest, followed by the meeting and our hotdog lunch.

Hope everybody has a great month!


Chairman’s Corner for Jan – Feb 2020

We had another great holiday banquet this past Saturday! I saw a lot of you there and I know everybody had a great time. For those that missed it, I missed you! Banquet pictures should populate on the site within a couple of days. Dinner was outstanding as usual, the hospitality at the Harbor House was amazing, and the raffles were stellar! The ladies again appreciated the effort put forth to get raffle prizes more tailored towards them. Tony and I had a lot of fun presenting and holding the raffle itself. If you can manage it you should try to come next year.

Still no response from the FAA or Lindbergh Air traffic control about raising our altitude ceiling back to 400 feet. We continue to attempt contact, and Steve Manganelli is going to utilize his years of experience to attempt a dialog. Government bureaucracy at its finest! We are still better off than the Chula Vista club, which is currently shut down from flying RC airplanes until they work their letter of agreement with the Navy’s REAM field in imperial Beach. A couple of their members have joined our club over the last month, please continue to make them feel welcomed. I have put out the olive branch to their clubs electric flying members, and we will let them come fly at our field for a couple of weeks – as long as they have current AMA and one of our members explain the protocols involved with flying at our site… If it looks like their fight will be a long one, we will ask them to join our club.

Steve Neu is investigating a new airplane to use for our monthly race series which ended due to the non-availability of Popwings. He has also volunteered to be the race master for this year! Steve has an 800mm FMS trojan that he is using as a test mule, it is fairly inexpensive. If the trojan makes sense, and people are willing to buy them, we could have a race series starting again in March. More to follow.

 This past weekend Jeff Struthers initiated the first Electroglide for 2020, and it seems to be a success! A 10 second motor run keeps the planes just below 200 feet. It’s a bit more of a challenge to add minutes to your flight time while starting out quite a bit lower! Thanks Jeff, and the glider4 pilots willing to try the event with the new format.

Our president, Tony Blackhurst, is going to take custody of our barbecue equipment for the year, and Carl Cox will be the hotdog master. Please say thank you to Mark Davis for doing it this past year when you have a chance!

Ken Dresser your fun Fly coordinator, has finalized the list of meeting day fun place for the year, and it should be on the website calendar shortly. He is bringing back some old favorites, as well as new challenges, it should be a lot of fun! This months event one of Kennys favorites, limbo. The event should start at 10:00 AM and conclude somewhere between 11 AM and 12 PM. Afterword we will have the monthly club meeting at the field and our hotdog lunch. Hope to see you there!

The pictures I’ve chosen for this month are some of our younger members, and I want to thank everybody who has been mentors to these individuals. They are the future! Some of them are flying better than some long-time members…