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President’s Corner for Mar – Apr 2024

  Hey Flyers! Welcome to Spring!!
  We had a very wet month again, and even a couple of rainy days this week.  Hopefully we’re on the verge of drying out. Thanks to everybody for staying off of the wet runway. The red lock when wet protocol seems to be working as the field is in really good condition right now. As we move into the dryer parts of the year, we may still see the red lock in use when the field is secured due to city events in Mission Bay Park, and flight restrictions imposed upon all aircraft (Full scale and Models) due to critical aircraft movements in the area. Think Airforce One is on final approach and always dominates the airspace within 30 miles. There have been a few people walk in from SEAWORLD Drive carrying models when the red lock closes access via car or truck.  This is risky, if there is an actual notice to airmen ( NOTAM ) restricting flight, and you are found flying by the authorities, you will spend a bit of time in a 6×8 cement room…
As I’m talking about the gate, there were several instance of the gate not being locked as the last member leaves the site over the last several weeks. There has been dumping in the driveway area as well as unauthorized use of the site itself. Please treat the site like you own it, and you have to repair or replace damaged or stolen items. Basically you DO own it as we pay rent for the site from members dues, and you DO replace it – as we will need to increase dues again to repair or replace tables, chairs or the fence, or pay to have dumped items removed.
The outer field area is in bloom with wild flowers. All of the rain this season means the growth will likely get over 8 feet in quite a bit of the field. Pilots have already lost a few helicopters and many plane parts in the field, and the poppies are only 3 feet tall at the moment. If you are a pilot that regularly ventures out to find an aircraft, I recommend looking into a locator device such as a loss of signal buzzer available on Amazon –  or a GPS tracker for your IOS or Android phone. Both are small, light, and easy to install. As the Poppies ( weeds…) grow, we are already seeing people all over the field and runway area taking selfies and pics of their kids and spouse. Please don’t scream at them, or approach them with your aircraft. They just don’t know that they are in the wrong place. Encourage them to move along, especially if there are planes in the air and they are on the actual runway. Finally, along with all of this growth, come the weeds trying to reclaim the runway. Thanks go out to Dennis Laberge, Dorian Kunch, and Scott Vance for conducting field maintenance – Keeping the weeds from taking over the entire area. I really appreciate your time!
  The main thing I wanted to discuss this month is situational awareness while at the field. While I do understand that there’s a lot going on sometimes, I need people to have eyes in the back of their head and see what’s going on around them. I know a lot of you focus intensely on your aircraft while you’re flying. However, I need you to be aware of what’s going on upon the runway and in the air. Last week we had a member step onto the runway to retrieve a glider, after loudly announcing his intention to step on the runway. Within five seconds, another member flying from the NEXT gate flew down the centerline, doing a knife edge at head height. While I don’t like to actually yell at people on site, I will raise my voice if an injury or safety issue is imminent. I did get loud, the pilot pulled away, and there was no blood. The person walking towards his glider was very upset, and had to be talked down a bit. I apologize to the young man that I yelled at, but in that instance, that was the response that was needed.  We have to look out for each other on the runway and at the field. I’m going to say again if you are doing any maneuver over the runway, it is YOUR responsibility to look left and right up and down and make sure you’re not putting anybody in danger while you’re conducting your maneuver.  The same awareness has to be practiced when full-scale Aircraft coming into our area. Per the AMA rules, we have to get our aircraft down below 100 feet anytime there’s a full scale Aircraft within our boundaries. I would personally prefer below 50 feet, but the official rule is to get below 100. There are quite a few people that are hard of hearing, and may not hear the chopper or biplane coming towards our site. For the most part, we know who these people are, and if you know, an aircraft is inbound step up to them and tell them to get down.
Lastly, As I previously posted, there should be no spinning propellers in the pit area, ever.  No taxiing of aircraft in the pits. Yes , that includes ducted fans. If you are walking through the pit area, please be cognizant of what is happening in the pit area. Sometimes there is activity on the tables that could result in spinning propellers. If you are working on your plane and you’re going to put power your motor, either on the table or in the pit area itself, please remove the prop. Remember it only takes 1/10 of a second to let the blood out!
  I still have several tickets to the air space Museum from our banquet in January. They don’t expire until December. If you purchased a ticket to the banquet, and would still like to do a walk-through of the museum this year, come see me at the field either Saturday or Sunday and I will issue your tickets. Tickets left over after this weekend will likely be donated to children in the community.
  I have been seeing more people flying larger planes lately. I have had great success over the last several years with 12s,14s,and16s aircraft. If you want any info on what I use, please feel free to ask. At this level, there is no such thing as cheap aircraft or components, but you get what you pay for – and reliability is key. You don’t see me walking to the scene of the crash very often.
  This week‘s fun Fly event on the 23rd will be spot landing. This is favorite event of most people in the club, as anyone can play. Some people come straight down on the target, making it interesting, but its all in good fun… Jim Bonnardel, our event master, said he has a twist in the rules to make it more interesting, so come join us Saturday at 10 AM and let’s have fun.
Following the Fun Fly, we will have our standard monthly club meeting at the field, and hotdog lunch served by Mark and Lisa! See you there.

President’s Corner for Feb – Mar 2024

Happy February Everyone!

If you have kept up on my field updates over the last several weeks, you have seen my frustration in members responses when we are trying to minimize wet field damage – with a root cause of rainy weather. While I wish we had control of when / and how much rain we will receive, this time of year, it’s hard to guess what next week will bring. Even Jovi’s ANTI-Rain Dance video had no effect.

One mandate that I constantly bring to the Board of Directors is to keep our
runway in a flyable condition, which has led us to the RED LOCK WHEN WET
policy for the last 2 years. I will say that keeping members off of the
muddy runway has kept the field in the best condition it has been in over
the last 10 years. I will also say that the sheer anger directed at the BOD
for trying to keep the field in good condition has been unreasonable. Some
people act like their life will end violently if they have to wait a few
days for the greater good.

I’m hoping a tiny bit of education about our field will MAYBE calm them

I hate to beat what should be a cold, dead horse, but here I am – with the

Our field is Clay. Clay is naturally absorbent.  It rapidly absorbs moisture, and it releases it slowly. Water doesn’t drain through clay like it does through sand or soil, it has to evaporate out. The time it takes to evaporate liquid out of clay depends on 3 things:

1.       Sunlight – the runway may dry quicker on warmer days

2.       Wind – may carry more moisture away faster

3.       Humidity – if the air is dryer, it may evaporate more moisture from
the runway

These conditions are completely out of our control. Just because the street is dry in front of your house in Chula Vista, Mira Mesa, or Oceanside has no bearing on whether the field surface will be dry enough to use within 36 hours of a rain storm with measurable precipitation…

The safest bet will be to simply understand that the field will be unusable
for at least the first 24 hours after a storm – and up to 36 hours if
conditions stay cool with little wind. If a BOD member is in the area during
or after a storm, we will attempt to verify the field condition and put it
out via the Clubs Facebook page and/or email blast to members if we can.
None of us live on site, and all of us have jobs – so this is not 100% going
to happen every day.

Thankfully, the traditional rainy season is almost over, and I can shut up
about this for a while. Remember though, as things dry out – if we leave
deep impressions that actually dry into the clay, they will be ripping our
landing gear off well into summer as once the clay is dry, its near
impossible to smooth it out.


There has been more confusion about the pattern we fly at SEFSD in a
logical attempt to reduce head on, mid-air collisions.

Standard flight fundamentals dictate that we take off and land heading into
the wind to take advantage if the “free” air speed.

We promote using an oval pattern with the upwind leg being between the
runway centerline and 15-10 yards over the weed line, and the downwind leg
30-50 yards out in the field area. The normal flight pattern at our site
tends to be ” right to left” over the runway to take advantage of the
‘Normal” wind, generally coming towards us past SeaWorld. This time of year,
we tend to see the wind coming from mission valley on mornings until between
8:30 and 9:45 AM, then it usually shifts back to “Normal”. This can be a
confusing time and has led to a few confrontations lately at the field in
the few minutes when the wind is shifting.

To make it as easy as possible – when there is little to no wind, Call out
your intentions, Loudly. Call out ” TAKING OFF LEFT TO RIGHT” or “LANDING
LEFT TO RIGHT” – whichever direction matches the condition.

If others are in the air when you take off, MATCH their current pattern.
Don’t switch patterns mid-flight. If people lifted off left to right, they
should stay in that pattern, and land left to right. Even if the breeze had
shifted slightly in the interim. If the wind shifts and you are the only one
flying, fly the pattern you prefer, and when another pilot calls for takeoff
– tell him which way you are flying so he can match you. It will become
obvious usually around 10:00 AM on which way to go, and people generally
will stay with that pattern for the rest of the day.  If this is all too
confusing, simply save your flight until the pattern is obvious. If you can
only fly one way, I recommend you get some early practice to break this

We are generally on a good will basis for mid-air crashes. An apology and a
handshake usually clear it up. However – that may change if you are
willfully flying opposite pattern and take someone out as a result.

The whole idea is to have fun without too much yelling and crashing other
pilots planes.

Finally, a member brought up the fact that he is unhappy with members
saving tables for others. While there are no ” full time ” reserved tables
for anyone at SEFSD, I am OK with reserving tables on a case by case Basis.
While I, personally, do like the lower table between gates 3 and 4, to reach
into taller fuselages without a ladder – it is not “BRADS table”. A few
people are kind enough to put a chair there on weekends to help me out. If I
put a chair out for Jovi or Mark, it is intentioned for Jovi to be near me
so I can help him with something, and Mark to have a table reserved to set
up lunch for the club. Yes, People have tried to fight Mark in the past when
he set their plane next to the fence in order to set up the hot dog
station…  If you want to reserve a spot for a soon to arrive family member
– please have at it.

One thing I do ask – Don’t reserve a spot for the whole day for someone
that’s not coming. If I save a spot for Jovi or Jim at 7:30, and they are
not there by 8:30, I will text them and let the spot go if they don’t
answer, or say they aren’t coming. On event days or meeting days, no saving
after 9:45 AM ( except the food table)  Share the spots once it’s obvious
that tables are in short supply.

Again, it’s all about having fun with friends – and making new friends as
you go.

A couple of safety issues I viewed this month:

** It’s NEVER safe to fly your plane at the fence with full throttle, and
pull away at the last possible second.

Exciting? Yes.

Totally Unsafe? Yes.  I see servos and control clevises fail every day.

** Never taxi inside the fence of the pit area. Spinning blades only on the
runway please.

If you have to run up a motor or work on an energized plane in the pit area –
always remove the prop. One second on inattention can equal months of pain
and rehab.

To close out – Here’s to praying for a dry Month!!

This weekends fun fly event on Feb 24 will be the most popular “Don’t Spill
the Beans” competition, which is the only monthly fun fly we have all year
where you receive CASH for prizes. It will require a standard 3s sized
aircraft and a pilot capable of taking off, reaching a specified altitude,
pulling a loop, and landing. Easy as pie! Once the fun fly is over, we will
have the monthly club meeting followed by lunch provided by the club.

Stay Dry, and keep SAFE!


Chairman’s Corner for Jan – Feb ’24

Happy New Year SEFSD, hoping all had a great Holiday Season.  I know mine was great!  I also hope all the members who came to our Banquet this past month, had a great time.  Special thanks go out to Lisa and her crew for doing a fabulous job in serving that great meal that she provided us!  I do hope all of you who came to the banquet said Thank You to Lisa and her crew! The sad part was that a couple of guests were not very cooperative and served them self’s and made complaints to Lisa which was totally uncalled for.  Thank You Lisa for job well done and I look forward towards next year and your service.  We did have one situation come up that day and that was the museum was closed for the day and did not open until 5 pm.  My apology to all of you who may have arrived earlier in the day to tour the museum.  The good news is that we have passes for the members who did go to the banquet and Steve Magnarelli has them, so please go see him and collect your pass to visit the museum at your earliest convenience.  We had a lot of winners this year due to the hard work that Brad and I have done in collecting extra money for the prizes we gave away.  Brad handles the 50/50 to lower our cost for the banquet and the 4th of July raffle got extra cash for more airplanes.  Congrats goes out Bruce for winning the iX 14 radio which I sure he will enjoy.  Brad has once again started the 50/50 to lower next year cost.  Thanks, Brad, for all your work you have done.

You know this is a subject that we seem to have to discuss many times and that is how you act at the field when flying.  I still see pilots flying in any direction that they feel is right.  In some case that may be true, but in others it is not.  Please remember that when you’re flying always check the windsock to see the direction the wind is coming.  If no wind is present our normal flight direction is Right to Left meaning clockwise is the direction.  If the wind is coming from the east and it is a light wind, many of us still fly Right to Left.  However, if nobody is in the air and the sky is clear and the wind is coming out of the east, yes you can change the direction of flight, Left to Right, counterclockwise.  Then everyone must fly that direction, you cannot just go Right to Left.  There will be a midair collision and we all know we don’t want that to happen, right!  So please, pay close attention to who is flying and the direction they are in the air.  Also remember, some pilots are practicing T-28, and we now have pop-wings back in the loop as well, just follow the rules in the correct direction.  Once again, if no one is flying, yes you can practice the T-28 and pop-wing and fly the course.  And last note, call out your attentions, take-off, fly-by, landing and HEADS-UP, that is the most important one if you are losing control of your aircraft and you’re near the Pits, which I should not have to remind you all that Flying over the pits and the parking lot are PROHIBITED.  And remember to yell it out so EVERYONE can hear you!

We have received complaints about us having the RED-Lock when it rains, and the Drone pilots are unable to use the drone field.  When the RED lock is in place the entire field is closed.  Even if drone pilots don’t use the runway, the field is closed, and we will not give out the combo of the RED lock to those drone pilots as they have requested.  The RED lock is working extremal well in keeping our runway in good condition and is preventing Dennis from having to repair the runway every time it rains.  I do want to thank every member for their continued corporation in understanding this rule.

This Saturday is our Club meeting and our event for this weekend will be the Poker Fly.  Jim has a great event for us each and every month.  So, get ready for a fun day at the field!


Chairman of the Board.

President’s Corner for Jan – Feb ’24

Happy wet week SEFSD!

  As 2024 kicks off, there is quite a bit I would like to touch on.

The 2023 close-out Banquet went Spectacularly! Thanks to those that participated and purchased their tickets early. It was a full house event without an empty seat. Many thanks go out to the Board of Directors for their efforts this past year to make this event possible. Those that participated in the July fundraising raffle, and the 50/50 ran throughout the year, helped us finance the event and are already participating in fundraising for this years party. The only part of the banquet that will count as “ unplanned” was that the Air&Space Museum chose that week to hang a new display in the entrance – finishing late Friday on the day of the event. This prevented our members from having full access to tour  the venue as expected. Since attendee admittance to the museum was part of our price to rent the event center, the Museum has agreed to share 100 adult passes with SEFSD so that party goers still have that chance. More info will be coming on How/When to claim your passes.

  As we closed out 2023, and during the first 2 weekends of 2024, Myself and Brian held multiple Badge Days at the field. Pizza day on December 30th seemed to be the most popular. By my count, nearly 220 members renewed early, and half of them came to personally pick up their 2024 membership cards. Thank you, not only does it save the club on postage, and save our membership coordinator, Peter Kalenak, a “death of a thousand cuts” from having to lick all of those envelopes – It allows me to get a face to face hello with quite a few members. All remaining badges have been mailed to members at the address listed on their application. Renewals from here on will be mailed Bi-weekly.

  For those that have not renewed their membership yet, I can only ask “ why not?”.  We do not pro-rate, there is no advantage in waiting. You pay the same dues on Jan 01 as you will on Nov 30…  Non-members cannot participate in any club events or monthly raffles ( members only ) that use membership funds to give the winners gift certificates or prizes. The site combination locks have now changed. Paid members have the combinations. I have asked all paid members not to share the combo with non-members. Please wear your 2024 badges at all times while on site.

 The Red Lock was in use again this past week – for good reason. The whole premise is to reduce damage to the main runway when the surface is too wet to walk on. Believe me, I have heard all of the excuses : My plane doesn’t leave tracks / I Never walk on a wet runway / I fly drones/ I drove here to fly, so I should be able to – no matter what… All of which culminates with a damaged surface.  As I exchanged in a mail with a member recently, one of my priorities as President is to keep the runway in useable condition for the majority of flyers to use.  Every time I have trusted members to do the right/reasonable/common sense thing, I have been sadly disappointed. Notable this month is the member in the white truck that jumped the curb on 01 Jan with his child, and flew on the muddy runway surface, leaving around 300 DEEP footprints – and the Flyer in the white SUV who flew on Sunday  the 21st with his 2 children. He slipped in during a short break in the rain ( Common sense –remember?) and left about 150 footprints in the mud before I could get there and put the red lock in place.  I get lots of drama about the red lock – but more pain and alligator tears are inbound when the surface is destroyed for months by selfish members who can’t let it go for a few days to benefit the majority.  On average, the red lock is placed about 20 days a year. Please accept that. If it has rained within the past 24 hours – or flooding conditions had occurred within the last 48 hours, please count on the field being unusable and stay away.

  There are quite a few new members so far this year. Lately they seem to show up, park away from everybody else, and put aircraft up without asking even the basic safety questions at our site. People in the state of California seem to line up when figuring out how to sue people. This is the reason you sign a waiver with the city when you join. The flight boundaries are in place to keep the general public, and you, safe. I will state a few need to knows, which will be reminders to most members. All flying must be conducted North of the fence line at the main runway, and Northeast of the fence line at the rotor plex area. There is no acceptable reason to fly over the pit areas, the tables, or the parking areas – EVER.  Never fly over SeaWorld Drive, or South Shores Parkway.  For the drone area, Never fly within 100 feet of any roadway or foot path. Do Not fly within 50 feet of persons or animals in the field area. Never “BUZZ” people. That would equal an immediate expulsion from the club for safety violations. The North end of our field is bordered by a foot path, just past the palm trees. Familiarize yourself with this area and don’t fly past the trees. Please do not conduct high speed passes between the runway centerline and the fence, one servo failure and your plane can cause unnecessary damage to people and property. If your plane is not responding to your control, or is going down, ENSURE you call out to the other members on site that you have an emergency so they can maybe avoid taking a hit.

 T-28 and Popwing racing has resumed. T-28 is following the past process of qualifiers and mains while the Popwing master, Jimmy B, is developing the rules and point system for the Popwings. The next race day will be Feb 10th at 10:00 AM. Electroglide, the longest running powered glider contest in the country, has also resumed. Thanks Jeff S for again being the Glide Coordinator, and keeping the lines painted on the runway. We are looking for a reliable person to take over running the Announcer/Timer Tasks which the pilots rely on when scoring the flights. Basically you will be calling the competition on the 3rd Saturday of every month between 10:00 and 11:30 AM. For more information, please see myself or Jeff Struthers.

 Jimmy B. has populated both the website and Facebook calendars with our monthly fun fly competitions for the year, Please take a look and ask questions about anything you do not understand. This months event will be POKER Fly on the 27th beginning at 10:00 am, followed by the monthly meeting, and hot dogs.

  Here’s to a GREAT year!


Chairman’s Corner for Dec ’23 – Jan ’24

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to all SEFSD members.  “Christmas is the season of joy, of gift-giving, and of families united.” “Peace on earth will come to stay when we live Christmas every day.” “He who has not Christmas in his heart will never find it under a tree.” “Like snowflakes, my Christmas memories gather and dance—each beautiful, unique, and gone too soon. “

This has been a great year for our club.  We did a lot this year and in all the fun we have had in our club events.  I want to Thank all of those who participated in the fourth of July raffle as well as the 50/50 which made this year very exciting.  With both events we were able to lower the cost of the tickets and get a few extra airplanes and I am proud to say, we have sold out the banquet.  I look forward to seeing all who bought tickets at the January 12, 2024, banquet.  I am looking forward to the T-28 races and looks like we are going to add in “Pop-Wings” for next year.  Jim Bonnardel will conduct the race.  Also, our Electroglide which follows the T-28 races the following weekend is going to continue with Jeff Struthers in our upcoming year.  Our monthly meetings have had a great turnout with members coming down to field this past year and engaging in the events.  I do look forward to the upcoming year and the fun will continue.  Thanks to Jim Bonnardel, we will have a calendar with all the events happening in year 2024.  We must also thank our “Hot Dog” man Mark Davis who continue to provide our lunch.  Mark is still looking for extra help with drinks on that one day of the month, would be nice is someone could help him with this!

We have a lot of airplanes this year that will be raffled off with your get ticket that you will receive once you have signed in at the front desk of the Air and Space Museum.  As a reminder all airplanes and the iX 14 Spektum radio are going to be given to our members. We also have a special set of prizes for our younger members that are being donated by Santa Claus, so look for that as well. Our wives and guest will have their own set of tickets and thanks to Steve Manganelli’s wonderful wife, she has put together a great selection of goodies!  I want to remind you all who are coming to the banquet that your ticket you paid for allows you to the enter the Air and Space Museum anytime during the day.  Just give them your name and guest name at the front window as you enter the museum, The banquet begins at 6:00 pm.  You should be able to sign in just before 6pm to get your ticket.  At around 6:30 to 7:00 pm will start the dinner process which will be the same as we have done in the past, one table at a time.  During that time, yours truly will be hosting the event.  Once we have all had our dinner being provided by Lisa Bender, we have a couple of short videos to present from last year. Here is a list of our prizes:

  • Freewing Vulcan High Performance 70mm
  • Freewing Vulcan 4S 70mm
  • Freewing Banshee 64mm
  • Freewing F-35 Lighting II V3 70mm
  • Flight Line P-51 850mm
  • Freewing F-16 Falcon 64mm
  • Freewing F-22 Raptor V2 4S 64mm
  • Skynetic Popwing Black 900mm
  • Night Radian
  • FSM T-28
  • FSM Viper V2 70mm
  • Spektrum IX 14 radio

As soon as all the prizes have been distributed out we still may have time to talk with other members for our event ends at 9:00 pm.  The bar, which I forgot to mention closes before 9:00 pm.

I do have a subject to talk about when flying down at the field.  With the increase of practicing the T-28’s and Pop-Wings starting up, we seem to be dangerously flying in the wrong direction when others are flying in the normal direction.  We need to follow some simple rules and common sense.   Our normal flight pattern is in the clockwise direction, Right to Left when the wind comes from the West.  During the Fall time we get Santa Ana, winds, coming from the East.  We then fly Left to Right and we are in the counterclockwise direction.  If it is a calm day and our windsock is straight down, our flight direction is Right to Left, clockwise direction.  And if the wind is light from the east, we still fly in our normal flight direction.  Don’t change the direction if other pilots are flying in the normal direction.  If all planes are down and you want to change direction due to the wind, CALL it out that you’re going to start flying so that others are aware and will fly in the same direction and we will prevent any possible midair’s.  I also ask that you call out your intentions.  Taking off, low flyby, touch and goes and landings.  If you’re in the middle of the pits you just might hear someone at the west end calling, take off.  However, if you’re at the east end and someone is at the west end saying take off, it is very difficult to hear.  So please, gasp extra air and yell it out in a loud voice calling out your intentions.  Does not matter is your west or east ends of the field YOU must call out your intentions.

And last, I have a few Inspiring Christmas quotes for you all:

“My idea of Christmas, whether old-fashioned or modern, is very simple: loving others. Come to think of it, why do we have to wait for Christmas to do that?”

“Christmas is not a time nor a season, but a state of mind. To cherish peace and goodwill, to be plenteous in mercy, is to have the real spirit of Christmas.”

“I love the excitement, the childlike spirit of innocence, and just about everything that goes along with Christmas.”

“It’s true, Christmas can feel like a lot of work, particularly for mothers. But when you look back on all the Christmases in your life, you’ll find you’ve created family traditions and lasting memories. Those memories, good and bad, are really what help to keep a family together over the long haul.”



Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

See you all at the field and on January 12, 2023, at the banquet!

President’s Corner for Dec ’23 – Jan ’24


As we close out 2023 I would like to throw out a “Thank You!” to each and every member.

It is your participation, and your efforts to keep drama at a minimum that makes ours a great club!

To start my newsletter for the month I will touch base on the Banquet. I was not shy last month when I mentioned that it would be best to buy your tickets early, so I am still surprised to hear people realizing just last weekend that the tickets have sold out.  There may still be one or two available the closer we get to banquet day as a few people may be under the weather or on unexpected travel when the party day arrives. I have asked Jim Bonnardel to be the front man for unused tickets, so please contact him if you may have an extra one or two, or are in need of a ticket. No Guarantees, but a chance is a chance.

For those that purchased early, Thanks for getting it done! All 100 available tickets were purchased by 04 December, which was a record timeline for ticket sales. The list containing Member and Guest names of attendees will be forwarded to the Air & Space Museum before the event so they will be able to verify you are actually part of the event, and your participation includes full access to the museum for the day. We will seat for dinner with appetizers and an open Bar at 6:00 PM, and after a few introductions will start our catered prime rib dinner. There will be a neat video by Jovi, and a scrolling photo presentation by Frank to accompany dinner. Afterwards, will be one of the best SEFSD raffles I have seen in quite a while. There will be specific prizes for the actual members, and special prizes for their guests. After the raffle and awards presentation, we will clean up and plan our exit around 9:00 PM.

I want to thank the players of the 50/50 raffles I held at the field on event days during 2023. There were numerous cash winners, and the club proceeds were sufficient to remove thirty dollars from the admission price for every ticket sold. A pure WIN/WIN in my book. A few people not only played the 50/50 but also directly supported the 50/50 endpoint with standalone cash or raffle prize donations, and I would like to share their names – and ask you to thank them when you have the chance:

Jon Vance

Laura LaBerge

Andy LaBerge

Phil Barlow.

 Also, as we end 2023, Membership renewals for Calendar year were available beginning December 1st. Quite a few have renewed already, but not as many as I have seen in previous years. There is nothing to gain by waiting. ALL 2023 memberships will expire at sundown on December 31st. You DO risk being asked to not fly and go home if you show up to the field with a smile – and no membership for 2024… About half of the club also needed to renew their AMA membership this month, Have you?

For those that have renewed, there will be several badge days at the field this year for you to pick up your 2024 badge ( If you have renewed).

Plan on badges being available for pick-up between 9:00 AM and 1:00 PM on the days listed below.

The first day will be 30 December, when I also plan to have several Pizzas on site for members who pick up first. Pizzas should arrive around 10:30ish. Follow on badge days will be 31 December and 01 Jan, and 06, 07, 13, and 14 Jan.  Badges may also be available at the sign in table the evening of the banquet.  As a quick note, Badges are not instantaneous. Peter does a great job. But if you renew your membership at 1:00 AM on the 30th, I hope I don’t see you at 9:00 AM demanding your badge (It Happens…) Any badges not picked up by 14 Jan will be mailed to members on or about 15 Jan. Badges will be mailed to the address you put on your membership application. If you are here for the winter, your badge may be waiting for you in your home mail box when you return there. Hopefully you either pick them up, or put a note in the comments section of the application on where to send your badge..

  A couple of people have been absent at the field this month, and I miss them. Their absence was caused by propeller injuries. I was asked not to scare people before Christmas by posting the grisly pictures, but I will say Thanks to Brent and Jon for prompting me to remind people of the dangers of spinning propellers. Fail safes and Throttle cuts do fail from time to time – don’t count on them100%.  Always be mindful of the sharp end of your airplanes. Always be watchful of what is happening in the pit areas and on the tables when you are walking the back side of the flight line. NEVER taxi any airplane in the pit area. AND, if you must work on a plane with the Motor/ESC energized, PLEASE take a few moments and remove that propeller. Electronics and people fail – and an instant can cause a lot of tissue damage and pain. A quick review of your first aid kits would also be a good idea as we start the year. If you don’t have one, I highly recommend even a basic kit as part of what you bring daily to the field. I would also like a few of you to re-think flying alone at our club. Not only can you be target by vagrants, but you could be in a position that requires help. Both of the gentlemen hurt recently needed assistance from others.

Finally, I would like to talk about how we fly, and the need to get along at the field. 18 years ago we were having issues with improving technology allowing Helicopters the ability to fly 3D and stay in the air longer than 2 or 3 minutes at a time. They were flying 3D directly over the runway for extended periods and making it difficult for plane pilots to safely land. After several accidents, We pushed them to the rotor-plex area. Most complied 12 years ago, MultiRotor aircraft became the Hazard while hovering over the field and in the flight pattern. After several accidents, We pushed them to the rotor-plex or to the outer field area. Most complied.

Recently, light profile aircraft have come into their own as extremely light, rigid planes combined with powerful small motors and batteries are able to achieve nearly a 4 to 1 power to weight ratio. One problem is that they are fairly small and to really wring them out, you need them close in to see their quick responses. Several normal plane pilots have voiced concerns of midair crashes as they fly the normal pattern and attempt to land. I have had a chance to speak with 3 or 4 of the profile pilots and DO NOT want to push them to the rotor-plex area. They are flying fixed wing planes and we need to get along. They have agreed to fly near the north edge of the runway when others are in the air, and to listen when others announce taking off and landing so they can clear the area. HOWEVER – they ask that you CALL OUT LOUDLY your intentions to do low, high speed passes, and LOUDLY announce when you are landing.  We can work together – but communication is the key. If you hear someone whispering their intention to land and the 3d planes are not moving – repeat their intention in a loud voice for them.

Remember, if you feel uncomfortable with the way someone flying at the same time as yourself – YOU can land and save it for a few minutes.

Or, if you see someone flying like DAVID, YOU can make the choice to save your plane and watch his/their madness.

There are certain people that I NEVER risk a valuable airplane to share the sky with.

If you see someone flying in an unsafe or uncourteous manner, YOU as a member of this club, have the power to approach them and explain how to do it right. Quite often they just don’t know and will appreciate your interaction.

Finally, as a person that likes to throw my planes around as much as anybody – If you are flying outside of the pattern and doing advanced maneuvers – it is YOUR responsibility to have situational awareness as to what the other planes are doing. DO NOT do a vertical up-line directly in front of a ducted fan, DO NOT do a low, high speed pass as someone is on final to land.  Common sense and communication has always been keys to success in our club – let’s not lose sight of that.

The field will be open flying with no organized events until Saturday, 13 Jan which will see the return of the Monthly T-28 Racing Series, and also the reintroduction of Popwing racing.

 I hope everyone receives what their hearts desire for Christmas, and also for 2024.

Love you guys!

Be safe.


Chairman’s Corner for Nov – Dec 2023

When the leaves start falling and the shelves are stocked with pumpkin items at Trader Joe’s, that’s when you know that Thanksgiving is right around the corner! Unlike other holidays that are more gift-focused, Thanksgiving is centered on giving thanks for what we have and the special people in our lives. It’s a time to catch up with loved ones, sit around the table and share one of the most delicious meals of the year. Who doesn’t love endless stuffing and slices of pie.

No matter the distance between you and your loved ones this Thanksgiving, remember to share how much you care about them.  So, before you get to carving the turkey or passing the gravy, send a card or text message to those that you are grateful for from my list. I am sharing greetings that are perfect for friends, coworkers and even for families that won’t be seeing each other this year due to the pandemic. However you spend Thanksgiving, be sure to show your gratitude with those you are most grateful for having in your life!

Thanksgiving Wishes for Friends –

  • Thanksgiving is a time of reflection for all our blessings. Your friendship counts for so much. Have a joyous Thanksgiving.
  • Friend, wishing you Thanksgiving moments that are as sweet as pumpkin pie.
  • Sending good wishes to you this Thanksgiving: Good food that fills your table, good health as you work hard and good times with family and friends. May you have all the best airplanes in life. Happy Thanksgiving!
  • Wishing you hope, joy, peace, good health, favor and love on this Thanksgiving Day! Your friendship is indeed a great blessing to me.
  • My friend, Happy Thanksgiving to you! May all your hard work bring color to your life and take you to the highest peak of success.
  • November is the time to be thankful, a time to remember and to embrace those who enrich our lives. I’m thankful for a lot of things, but I’m most thankful for you!
  • Happy Thanksgiving. To my awesome friend, I send warm wishes your way and hope you and your family have a fantastic Thanksgiving Day!
  • Happy Thanksgiving. Thinking of you on this special day and hoping your Thanksgiving is as wonderful as you are.
  • Happy Thanksgiving! Out of everything I am so very thankful for this Thanksgiving season, our friendship is at the top of the list.
  • I hope your Thanksgiving table is full of your favorite food and surrounded by your favorite people.
  • May your Thanksgiving be full of peace, love and joy.
  • Don’t bother counting calories today, just your blessings. Wishing you a very Happy Thanksgiving!
  • May your Thanksgiving Day be full of excitement… except for a couple of hours in there when you want to work on your planes.
  • This Friendsgiving, let’s enjoy the laughter of friends, mouth-watering aromas and cheer that we’ll remember for years to come.
  • Here’s a wish for a happy, joyous and fun-filled Thanksgiving to all SEFSD Club Members.


Thanksgiving Poem –

Take a turkey, stuff it fat,
Some of this and some of that.
Get some turnips, peel them well.
Cook a big squash in its shell.
Now potatoes, big and white,
Mash till they are soft and light.
Cranberries, so tart and sweet,
With the turkey we must eat.
Pickles-yes-and then, oh my!
For a dessert a pumpkin pie,
Golden brown and spicy sweet.
What a fine Thanksgiving treat!

                                           Happy Thanksgiving to all SEFSD Members!



Banquet for January 12, 2024

We are quickly approaching our Banquet, it’s just right around the corner, right after Christmas which is only a few weeks away, hope you all got your letters to Santa……. Starting December 1st, you can renew your membership for 2024 and once you have done that you can get your banquet tickets.  We did in fact lower the cost for the tickets compared to last year’s price. Tickets this year are $40.00 per person.  Here is what you’re going to get for $40.00.  First of all, we are limiting guests to 3 per member to allow members to get their chance to join the engagement instead of potentially being shut out.  If you are thinking of bringing more guests you will have to get approval from Brad and Quan.  No exceptions!  As a reminder, there are only 100 tickets available, and I encourage you to get them soon and not wait till the end of the month, for they will be all gone.  We won’t have any extra tickets, 100 is all we’ll have.

Each ticket will get you into the Air and Space Museum any time during the day and allow you to walk around the museum.  Starting at 6:00 pm is when the doors will open for the banquet and the banquet will last till 9:00pm.   Brad Bender will have the menu which is being provided by his wife Lisa Bender.  This year we have upped the menu and it is going to be a good one!  The main course will be prime rib and chicken picatta.  I hear Brad has tried both and he had a smile on his face, so get ready for a great meal. As always, we will be having a raffle for our guests and club members. Prizes for the members will be announced in the December Peak Charger Newsletter. Also we will have a surprise for the younger members this year.

As my last note, we all know to appreciate each and everyone who flies down at the field, treat all with respect!

Happy Thanksgiving


Chairman of the Board of Directors

President’s Corner for Nov – Dec 2023

Hey team!

I hope everybody had a really great Thanksgiving with family and friends. As a group I believe we all have a lot to be thankful for.

I will kick off this month’s letter with a quick discussion on safety. We had a member take some severe cuts from an energized airplane this month. Luckily, he has no permanent damage, even though he still is in pain and will show some scars. It’s always important to remember that any propeller in a powered on airplane can jump and possibly bite you. if you are working on your plane at the field or at home, or working on the plane’s ESC or receiver programming, it is always the safest to remove the propeller before getting into the project. 30 seconds to remove the spinner, and the prop would have been better than weeks of pain. Another member almost gave himself a vasectomy 2 weeks ago as he was carrying his plane to the flight line and bumped the throttle. Throttle cut is an important tool, but will not save you if you don’t use it. Also, you should ensure your model is set up for throttle off while in failsafe mode. One thing to think about if you’re generally flying by yourself is what type of plan you have in case of emergency. I personally don’t like to fly by myself, but if I do, I ensure people know exactly where I’m at and that I stay in contact regularly so that if something happens I’m not experiencing a medical emergency without a chance.

On to Something fun!

Our end of year banquet will be held at the Air & Space Museum in Balboa Park on January 12. Banquet tickets, along with membership renewals, will be available to purchase on December 1, look for the club email with the links to purchase your tickets. This year’s banquet will be bigger, better and stronger than before! For dinner, we will have main dish choices between Prime Rib, and Chicken  Piccata.  There will be appetizers, several sides, and a dessert will be served.

Just like last year, there will be an open bar for patrons over the age of 21. If you arrive early, your names will be at the ticket booth allowing you and your paid guest to tour the museum before dinner.

After dinner we will have a raffle with some great prizes for members and guests. There will be hobby related prizes for the members, and some fun – but not airplane specific prizes for the guests. As mentioned, we are limiting the number of guests to 3 per member to ensure other members have seats available.

Even though the cost of the venue has risen, the cost of the food has risen, and we have spent more on raffle prizes than EVER in the club’s history, we have been able to reduce the cost of banquet tickets to $40.00 each thanks to those that participated in the 50/50 raffles that were held on event days at the field this year. Many members walked away with cash in their pockets, and had fun while helping offset the banquet costs. Thanks again! 

The Board of directors has been set for 2024.

Current members leaving the BOD at the end of December will be: Eric Shapiro, Carl Cox, and Nick Anton. Please thank them for their service when you see them. It is important to bring new blood in periodically to get fresh ideas.

For the 2024 BOD we will have:

Chairman: Jovi Murek

President: Brad Bender

Vice President: Quan Nguyen

Treasurer: Steve Manganelli

Safety Officer: Steve Neu

Secretary: Brian Glensky

Editor: Steve Belknap

Member at Large: Larry Kosta

Member at Large: Jim Bonnardel

Member at Large: Phil Barlow

Please thank them for the service they provide to keep your club a great place!

Along with coming back to the BOD, Jim Bonnardel has again agreed to be the FUN BOSS for next yeat to ensure our monthly fun fly games are enjoyable and something we can all participate in!

ALL 2023 memberships will expire on December 31st, no exceptions. Each year we have a few members swear that they paid for a 2 or 3 year membership – but we only process one year at a time. As I looked at member statuses recently, I saw that over 100 AMA memberships are set to expire next month. Did you forget? Remember that you cannot renew at SEFSD if your membership is about  to expire. Steve Neu has picked a new design for next years membership badge and is working with Peter, our membership coordinator, to ensure it’s just right.

There will not be a club meeting and fun fly for the remainder of the year to allow maximum family time (or flying time) to members.

I hope everyone has a great month, and remembers to purchase their banquet tickets early. 100 seats is the number available. There will not be extra tickets because you forgot…


Chairman’s Corner for Oct – Nov 2023

Greetings Members, yes, I am back though I have not really left the past two months, I just had a lot on my plate, including a much-needed vacation last month.  Yes, my wife and I had a great time on the Hawaiian Islands.  Best part was seeing our granddaughter after 12 years, that is another story, perhaps another time.   During my absence, before writing my part of this article, I was able to give a tour at Collins in which a good number of folks came down.  In the tour I was able to show, an Engine Pod for a L1011, Thrust Reverser for a couple of different Nacelles and 787 inlet.  Everyone enjoyed the products that we make for the Aerospace industry.  For those of you who missed out, not to worry, for I will organize another tour come next year, sometime in the first quarter.

It has been noticed that someone decided to use our field for a dump site.  Funny part of this, it very well could have been a member who had access to the field when the gate was closed and locked.  I don’t believe it happened when the field was open because we would have notice it, plus people like to do it when no one is around!  May I remind everyone that our site is NOT a dump site and is now more of a fire danger with the dried brush left behind.   I ask you not to use SEFSD flying site as a dump site.  Take your brush or trash to the Miramar Landfill.  It would be cool if that person came back and picked it up.

I do want to bring up a subject that happened at the field on September 23, 2023. This happened to be the clubs fun fly and meeting day.  Our event was Civil Scale in which the participants had to do a scale take off, coordinated turn, level flight, low fly by, (which I added into the event) and of course a scale landing, each task was worth 5 points with a total of 25 points. I will list the results at the end of my article.  But back to my subject.  One of our members was flying his airplane and had a little problem with controls.  He had high rates on and over controlled his plane, it went down.  As the member was walking over to his aircraft, I notice smoke and yelled out “Fire”.   I was very impressed with our members who were out at the field that day.  Quite of few of them and I apology for not naming everyone who ran out to the crash site with fire extinguisher in hand.  I was able to give my fire extinguisher to Ty, while I called the Fire Department.  As I was calling the fire department, our members were able to get control of the fire and contain it before the Fire Department got to the site.  I am so proud of our members that went out to contain the fire and keep it from growing larger.  Once again, I thank you ALL who step up to put it out!  Job well done!

On the same note, Costco has a good deal on Fire Extinguishers, I highly recommend you go and spend the $29.99 on getting one these fire extinguishers.  They are refillable in which I am going to get mine refilled and purchase a second Fire Extinguisher.  Highly recommend you get yours too!  Just a reminder for using a fire extinguisher.  A simple acronym to remember when putting out a fire: PASSPull the pin, Aim the extinguisher at the base of the fire, Squeeze the trigger, and Sweep across the flames at the base.

It is that time of the year where we need new members to step up and be a part of the Board of Directors.  Every position is up for grabs, and I ask our members to be part of this great organization.  It’s your club and it’s time for you all to take part and give your ideas on how to make this more exciting club with your thoughts and energy and to bring in more members to our site.   If any of you are interested in becoming BOD members, talk to me, Brad, or Quan.  I know I have talked to couple of you, and I am looking forward to hopefully seeing you as part of the BOD.  Carl Cox, a member at large, who will be stepping down for next year and I want to thank Carl for all his contributions to the club this past year, Thank YOU Carl!

On another note, Mark Davis has been doing a great job with being our Hot Dog man, but he could use some help with this every month.  It would be nice if one of our members would gather up the drinks for our monthly meetings.  This would relieve Mark of this task and it would not be much of a task for the new member to take on.  Please if you are interested in helping Mark, go up to him or me and let us know that you are willing to help.  It’s a task that is done only 10 times during the year (November and December are the only two months we don’t have meetings).  Thank you for considering in helping Mark out!

We are also getting closer to the end of the year which means it time to renew your membership and get your Banquet tickets for January 12, 2024.  It once again will be held at the Aero & Space Museum and Brad’s wife; Lisa will be catering for us this year again and we are going to up the menu to this year’s engagement.  I know that you all enjoyed the time we have had the past couple of years.  Yes, we will have gifts for our better half’s, our wives and everyone gets a ticket for a chance to win a prize.  Like we have mentioned before, the top prizes will be going to our members.  I’ll have more on that come the next newsletter.

DC-3 news:

I have not forgotten to finish up my DC-3.  I’m still at the point I need to build up the nacelles and I should be able to start it up again here shortly!

Here are the results from last month fun fly, Civil Scale:

1st.  Jovi w/24 points

2nd, Ty w/ 23 points

3rd, George Sulivan w/ 20 points

4th, Fritz w/ 18 points.  There were two other pilots with 18 points (Bob Anson and Larry Kosta), tie breaker was the order in which they signed up, giving Fritz the 4th place winner.


Thank You all and Happy flying,

See you all at the field,


Chairman of the BOD.

President’s Corner for Oct – Nov 2023

Hey Team!

As October ends and Halloween approaches, I would like to start by mentioning some scary things I have seen recently.

First off, I have seen some new, and some not new club members flying over the pits and parking lot recently. I want to give the benefit of the doubt and hope it was by accident. Please make EVERY EFFORT to keep all flying North of the runway centerline at all times. The only time it is acceptable to be between the centerline and the fence is while you are actually taking off and landing your aircraft. The SCARY part of these events is that in nearly every incidence that I witnessed, the pilot flying the plane made no effort to warn others at the field that his aircraft was flying out of bounds, and possibly out of control. Remember, YOU are the ONE person that should be watching your aircraft at all times – and YOU need to be the one to SHOUT OUT and warn others of the possible risk! This is a SAFETY issue and MUST be followed by all pilots.

LiPo batteries are in continuous development, not only for our hobby – but for industry. As with any new technology, there are often some risks. Tesla motor company recommends that you do not park your electric automobile in an attached garage overnight. This is their response to this risk. The LiPo Batteries we use can be a combustion risk if they are mis-handled or damaged, and I encourage All members to periodically review and implement the safety procedures for charging, using, and storing their batteries. While the technology is improving, along with safety – It is still fresh in my memory when a well respected member lost his two story ( detached ) garage to a moment of distraction while charging a LiPo. The SCARY part of this story is that now that we are well into fall the field are is as dry as tinder for a camp fire. Small incidents can become an issue if members are not prepared. I see quite a few of you, and I, myself, always with a fire extinguisher while on site. I would be happier if I saw an extinguisher with every member when they are at the field. There were a few times this summer when a member attempted to use an extinguisher and it would not spray its fire retardant. It was beyond its expiration date. If it has a small gage on its neck, you should verify the needle is in the green quarterly. Cheaper models do not come with a gage and should be replaced yearly ( Write the date of purchase on the extinguisher upon purchase. Please bring your extinguishers and use them as needed, they are cheap insurance to keep scary things away. I have seen a picture of someone aiming at the top of flames in an attempt to extinguish a fire… If you are using an extinguisher, try to remember the Acronymn PASS.

Pull the pin.

Aim at the base of the fire

Squeeze the handle

Sweep side to side

If you have any questions on how to use your extinguisher, please feel free to approach me and I will gladly provide personal training.

Finally, some other SCARY things I have seen involve members coming into the site in their personal vehicles. I also get excited as I come through the gate. I also am thinking of the good times just moments away. I have to make an effort nearly every time I arrive to gently drive to my favorite spot and back in. Please remember – all vehicular traffic on our site is restricted to a maximum of 5 MPH. I have seen members rolling in a cloud of dust at 25-30 MPH… There have been a few near misses as a member steps out to head for the porta potty and nearly was clipped by and overly anxious member. Please respect others and keep it controlled!

I would like to throw out a big THANK YOU! To Quan, Jim, and Dennis for their efforts in wetting and rolling the field this month. It is in great shape and should get us to Feb/March depending on how much rain we get. Steve and Steve obtained, stored, and transported a new organic product made from plant fiber that, once applied, should help our field maintain more moisture, which is important for a clay surface.

There currently has been issues with some of the Mission Bay Park daily workers. Between Flu Seasom, and a case of Covid or two, they haven’t taken the trash from our site for the last 3 weeks. The trash receptacles are made for normal trash like napkins, lunch bags, and a pizza box or two.. Not LiPo batteries or crashed aircraft. If you bring it in to fly, please take it out with you. Dennis has taken home numerous crashed planes in the past few weeks and disposed of them for members that felt it was ok to make it someone else’s problem. Please don’t be that guy.

As we approach the end of the year we will be closing applications for 2023 membership. Remember that ALL SEFSD memberships expire at midnight on December 31st. We do not pro-rate. For potential members that have been checking the club out, you can fly as our guest ( with Valid Full AMA membership ) until 2024 memberships open during the first week of December. While this may seem like a sweet deal to some, remember that our end of year banquet is partially funded from 2023 membership dues and only 2023 paid members and their guests will be eligible to attend. This years banquet will be AMAZING at a great venue with a much higher grade of food than prior years. Also there are more/better raffle prizes to be had. More specific information will be forthcoming in Novembers Newsletter, but here’s the basic info : Friday Jan 12, 2024, Air & Space Museum, Balboa Park, 6:00 PM to 9:00 PM. Your entry ticket included a pass to the museum after 12:00 PM if you want to go early and walk the museum. I will restate, if you are not a 2023 member – you will not be among the 100 guests at the banquet. Tickets will go on sale the first week of December, and will end at 100 – no exceptions.

Mr. Manganelli has prepared our first rebuttal for the FAA denial of our FRIA application. It looked like they wantonly disapproved around 98% of the initial countrywide applications in the hope that some would not reapply. Steve put a lot of time and effort  into his response and we will see what they come back with. While there is always a chance, I will stand by my posture that all members should plan to purchase one RID device before the implementation date of March 16th to be in compliance..

This months event will be Warbird Day. If it actually fought in any aspect anywhere in the world, bring and fly it. There will be an Axis and Allies flight that was very exciting last year. As always, prizes will be awarded, along with a club meeting and some tasty hot dogs.

Hope to see you there!!


President’s Corner for Sep – Oct 2023

Hey Flyers! I hope everybody’s enjoying the cooler weather the last couple of weeks and getting lots of flying in.

As I mentioned last week, our FRIA application has been denied. But, as I also mentioned, that doesn’t mean the end is near. We still have normal access to our site, we may have to modify our usage to comply with current regulation. Take heart! Our AMA rep has already reached out to Quan to start the re-application process, providing a list of questions the FAA would like answered about our site. No guarantee that we will ever get approved – but not a final “NO” at this stage either. The nationwide enforcement date requiring remote ID transponders has been pushed back to March 16, 2024 so even though we have this extension, members should still plan on getting at least one remote ID transponder. I have already seen 2 of them that members have found online, be careful what you order – if it’s not from a source you trust 110%, you may have been duped…

As we finish off September, I am again asking for new blood on the SEFSD board of directors.  We have one or two members stepping away from the board this year, and I’m looking for a couple of members who want to get involved with guiding the club for 2024. The only requirement is that you are a member and willing to meet in person or via ZOOM for a few hours each month to discuss club business – keeping us on track. The club is in a good place right now, but there is a risk as things getting stale if we don’t bring new blood into the BOD periodically.  If more than two people feel like they want to step up, we can have elections and see who the members wants to fill the position.
That being said, all positions are actually open for challenge.

Alan will be managing the next 50/50, so a few of you who haven’t won yet may have a better chance under his management.

I will be out of town this weekend and hope everyone has a great time at civilian scale day, the club meeting, and enjoys hotdogs!


President’s Corner for August – Sept. 2023

Hey Guys, only a couple of quick things from me this month.

One of the best things about our club is the lack of DRAMA on site. For the most part everyone respects each other, and treats each other with the dignity and respect they would like to have for themselves. Periodically, we get a pilot come to us from another club that is used to drama and blatantly disrespecting others. It has become a habit for them to continuously fly in an aggressive manner that is flat out dangerous to other members and their aircraft, to the point where it begins to degrade the experience for everyone.

Sadly, since this has been their main flying experience to date – they don’t feel they are doing anything wrong, and get upset if anyone says anything to them or about them. There are a few new members that have come from the Chollas and Chula Vista clubs recently that are in this category. I have personally spoken to them on numerous occasions, but need some help from members. If it’s only me doing the talking, they tend to blow me off with the idea that “ Brad just doesn’t like me”. Couldn’t be further from the truth – I want EVERYONE to have a great experience at our site! A little peer pressure can go a long way if you are trying to get someone to be a better citizen at our field.  You don’t have to be mean, or angry – just mention ( often if necessary ) to them that they are being unsafe and it affects you in a negative manner. Hopefully the aggressive attitudes will relax and stop shortly. I have brought this issue to the Board of Directors. We are in agreement that since I have given verbal warning to the aggressors, My next step will be a written warning – followed by expulsion from our club.  Having a dozen members tell me “ I HATE THAT GUY!”, or “ I stopped flying because of him” is not the way to move forward.

We are at the point in the year where we start to solicit new blood for the BOD for next year. I have heard some amazing ideas from many of you. You should consider joining the Board next year and show us what you have. If you would like to sit in at the September meeting on the 6th, let a BOD member know – you are invited!

I am still collecting monies through the 50/50 fundraiser conducted on every event day. So far club members have won over $2,500 dollars – CASH MONEY! That means I have also collected over $2,500 towards reducing the ticket costs per guest at the banquet – and an additional raffle prize or two.  You can’t win if you don’t play!

The tropical storm did a great job in smoothing out some of the rougher spots of the runway, no excuses – Let’s Fly!


Addendum to Brad’s article


There was an incident at the field this week that needs a quick discussion.

An out of control plane went into the field area at the west end of the runway on Thursday, and the batteries let the flames out in a manner we haven’t seen in the last few years. Club members rushed to the site with an extinguisher and when the pin was pulled, and handle squeezed, it failed to light off. Members started stamping the flames down with their feet while another ran to his truck for a couple gallons of drinking water he had, and they were able to extinguish the flames.

A couple of notes:

While battery technology has been getting better over the last few years, it is still something we have to respect at all times- while using, and while charging.

Years ago the BOD gave out approximately 250 Fire extinguisher to members with the words to bring them when you fly – and if you use it, replace it so you still have one for the field. Where are they now?

If you have one of these, when was the last time you looked at the charge indicator and verified the needle was in the green area?

If you are fairly new to the hobby – I highly recommend purchasing a small extinguisher and mounting it in your vehicle for onsite use ( does no good in your shed at home).

If you have one of the small extinguishers manufactured by KIDDE with a plastic nozzle, they have been known to fail because the handle can break when squeezed too hard.  There is a 800 number on the label that you can call for a free replacement.

 Finally, We are the first line of defense for a fire at our site. Do everything possible to extinguish the flames without putting your personal safety at risk. If a fire does get out of control in our area, members need to evacuate the immediate danger area and call 911. Report the area as South Shores PKWY .

Be Safe!


Chairman’s Corner for July – August 2023

Hello members. July is turning into a hot month and with the Dog days of August coming, it’s going to be even hotter. I strongly suggest that you bring water out to the field so you can stay nice and hydrated. I would like to say that the Rotor Plex and Heli field got a great make over last month and I want to thank those of you who came out and gave a hand in the clean-up. Right now, all the gates are back up with a new course. We also made a boundary around the Rotor Plex. All the cones were painted including the gates and red paint was applied for the Heli limits and boundaries so they now know that they can’t fly over the Sea World Dr. The fabulous crew that helped were Andy Laberg, Brad Alix, Larry Kosta, Dennis Laberg, Mike Skube (Our only drone pilot who showed up), Joel Joldergold, Tom Fleming and Jim Bonnardel. Here is what was done, Mike and Brad set-up the drone coarse, Dennis cleaned out the area around the gates, Larry help paint (and I would not ask him to paint your airplane, unless you like runs..Lol) as did Jim. Andy, Brad, Mike, Joel and Tom all cleaned up around the pits and removed all the weeks. Dennis went back and further cleaned up the weeds. Tom brought a wheel barrow and removed all the weeds and moved them off to the side. Thank you so much guys for coming out and getting this section of the field looking nice again. And since the time we redid the field, I have seen a few more drone pilots flying. That is perfect! Photos of the crew are below the article. Have to also thank Lisa for providing us with a great meal afterwards!

Raffle, wow was that fun and how about the food that was prepared by Smoken Joe’s! We had such a great turn out of members who showed up and were having a great day. The raffle was also a huge success that for our banquet. I was able to generate extra cash for some great prizes this coming January 12, 2024. Our big winner was Dennis Laberge for winning the Spectrum iX14 radio! Way to go Dennis and congratulations. Winning the Freewing Vulcan High Performance 70mm EDF sport Jet was Ward Shelley, congratulation Ward. With the next prize, donated by Hitec was the RDx2 Pro High Power Dual Port AC/DC Charger with a bonus gift of a Hitec’s, 50th anniversary GOLD emblem, yes, it is made from Gold, that went to Kevin Shaw. Winning the ePower X6+ AC/DC Synchronous Balance Charger and Discharger was Michael Gunter. And yes, there was Larry Kosta, saying before the raffle was drawn, that he was going to win a prize as well, and he did. Congratulations to all the winners of the raffle. I want to thank everyone who participated in the Raffle, you all made it a great success. Thank You Members!
I have just one more item to talk about and that is kindness. We are a club that is kind to all members and our guests who come out to watch us fly our planes. I appreciate everyone of you who helps members when they get in trouble with flying. We are here to help and guide them to make them better pilots even if that means reminding of them of a few rules. We do not need to put anyone down and we don’t yell at them for their misfortunes when flying. There is no room for that in our club. I would like to thank those who are calling out their intension, take-off, low-fly-byes, and Landing, please keep it up. Remember to stay in the pattern when flying and not to change. Also, when practicing pattern flying for the T-28 races, do it when no one is flying, and don’t do it when the sky has airplanes flying, you could cause a midair. You don’t want to buy someone a new airplane. Thank You.
As a last note. I have 17 spots available for a tour of Collins Aerospace in Chula Vista on Wednesday August 23, 2023. If you are interested in seeing what Collins Aerospace does for aviation, it is quite impressive. Collins has a Customer Care Center in which we have on display the products we make, including the Inlet for a 787 GE engine and a Thrust Reverser alone with many other items. This Saturday, at our club meeting, I will explain more in detail and if you are interested in joining, I will have a sign-up sheet for you to sign in with.
Happy Flying and see you all out at the Field!
Jovi, Chairman of the Board

President’s Corner for July – August 2023

Hey Fliers!

I guess this heat is what we get for complaining that it was still cold and cloudy in June!! Remember, during the heatwave, bring a portable shade device, Sunscreen, and plenty of liquids to the field with you. As stated before, it’s not fair to others to arrive without and then ask others for water. They may give you theirs – then have to pack their stuff and go home.

             As Jovi mentioned, we ended a successful fundraising raffle on July First. Dennis won the Grand prize -the iX14 radio, and Jovi procured additional funds to put towards more raffle prizes at the end of year Banquet which will be held on Jan 12th. A Win for Dennis, and a Win for the club!!

             I am continuing raising money with the 50/50 being held in conjunction with the 3 monthly events. I have reached my initial cash goal which will allow me to offset ticket prices for every member as they purchase their Banquet ticket, and now I am raising funds for a “special” raffle prize. Each 50/50 day there is a member walking away with CASH and a grin! You have to play to win!

             Our plans to wet and roll the field are contingent on the schedule of the water truck operator. She is doing a lot of work around the county and cannot get to our tiny slice of heaven for a few weeks. Quan is investigating other sources, but the heat wave is making it difficult.

              We are keeping our ears open for notification that our FRIA request has been processed by the FAA. There are already online sites selling transponders for 40-90 bucks depending on your planned usage, but they will not be required at a site recognized as a FRIA. I would recommend not buying anything until we hear of the official ruling which is due on September 15th.

              There are quite a few new members in the last few months, and we find ourselves repeating some of the safety requirements – so I’m  going to state some of them here for all.  Please LOUDLY announce your take offs, intention to land, and any time you are going to step on or cross the field. LOUDLY folks means that people 2-3 gates away should hear you. If your plane is on the field and unable to taxi back, please walk in the pits to the gate closest to your plane, then call “On The Field!” and step out to retrieve it – immediately walking back to the closest gate. Lately I have seen people step out at gate one and walk down the centerline to gate 4 to retrieve their plane – then take a slow stroll all the way back while others are crashing in the weeds with dead batteries. Please respect the common sense pattern we promote at the field. Take off and land into the wind. Upwind passes should be between the centerline of the runway to approximately 30 feet into the weed area. Downwind passes should be 50-100 feet out over the weeds. Back and forth continuous passes over the weed line at full throttle is hazardous to everyone and increase the chance of a mid-air. Figure eights over the runway are extremely discouraged as downright dangerous. Don’t fly within 50 feet of people or animals in the field. At no time should you fly over the fence, pit area, or parking lot. If you have lost control of your plane and it is in an unsafe orientation YOU must call out to let others know of the danger.

We close out July with our meeting and Fun Fly event on the 22nd. The event is another club favorite – Spot Landing. Straight down counts – but you get 3 chances to earn points so don’t do the lawn dart thing on the first try…There may be some interesting changes this month so come prepared for a great time, to be followed by a hot dog lunch.

Have a GREAT August!


Chairman’s Corner for June – July 2023

Hello members, can you believe it we are halfway thru the year and what does that mean, little over 6 months away for our Banquet.  With the efforts that Brad is making, our 50/50 is going to save our members a good amount of money for their tickets, which go on sale in December.  Our fourth of July Raffle is soon upon us!  Only one more week to go and we get to see who will win the Grand Prize, a Spektrum iX14 radio.  This is all happening on July 1, 2023, which is a Saturday.  Better show up for we are going to have Tri-Tip for lunch alone with fixnes.  This will be a great event for everyone.  It will be a fun day of flying and a great opportunity to meet other members who we haven’t met.  The raffle is going on, all the way up to the event.  You can still get your tickets from the blast which we were sending out for the last week.  And you can get them on Saturday during our lunch.  Must be present to have some Tri-Tip for lunch, this is coming from Smokin Joe’s BBQ.  We will have enough food to cover 100 members, so come on out and enjoy the Tri-Tip sandwiches.  Club will provide drinks for everyone.  If you miss out and you have purchased tickets, do not worry, if your name is called as a Winner, you will be notified by me of your winnings.

This weekend is our club meeting and fun fly with Jim holding “Bomb Drop”, and this is another fun event that Jim has created for us so be sure to come out and enjoy the laughter and fun.  We’ll have news for our members from our Pres, Brad, and of course we have our fantastic Hot Dogs, being cooked by you know who, that right I be you chef for the day!  Mark has to attend to family matters.  We’ll see him cooking up the dogs in July!  Also want to remind you that this coming Sunday, June25, is the clean up of the Heli and the Roto Plex.  As I had asked before I would like to have a few volunteers’ help in getting the Roto Plex back up again.  Also, I would like some help with the Heli area in getting it cleaned up as well and make sure that the polls are up for the borders in which they are to fly in.  What we will be doing is restoring the course for the Roto Plex. In doing this we will clean up the brush around each gate. Flat shovels will be needed to clear the brush. We are also going to reset the boundaries around the Heli and Roto Plex by removing old stakes and replacing them in new areas around the field. Here are the tasks that I would like to have volunteer’s for:

  • There are 10 gates that will be relocated around the field. Attached is a map of the area and where the gates will go. Those areas will need the clean-up around each gate.
  • Redo the outside border lines with the stakes that are at the field. We will also paint the tops, at least 1 ½ feet with red paint to make the boundaries.
  • Clean the Heli section.
  • Tools needed are Flat shovels, carbon steel digging bar, (to help remove old stakes), slag hammer (I have a large one, smaller one would be better).
  • Dennis, do you have the city approved weed killer? To remove weeds growing on the carpets.

I have to mention this again about some of our rules once again.  Many of you are calling out your intentions, Take Off, Low fly by and Landing, some call out for touch and goes, greatly appreciate it very much.  But we still have a few that are not calling out intentions and not using their Manly Voice.  Please guys yell it out, if you’re at the East end and the guys at the West end can’t hear you and vice versa.  We do have a few people calling out for you when you’re not yelling.  So please use your Manly Voice.  Also, when doing low fly-by’s, please stay on the north side of the white center line on the runway, please do not fly close to the gates, you might and could hit someone.  Thank You all for complying with the rules and don’t forget to always wear your badges when you’re flying, or you will get me asking you where your badge is.    Thank You for hearing me out!  See you all at the field and if any of you have questions to ask, please do not hesitate to ask me or any of the BOD members.  As a last to note for our Raffle I would like to thank Hitec for their contribution to our Raffle by donating  a RDX2 Pro High Power Dual Port AC/DC Charger.

Hitec has supported our club in the past and they continue to show how great Hitec is in our community. Thank you Hitec for you continued support.

I look forward to seeing a lot of you out on July 1, 2023, for our Fun Fly day and who gets to walk away with Brand new iX14 radio, I’m excited, hope you are too!

Happy Flying,


President’s Corner for June – July 2023

Hey team, this past week saw the first official day of summer. Hopefully June gloom will soon be in the rearview mirror and we can get on with some blue sky flying.

 The first day of July will also be the anticipated raffle day for our summer fundraiser to collect funds for more yearly banquet prizes. As Jovi mentioned above , we have some great prizes being raffled off, and some great Catered food for members and their immediate families on a first come, first served basis. Food should be available around 11:00AM. We paid for quite a bit of food, but if you come late – you should bring your lunch with you. 😊.  You really don’t want to miss out on tri-tip sandwiches, and your chance to win the iX14 Radio! Raffle tickets will be sold all morning on June 24th and the 1st of July, and the raffle will be held around noon on the 1st. Funds donated to this raffle will go towards additional raffle prizes at the end of year banquet in January.  While talking about fundraising, I also want to thank all the participants in the 50-50 raffle over the last couple months. Club members have won $1970 to date, meaning the club has too! I am near my goal of $2000 to reduce ticket prices ( by $20 for each ticket) for the hundred members attending the banquet in the Air & Space Museum. Any further funds raised before the end of the year will also go towards a variety of raffle prizes.

 As we approach Independence Day, I would like to remind members of the front row seat available from our site for the holiday fireworks. SEAWORLD has one of the best shows in the State and you are only a couple hundred yards away from the launch site when watching from our club pit area. Traditionally, we do a closed gate day where members will pass through the gate and close and lock it immediately behind them, their family, and their guests. We attempt to keep the random public out of our site as they tend to leave their trash, shoot firearms, and start things on fire. I am not able to attend myself this year, so I am looking for a volunteer to take custody of the “Members Only” sign to be placed on the gate during daytime hours, and then removed after the fireworks as members depart. Please let me know if you would like this task.

In my last newsletter, I talked a little bit about safety, and we had a few words about flying safely at the last members meeting at the field.  One thing I realized during that discussion is that some people are having so much fun that they can be flying in an unsafe manner without realizing it. They may not actually know they are over the pits, parking lot, and drone area unless someone verbally tells them. I would ask every member on site to remember that they are ALWAYS part of the safety strategy in our club. We cannot let ” I didn’t know!” be a recipe for stitches or an ambulance ride out of our field! You don’t have to be a board member, or the safety officer to say something when someone else is unsafe or reckless. That being said, I don’t expect you to yell at anybody – just make a statement about what they are doing, and that you’re feeling unsafe. A little bit of peer pressure goes a long in stopping people from flying over the table area, or doing high-speed passes over the fence. Recently we haven’t been saying too much if you do a high speed pass between the center line and the weed line – but you should NEVER be between the center line and the fence unless taking off or landing.

Along the same lines, some members apparently don’t understand that, in their excitement, they are doing 20-30 MPH in the parking lot and are dusting people out. If you see it, PLEASE say something. They are not actively trying to be jerks, they are just excited…

One of the main things I love about this club is that we mostly have a group of well mannered, courteous members who are mostly drama – free, all trying to enjoy a hobby together. Recently, it has come to my attention that a few members are being discourteous to others with the weird thought that they have permanently reserved tables at our site. This is NOT the case! If you arrive early, select a table, and would like to put a chair at the table next to you to save a table for your friend, or flying partner that are on the way, Feel free to do that. If your friend is late, and the other tables are full – move the chair to give someone else a slot. BE COURTEOUS! If you want a specific table, get there early and park at that table. If you arrive late, and someone else is at the table you normally use, use another table. DO NOT CURSE at people and tell them to get the F** off of “your” table and go somewhere else. This will not be tolerated, and can result in your expulsion from this club. I currently have the names of the persons that believe they OWN property at Mission Bay, and the next offense will result in official action from the Board of Directors.

This months monthly fun fly event will be on 24 June. This one will be a club favorite, the bomb drop. Like most events, any pilot that can safely fly their airplane can participate. You don’t need to practice 30 hours a day to place!! There will be prizes for the top winners, followed by the monthly club meeting at the field, and a hot dog lunch.

Please join us and have a great time, but remember to watch your airplane!

I hope everyone has a great July!


Chairman’s Corner for May – June 2023

Hello SEFSD members, I hope everyone is doing well and having fun flying! For the month of May the weather has been on the cloudy side, that’s why we call it May Gray. Next month I hope the clouds dissipate and not become June Gloom, guess we must wait and see. I would like to give our members an update to the Raffle that we currently have going on. I have added a few more items to the prizes, and they are as follows: Along with the Spektrum IX 14, we have a Freewing Vulcan High Performance 70mm Sport Jet, iCharger X 12, X6 AC/DC charger and a B6 mini charger. These are great prizes for only a $1.00. You can’t go wrong with this. Tickets can be purchased down at the field on every Saturday, and you can also get them online at our website. I encourage you all to get tickets. The Raffle is being held on July 1st; this will be our 4th of July celebration so be sure to attend. Just as a reminder, this raffle is to help in getting more cool prizes for our upcoming banquet on January 12, 2024, and it’s being held at the Air and Space Museum in Balboa Park. With the 50/50 going on at each, T-28 races, Electro Glide, and our monthly meeting that this is making a reduction to lower the cost to our members, so I thank you all for your continuing efforts in making this happen.

In May I wanted to do a clean-up at the Roto Plex, however we got shut down by the KOZ event that happened on May 7. Let’s try to do this on June 11, 2023. As I had asked before, I would like to have a few volunteers’ helping in getting the Roto Plex back up again. Also, would like some help with the Heli area in getting it cleaned up as well and make sure that the polls are up for the boarders in which they are to fly in. I did come across a gentleman flying, and he was very cooperative in complying with the rules, and I Thank Him!

This coming weekend, we are having our monthly meeting and it looks like Jim has a great event for us, “Dead Stick Challenge” as he mentioned in the notice that was sent out on May 24, 2023. I hope all of you had read his rules and most important was rule number 1. Do Not Sacrifice Your Aircraft. If you get in trouble, apply power, and get into a safe position and give it another try. With this in mind, you’ll get 3 attempts, and this is “Not 3 Tries, It Must Be a safety for your Aircraft”. When starting, power up, take off climb, within 20 second, then get ready to do your Dead Stick Challenge. For those of you who never had a nitro aircraft this was a common routine. Jim will tell us how the scoring will be done! And yes, we will have our hotdogs being provide by Mark Davis, Thank You Mark!

For last part, I would just like to go over some rules. Many of you are calling out your intentions, Take Off, Low Fly By and Landing, some call out for Touch and Goes an we greatly appreciate it very much. But we still have a few that are not calling out intentions and not using their Manly Voice. Please guys yell it out, if you’re at the East end and the guys at the West end can’t hear you and vise a verse. We do have a few people calling out for you when you’re not yelling. So please use your Manly Voice. Also, when doing low fly-by’s, please stay on the north side of the white center line on the runway, please do not fly close to the gates, you might and could hit someone. Thank You all for complying with the rules and don’t forget to always ware your badges when you’re flying, or you will get me asking you where your badge is. Thank You for hearing me out! See you all at the field and if any of you have questions to ask, please do not hesitate to ask me or any of BOD members.

Happy Flying!

Chairman’s Corner for April – May 2023

Hello Folks, I hope all are doing well and I hope all enjoyed this past Easter.  The weather lately has been in our favor, and it looks like it is going to continue, so just maybe we are out of the raining season.  Thanks to Dennis LaBerge and Scott Vance for helping Dennis with maintain the field, it sure looks great!  Please say Thanks to Dennis and Scott for doing a great job next time you see them!   I have notice that our Roto Plex field needs some TLC and I plan on going over there to clean it up and reset the course and make the field look a little better than it does.  I am looking for volunteers to help our in cleaning the Roto Plex field on May 7, 2023, that is a Sunday, it would be greatly appreciated if any of you could help. I would very much like to bring the Roto Plex field back to descent looking field.  I have notice that some people are flying at the Roto Plex, and they don’t have AMA or have joined our club.  I ask that if any of you see someone flying, PLEASE go over and confirm that they are members.  Just this past weekend, this one gentleman was flying his Helicopter no more than 20 feet for SeaWorld Drive.  That we all know is not acceptable.  If this guy were to crash his helicopter on the road, we can all say “Good-bye” to our field!  It is in your best interest to go over, make conversation in a polite way and asked if they are members, as well of telling them where too and not to fly!  If they have AMA, and show it to you, they may fly for the day, but tell them to join our club, which will give them full access to our field. It’s also not a bad idea to ask if they have TRUST and having FAA number on the quad or the helicopter, just inform them that the FAA could make a surprise visit. Speaking of TRUST and FAA numbers, I hope all members are up to date and have their FAA number on their aircraft.

It appears that some members (names will not be mentioned) who believe that they can fly above the 200 feet.  I guess I need to tell you that you cannot fly above 200 feet.  We clearly have that spelled out along the fence line at each gate.  This one individual told me that it was ok to Spike above the 200-foot mark.  Not sure where he is getting his information.  As of 2018 the rules changed on us and in those rules, they is no Spiking allowed.  His father kept insisting that it was league.  He of course did not want to argue with me and for good reason, he knows that I am correct and this induvial was not.  They only come out during the week and occasionally on a Saturday.  This gentleman has been told many times not to do this and he keeps insisting on doing it when he feels like doing it.    This could very much loose our field.  We can’t afford to have one bad apple sour our fun of flying airplanes.   I ask you, here as well if you see anyone going above the 200-foot, let them know that they are in violation of our rules and must descend. 

UCSD is coming back to our field for the second year now to preform “UCSD aircraft design fly-off”.  This is going to happen on June 16, 2023, with Professor John Hwang who will be a member of our club when this event is held, and they will be using the field from 8 am to 12 noon.  The field will be closed during those hours.  It will reopen to all members just as they conclude their event.  You are all welcome to watch the event and give a little advise to the 7 to 8 groups that will be there.  Steve Manganelli and Dennis Laberge will be the two main Pilots from our club that will provide the majority of the support, so Please coordinate with them on this event.  It was pretty cool last year, from what I had heard.  I also request if any of you can bring your camera with you to take some pictures of this event so we can post them in our Newsletter, I think that too would be cool.  If any of you have questions about this event, please reach out to me and I’d be happy to answer them.

Starting this coming Saturday, our Monthly Meeting, we are going start off the Raffle in which we will be Raffling off a New iX 14 Spektrum Radio along with other items included in this raffle. The reason for the Raffle is to generate more money for our Banquet on January 12, 2024.  Yes, we will back at the Air and Space Museum for our 3rd consecutive time.  Being underneath the PBY is one very cool experience.   We are working very hard to reduce the cost to our members for the Banquet and hoping this will bring more of our members to enjoy the festivities.  This Raffle will be a tremendous boost for the banquet, alone with Brad’s, 50/50 which we play at every T-28, Electrogilde and our monthly meetings.  And in each time, we play 50/50, I have seen many happy members walking away, thrumming thru the cash!  Last Saturday, Allen was the winner with just one ticket.  Way to go Allen.  The Raffle will begin on April 22, 2023, and goes all the way up to July 1, 2023.  4th of July is on a Tuesday this year and we will celebrate the 4th on Saturday July 1st.    Every Club Member may purchase a raffle ticket, each ticket will cost a Buck.  Yes, that is $1.00 to win an iX 14 radio.  Each member may purchase as many tickets as they choose too.  I know I’m going to get a bunch of tickets for iX 14 radio…. OMG.  You will be able to go to our web site to purchase your tickets.   I will be selling tickets every Saturday down at the field, so make sure you get them!   As it now stands, we are generating a good chuck of cash for our banquet in which we will be able to reduce the cost to our members.  I do want to thank all of you for making this happen!

Up-date on the DC-3.  My new job has been amazing, and I truly enjoy building the real full-scale aircrafts, which has not given me the time to work on the DC-3.  I have started to build up the nacelles.  Once I get them completed, I would say that I about 75% done building.  Still, I have not decided on what the DC-3 will be, maybe PSA, or an earlier version of Hawaiian Airlines… 

Happy Flying!


President’s Corner for April – May 2023

Hey Flyers!

I for one, am glad that it seems to be drying out. The Red Lock, and Dennis has done a great job of damage control by keeping club members from using the field when it’s just too wet to use.  Dennis diligently repaired the footprints left by the homeless people and dog walkers…

On the mention of the red lock, there are currently 3 locks assigned to our site. The city’s KEYED lock, our primary combination lock ( silver ), and our restricted access combination lock ( Red).  Currently, the City has their lock out for repair. It’s quite old and needs to be able to allow access to city vehicles during emergencies. That leaves 2 locks attached at the moment. The red lock closes the chain around the gate, and the red lock closes the other end of the chain around the fence post.  There has been some confusion when people saw the red lock and assumed they were locked in without looking closer.

The field is in full bloom of wild flowers with some areas above head height. There are quite a few people parking in our lot, and walking across the runway and roto plex to take pictures with the pretty “weeds”.  Contrary to some beliefs, we share the outer field areas with the general population using Mission Bay Park. PLEASE don’t holler at them or threaten them in any way with your aircraft. If they are in the way when you are trying to take off, hold your flight for a few minutes until they clear out. If they are actually on the runway when someone is trying to land, ask them to clear the runway ( No Cursing). Any time there are people in the field, we must stay at least 50 feet above them, and the Multi-rotors must give them a minimum of 100 feet horizontal space. Dive bombing or racing your drone near any person or animal equals an immediate suspension of membership for the remainder of the year – or longer if the BOD determines it is warranted.

I KNOW Jovi talked about it, but I’m going to make this bold and in larger text as some people are not getting it.  We have no waiver for people practicing the I/EMAC pattern to punch way over 200 feet!!!  Our hard ceiling is 200 feet. SEFSD is currently in an area that is designated with a 50 foot flight ceiling, and we have a specific agreement with the FAA and ATC US Western Division that allows us to reach 200 feet.

Jovi also mentioned that he is going to pull together a group of plane flyers to clean up the roto plex areas on the 7th of May. Thank you to those who volunteer. I appreciate your help. I will say that if the roto plex guys are not interested in helping – the next time the city says it looks trashy will be the end of the race gates and it will only be maintained as a helicopter area moving forward.

Recently there has been a lot of discussions about a couple of the hobby distributers have quietly raised their prices by 2-400 dollars and are shouting “FREE Shipping!!” Don’t be fooled, understand where your dollars are going. Often your best bet is to order from our local hobby shop.

So Far we have reached over $1100.00 in the 50/50 donation pot for next years banquet. The goal is $2500.00 which will offset the dinner prices for every attendee by $25.00. Any additional collections will go towards additional raffle prizes. I will say that one member has already donated a very popular plane to the 50/50 raffle to support the club and our Banquet!!

The Monthly Meeting is this Saturday, 22 April. There will also be a Fun Fly event and a hot dog lunch. HOPE to see you all there!!


Chairman’s Corner for Mar – Apr 2023

Spring is in the air and so is this rain we’ve been having as of late. I have to say I am done with this rain. I really understand that we need the rain, but let’s get real here, why so much?? The field is still in good condition thanks to Dennis, patting down the footprints and  implemented the Red Lock on the gate. I want to thank the members for not flying and allowing the field to dry out. We are expected to get more rain next week and not sure when this “Pineapple express” will stop. Good news, reservoirs are getting filled up in California. Without a doubt, we needed it. The club will send out notices when the field will be closed and when it reopens. I have received a few emails asking me about the field condition, but I ask you all to use a little common sense. If you see that it’s raining, raining hard, the field will be closed. Light rains in the morning, field should be open. Be careful, that if you get your plane stuck in the mud on the north side of the field, DON’T walk THRU the field, walk around. It’s for the good. And in the meantime, we will evaluate the field, send out a notice when appropriate, letting our members know when the field is open or closed. Thank you all for your patience with this issue.

We going to try to have our monthly engagement this month along with our fun fly, if the weather permits. This weekend is looking good for flying and I am sure Jim has something special for us all to compete in. I will be your chef for the day, coving for Mark because he is in Japan. Who knows maybe purchasing a new airplane???? One can only imagine… We wish Mark a safe trip. He’ll be back again next month cooking up the Dogs.
Upcoming engagements planned for the 4th of July. This also will include a Raffle in which we are going to Raffle off a New iX 14 Spektrum Radio. The reason for the Raffle is to generate more money for our Banquet on January 12, 2024. Yes, we will be back at the Air and Space Museum for our 3rd consecutive time. Being underneath the PBY is one very cool experience. We are working very hard to reduce the cost to our members for the Banquet and hoping this will bring more of our members to enjoy the festivities. This Raffle will be a tremendous boost for the banquet, alone with Brad’s, 50/50 which we play every T-28 Race, Electrogilde and our monthly meetings. Each time, we play 50/50, I have seen many happy members walking away, thrumbing thru the cash! The Raffle will begin on April 22, 23 and goes all the way up to July 1, 23. 4th of July is on a Tuesday this year and we will celebrate the 4th on Saturday July 1st. Every Club Member may purchase a raffle ticket, each ticket will cost a Buck. Yes, that is $1.00 to win an iX 14 radio. Each member may purchase as many tickets as they choose too. I know I’m going to get a bunch of tickets for iX 14 radio…. OMG. More will be detailed in next month newsletter so stand-by! Once again, I must apologize for this is all I have for now.
Happy Flying!

President’s Corner for Mar – Apr 2023

Hey Guys,

I hope none of you were flooded or washed away this year! The great thing is that we are officially out of the drought, at the cost of missing out on quite a few flying days. Nearly a month ago I initiated a “Red Lock “ initiative at the field. The intent is to keep members from using our field during times that usage is counterproductive to maintaining a smooth surface. I will claim that it has been a success. The amount of member induced damage to the runway has reduced to zero. While we cannot control the periodic non-member from walking across the muddy runway for some reason – at least it’s not us being the problem. As we near the end of the rainy season, any problems we cause on the clay surface will still be an issue in July. The red lock has also assisted us in enforcing the recent NOTAM flight restrictions that were in place for 2 days while the President was traveling throughout our county by air…

For now the field is in great shape, and with the rain stopping Thursday, I hope it will be dried out to support our club meeting and fun fly event this Saturday. If not, Life will go on, and we will fly when we can.  Thanks to Dennis Laberge and Scott Vance who made liberal use of the approved weed abatement spray in the few days that were dry. They spent numerous hours around the field, in the main pit area, and Rotor-plex pit area. Without their efforts the vegetation would be well on its way of conducting a hostile takeover of our site.

With all of the rain, vegetation growth at the field will be out of control for the next 5 or 6 weeks. The weeds ( AKA pretty flowers… ) will likely be head height by mid-April. This generally will attract a lot of people to the field area for pictures. I understand that having people randomly walk on the runway and into the flight area can be difficult to deal with. Please be patient and remember that they are attempting to enjoy Mission Bay Park in their own aspect. Please don’t scream at them, or get close to them with your aircraft. If you feel it is unsafe, I expect you to hold your flight until they have departed and you can fly safely.

Around this time of year I like to ask people to double check the safety equipment they use at the field. Fire extinguishers should be checked for charge. First aid kits should be checked for expiration dates and validation that they are still effective. Recently a member gave another member a large Band-Aid that was almost 4 years old and it was about as sticky as a sheet of paper. It’s also the time to ensure you have some good sun screen in your kit. I keep seeing members with interesting bandages where melanomas are removed – PREVENTION is key here. It is also time to remember planning to bring plenty of drinking water for yourself and guests. Now that the days are longer and potentially getting warmer, I don’t want to risk anyone getting dehydrated and sick. Along that note, please don’t “count” on the charity of others in this regard. Some of us have medical conditions that are severely aggravated by dehydration and always have water with them. If you know they bring water and ask them for a bottle, you may get it – but at the cost of them having to pack up their stuff and leave… I had one member actually tell me a few years back that I had ruined his day because I did not bring enough water for his children. Most of us are fully grown, please don’t put this onus on others.

We had a slow month for the 50/50 raffles as we were mostly washed out. I had one chance last weekend and with the logistics of completing and doing the maiden flights on 2 large planes, the raffle slipped my mind.

I will continue this weekend and attempt to keep it on track. Again, the idea is to have one lucky club member win on each event day – and have the rest of the donations go towards next years banquet. I intend to reduce banquet ticket prices for attendees, and add valuable raffle prizes.  Tickets are $10 each and the Members benefit from each dollar collected.

This months Fun Fly event will be Altitude quest, Another club favorite. Expect the fun to begin on the 25th at 10:00 AM. This is a club favorite that can be enjoyed by all and usually lasts about an hour and a half. It will be followed by the monthly club meeting and hot dog lunch. There will be gift certificates to Discount Hobby Warehouse for the winners. John Weaver, owner of Discount Hobbies, Gives us certificates at a discounted rate – allowing us to offer more. He is appreciative of a “thank You” from club members when the chance presents itself.

As the weather levels out I hope to see all of you at the field more! The ( only ) nice thing about all of this rain was a chance to get a couple of plane projects in the air. I hope to see you with a new plane or two!

Have a great month,


It is the new 104” Edge 540 from Flex innovations and uses the StinGR 150 belt drive power system.

Chairman’s Corner for Feb – Mar 2023

Hello Folks, here we are at the end of February and I have seen some members still have not renewed their membership and are flying.  Just to let you know, last year’s badge is expired. Please go online and renew your membership. If you are seen flying and not wearing your badge, you will be asked to always show and wear it. If you did not renew when asked to and this is the 2nd notice to you, you will be asked to land and not fly until you renew. Pull your phone out and renew, then go fly. Thank you. As far as our membership goes, we are well ahead of last year numbers, Thank you to you all. Two factors go out to why our field is looking so good, one was the “Dust Down” that is working out good for us! Thanks to Quan in managing the field. 2nd Factor, Dennis! Notice no weeds in the runway and have you seen both ends of the runway, it’s all nice and clean and maintained. A Big thank you goes out to Dennis! We are expecting rain for the next week, so it appears. Once again, after it rains, PLEASE let the field dry out before flying any airplane and if you do, DON’T walk on the muddy field, and leave footprints, if your airplane is on the other side of the runway, (north side), Please walk around the field to retrieve and walk around again. Last time I checked my airplane does not do well with large potholes. And speaking of rain, if it is coming down on Saturday (expecting Heavy Rain) we will be canceling our monthly event for February and perhaps our Contest Director may put a make-up together for next month….of course this is only my suggestion….And if there is no rain, then we will be out at the field having our Monthly meeting and fun fly. Look for a late notice on Friday in your email.
Our President, Brad, been working on the 50/50 and I’d like to say Thank You all for participating in our fund raiser for next year’s banquet. So, far the turnout has been tremendous, let’s keep great momentum going! I’m not sure how much we have raised but it’s looking good for us all. Thanks, Brad, for managing the 50/50 game! Also, I want you all to be on the lookout for coming engagements this year (4th of July and Labor Day, tentative) and, in these engagements, we will be planning some real nice prizes that we will be offering in a raffle. I will have more on this by next month when we start the raffle! Yes, it’s going to be fun! So, keep an eye out for future flyers that will be coming your way! My apology, but this is all that I have for now. Look below for I have an article on the build up of the DC-3. Got the wing in progress! Thank you all

Happy Flying!

President’s Corner for Feb – Mar 2023

Merry February Fliers!

The last few weeks have been pretty amazing flying weather, but it looks like winter is about to catch up with us. We will be keeping a real close eye on the rain totals for the next 2 weeks, but it doesn’t seem promising with 4 major storms being forecasted in the next 10 days.

I hate to be that guy that needs to point out the obvious – but sometimes it falls to me.

Again, I need to mention that our flying surface is mostly comprised of clay, which absorbs moisture and slowly releases it over several days when it’s cool out, potentially leaving mud for a few days.

I Know some don’t care, but will ask again to stay off of the runway when it’s muddy. If there are standing puddles on the field or in the parking area, its too wet to effectively use the runway. People always say their plan won’t leave marks, then stomp their feet across the runway. We are near the end of the rainy season – and footsteps now could still affect the flying surface in August. Clay, remember?

Some people will tell me I’m wrong – and their cheap “Spektrum compatible” receiver is the greatest invention since Ice Cream. More power to them. For those with common sense – I will say again that Spektrum has NEVER given out the primary coding used to set the protocols used in their transmitters and receivers. While the Orange, Lemon, and Admiral receivers claim compatibility – they may be close, but they ARE NOT Spektrum. I’m sure that there are places where the knock off fakes are fine. Small variations in transmission protocols may not make a difference if you are in the middle of nowhere, like a desert, or central Texas…

However, our field is within 20 miles of 4 major military air installations, 2 major commercial airports, and 2 civilian airports. Mix all of those RF signals with all of the 5G towers transmitting on 2.4 and there is quite a soupy frequency mess between your transmitter and airborne receiver system. Is good enough really good enough? In the past year I have helped retrieve over a dozen destroyed aircraft that were using copycat receivers that someone’s “friend” said worked great, and the pilot couldn’t understand what happened… By all means – if you have an orange transmitter- then use an orange receiver – they ARE compatible! But if you use a quality transmitter, please use the same manufacturers receiver. They may be a few bucks more – but not as much as the plane you lost.

We keep losing locks because people are failing to close them and lock them. People cant take them if they are closed. I don’t know if you are leaving them open for a friend, or just too lazy to close them. Please turn this trend around! There were some grumbles about the membership increase – which is a direct response to rising costs. Treat the gear like you own it and YOU need to replace it because in the end – you do.

Please, Please, Please LOUDLY announce your intentions to take off, Land, cross the runway, or caution others to any intended flight patterns it would be in their interest to know about. If the person at the next gate cant hear it, either you are not calling out at all or you are whispering it to yourself. This is extremely unsafe to all parties involved. The flip side is – even if you call out “ on the runway!” loudly, it is still YOUR RESPONSIBILITY to look and ensure the pattern is clear. This month I saw two members not pay attention when others loudly called landing, and step directly in front of planes on final approach less than 10 feet from their heads. Then one of them got mad!!!! Sometimes you just can’t fix it.

Thanks to members for supporting the 50/50 raffle we have been having at field events These donations will help reduce the member cost to our 2023 Banquet and possibly put more money towards the main raffle itself. AND we have had 5 very happy 50/50 winners so far.

I would like to start a “member in the spotlight” section for the newsletter in which 2 or 3 members submit a paragraph about themselves with a short background talking about how they got into the hobby and any special interests they enjoy. Sadly, the three members I asked for initial input hadn’t returned one as I write this note. Maybe next month. If you would like to share, please drop me a line.

I still have a couple of the club T-shirts left. 3XL, XL, L, M, and S are available for $25.00 each.

If the weather clears this week, Jim will again be the Funmaster for this months Fun Fly event on Saturday the 25th. The ever popular LIMBO is scheduled to start at 10:00 AM followed by the monthly meeting at the field, and lunch for members.

I hope it is nice and dry – and I see you there, (Cancelled)

Chairman’s Corner for Jan – Feb 2023

Happy New Year to all Club members, I hope you all had a great Holiday Season and I hope you also got that new airplane you’ve been wanting.  My Christmas was great and peaceful. As we all know, this past January we had some good rain which we needed. Not sure if we needed all that rain at the field, however it has helped the field and it looks rather good. Thanks to Dennis LaBerge for maintaining the field during our raining season. I will have more on Dennis in just a bit!

Since this is the new year, I just want to go over some rules at the field, this is just a friendly reminder to all members. We have received more chairs that Jim got for us from an auction, and we have also identified these belonging to SEFSD. These are better chairs to sit in. Now that we got these, let us make sure we take care of them and not abuse them. Remember to call out your intentions when getting ready to “Take-off,” “Low Fly-by,” “Landings,” using your manly voice so if you’re in the middle, both ends hear and if you’re at one of the ends you’re really need to project your voice so everyone can hear you, NO whispers.  Remember to check the windsock to see the direction of the wind and then flying in that corresponding direction. And remember there are other pilots flying so do not go the opposite direction and cause a mid-air. 

Everyone must lock the bathroom when you are done using it. Please do not leave it unlocked and just hanging because the field may be filled with flyers and you think this is a clever idea, well it is not and we have the chance of losing our lock and having a homeless person invade our Clean Bathroom, we need to still LOCK the Bathroom. Driving in the parking lot is five miles an hour, not 10 or 15, it is 5 miles.  We need to keep safety in mind when driving, too many people hang around our field so let us watch out for them as well. And my last note is when you’re the last, or close to being last, and you see people by their cars who are visitors, Please go to them and inform them that since your last or the last person is getting his last flight in, Please tell those visitors that they could get locked in since the last person who is flying must lock the gate, but don’t leave some visitor locked in.  In the meantime, have fun flying and being with other members!

The Banquet, now that was a fun time being with everyone who came. It was a genuinely delightful atmosphere at the Air and Space Museum. I do have to apologize for the members who were kept out of the Museum. The guard did not get the message that all members who showed their badge were allowed in the museum. The area not available was the banquet, which was to start at 6pm which it did. I am sorry for the mix-up, even though it was small stuff.

Thank You Lisa and your staff for putting on a great catering festive. The food was outstanding, and your helpers were all so friendly with all our members and guests, Thank You Lisa and staff!  I hope you all enjoyed the food, and yes Brad made the appetizers, yummy, those were good, Thank You Sir!   The night was filled with a lot of laughter and joy. Jim Bonnardel and Brad Bender both spoke, and Jim was telling us about the events he has planned for this year. We have our monthly meeting, (This month it is Spill the Beans $175.00 in cash prizes).  Brad was giving thanks to everyone on how he got support when he had heart surgery, and we are all glad to see that Brad is doing very well and having a wonderful time flying! After a while everyone got food and were feeling great, all enjoyed the hospitality. I want to thank Frank and Alex for taking pictures of those who wanted a picture by the Spirit of St. Louis and Thanks for making the memory’s video which was running in the background during our event. Then it was my turn, I talked a bit my last job and job I currently have now, in building nacelles for Falcon 6X, G400 and Boeing’s 787. Yep, I love it!

I want to Thank all the members who participated in my video that I created. It looks to me that everyone enjoyed the short flick. For those of you who missed seeing it, click below: 

This year we had an award go to one of our members. This award is known as the “Founders Award.” Who are the Founders of the SEFSD, that would be Steve Manganelli, Steve Neu, and Steven Belknap. Steve Manganelli present, first ever award and that award went to Dennis LaBerge. Dennis has spent countless hours cleaning up around the field, making sure the field stays in great shape. When it is time to roll the field, Dennis is the one who commands the Roller and rolls the field for us.  Dennis is giving us a great field to fly off. Thank You Dennis and congratulations!

Now it was time to have some fun and give away our raffle. I want to thank Michelle Manganelli in getting the women’s gifts (our better half’s) and I hear they were surprisingly good gifts too. For us guys boy did we have a bunch of batteries to give away and I know how much fun we had with the batteries, those all came from Steve Neu, Thanks Steve. I was happy to see that Alan Isaacs showed up and he won a T-28, Congratulations Alan! Oh, I guess I cannot forget about Larry Kosta, I should! Well, he helped me with all the planes in getting them out of my car, cannot forget about the other guys who helped too.  But the problem with Larry was he said I am going to win this Glider, we had two of them and one person won, and I forgot who that was. Towards the end I had the glider left, I think a T-28 and our grand prize. Of all the people who came, Larry Kosta won the glider, I was like are you kidding me, and I had two of those instances, Frank Sutton won the King Twin, but wait who really got the King Twin, you should have seen Alex carry out the King Twin.  He had the biggest smile I have ever seen!

I want to thank all who came to the banquet, you all made it an exciting time! Next year our plan is to go back to the Air and Space Museum. This year we are going to try to reduce the cost of ticket for the Banquet, yes, this past banquet was up in price. Brad Bender has a great idea to lower our cost on a ticket.  Brad is playing a game called 50/50. This game will be played every T-28, Electro Glide and Club meetings. Each ticket cost $10.00, at the end of the event, we will draw one ticket and that winner will half the money and the other half will go to the next year banquet. This will work out to about $2250.00 to $2500.00, that is a substantial chunk of change for next year. I know I am going to play!!!   This will be a fun year for the club, we have other ideas as well on how much fun will be for all, so look out for more exciting news as the year goes on!

All right members, this coming Saturday is our club meeting and our engagement for Don’t Spill the Beans, so I hope to see many of you out at the field!

Thank You all again and Happy Flying!


Chairman of the Board

President’s Corner for Jan – Feb 2023

Hey Fliers!

Welcome to the new year, I hope Santa brought you a new Plane, Helicopter, or Quadcopter! I have seen quite a few new toys over the last month and a lot of Smiling faces.

I saw a lot of you at the club banquet on the 13th. I wish more were able to attend. It was a great time at an amazing venue, and a chance to see the spouses that put up with our craziness. I hope to see more at next years event.

One answer I heard quite a bit when I asked members why there were not attending was the cost of the banquet this year. All I can say is that it should be a surprise to no one that EVERYTHING is way more expensive this year. Costs are out of control. The club still covered over half of the total costs for the venue, dinner, and raffle prizes for the pilots and guests – that goes to show what the overall cost was.

To remove some of that burden from next years event I have initiated some fundraising efforts. At each organized club event this year I will hold a 50/50 raffle. For those that have never played 50/50, I will sell tickets for $10 each. When the event ends, generally before noon, we will draw one ticket and the ticket holder will win 50% of the funds collected, with the other 50% going into the fund for the next banquet. There will always be a winner, and always money towards the banquet to reduce individual cost. Winners so far are Fritz Logan, and Scott Vance.  Additionally, Jovi is procuring a tidy sum of money from the BOD which he will use to get some higher end prizes for at least two fundraising raffles this year. For these events, you know the reasoning and You will benefit at the end, so please participate as able and let’s have a grand event next year!

  One thing I mentioned personally at the Banquet was to say “ THANK YOU!!” to everyone. Some of you know that I had open heart surgery just before Christmas in 2021. A few of you have shared similar experiences. I will say that the friendship and camaraderie of club members was crucial in getting me out of the recovery bed and back in action. Randy brought me to the field a week after surgery, and I had a radio in my hands less than 2 weeks out. Each day since has presented different challenges, but I always look forward to weekend flying with the greatest group I have ever been a part of.

As we move into 2023 we have seen a large amount of rainfall and the field is in amazing shape right now. Moving forward we can expect the rainfall to taper off drastically. We may have one or two more showers before we hit the dry season. Our runway is made of clay and footprints/gullies will stay for months if we don’t stay off of the wet runway. I have been AMAZED at the amount of pushback we received this month when asking members to let the field dry for a few days before use.  Sadly, Alligator tears kept the surface damp longer than required… Please, as I mentioned in a note late December – Exercise common sense. If there is standing water in the parking lot or on the runway – save your flight for a day or two. If there are noticeable dark spots on the runway, avoid them as if they are quicksand, and finally- if you know your landing skill is not at a capability level to avoid the dark spots, please save your flights for a day or two.  I don’t have enough fingers to count the number of times a member has stated “ My tiny plane won’t leave marks!”, only to see him get his “tiny plane” stuck in the mud and walk his not so tiny 200 pounds out to retrieve the plane.  Again, Common Sense Please!

  I want to promote knowing each other better as a club. In that effort I am going to ask 3 or 4 of you each month to participate in a volunteer only member in the spotlight. I will ask each to prepare a paragraph or two with a quick background on yourself, how long you have been in the hobby, what aspects you enjoy the most, and anything else you would like to share. I will tag a few members at this months meeting and see what we get.

Talking about this months meeting at the field:

It will be on the 28th, and the fun fly event is one of the clubs favorites, and the only one where you can win cash money as a prize. DON’T SPILL THE BEANS!  Don’t miss it! The fun fly will kick off around 10:00 AM and will be followed by the first club meeting of the year, then lunch.

I hope everyone has a GREAT year!!


Chairman’s Corner for Dec ’22 – Jan ’23

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to all SEFSD members.  “Christmas is the season of joy, of gift-giving, and of families united.” “Peace on earth will come to stay when we live Christmas every day.”  “He who has not Christmas in his heart will never find it under a tree.” “Like snowflakes, my Christmas memories gather and dance—each beautiful, unique, and gone too soon. “

This has been a great year for our club.  We did a lot this year in all the fun we have had.  I am looking forward to the T-28 races and our Electric Glide which follows the T-28 races the following weekend in our upcoming year.  Our monthly meetings have had a great turnout with members coming down to the field this past year.  I do look forward to the upcoming year and the fun will continue.  Thanks to Jim B, we will have a calendar with all the events happening in year 2023.

I would also like to remind everyone to renew your membership and most of all, don’t forget to get your tickets for the Banquet on Jan 13, 2023.

This will be a fun event that we have planned for our members, so be sure to get your tickets for they will sell out fast!  As it stands now, we have 55 tickets sold, so only 45 tickets remain, so better get them quick!  Remember our event at the Air and Space Museum starts at 6:00pm.  With your purchase of the ticket, you can enter the Museum anytime during the day and stay inside when the museum closes.  You just won’t be able to enter where we will have our party.  That opens at 6pm.   Also, when you sign in, make sure you get your photo taken by Frank at the Spirit of Saint Louis.   Our Catering will be done by Lisa Bender, and I think we all know how that is going to taste.  If you missed last year’s banquet, well all I can say is, don’t miss out on this years, you won’t be disappointed.

We have a lot to give away this year for both our wonderful better halves and for us pilots.  We have some really nice aircraft to give away.  Your ticket puts you in the running for a gift.  Our wives will have their own set of tickets and, thanks to Steve Manganelli’s wonderful wife, she has put together a great selection of goodies!   I look forward to seeing as many of you as possible at our banquet on January 13, 2023.  Event starts at 6pm.

As a note to just remind everyone about a few items at the field.  We need to remember to lock the bathroom after every use.  I know some like to leave it unlock but let’s not do that.  Our last lock was lost including the hasp bar as well.  We also need to lock the gate when we are the last to leave the field.  This past year someone was locked in at the field and they literally cut the bar by the lock and were able to open and leave.  If you are the last one to leave, and you see someone else, please just go over to them and let them know that if they choose to stay, they will be locked in.  So just a friendly reminder to be courteous and advise them of the situation when you leave.  

I also have another item to talk about and that is calling out your intentions.  Taking off, Low flyby and Landings.  If you’re in the middle of the pits you just might hear someone at the west end calling, “take off”.  However, if you’re at the east end and someone is at the west end saying take off, it is very difficult to hear.  So please, gasp extra air and yell it out in a loud voice call out your intentions.   Thank You members

And last, I have a few Inspiring Christmas quotes for you all:

“My idea of Christmas, whether old-fashioned or modern, is very simple: loving others. Come to think of it, why do we have to wait for Christmas to do that?”

“Christmas is not a time nor a season, but a state of mind. To cherish peace and goodwill, to be plenteous in mercy, is to have the real spirit of Christmas.”

“I love the excitement, the childlike spirit of innocence, and just about everything that goes along with Christmas.”

“It’s true, Christmas can feel like a lot of work, particularly for mothers. But when you look back on all the Christmases in your life, you’ll find you’ve created family traditions and lasting memories. Those memories, good and bad, are really what help to keep a family together over the long haul.” 

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! 


President’s Corner for Dec 22 – Jan 23

By Steve Manganelli

Well, never mind my November column reminiscing about the past year as your President: we have one more Newsletter to go! Short and sweet says Mr. Editor, the kind Mr. Belknap. Let me start off by thanking Larry Kosta for taking the action to divest the Club trailer. It is one thing to advise on how it should be done, but there are some complicated logistics tasks involved and Larry stepped up to the plate to do so. We should have the anticipated funds to offset some of the costs of the Winter Banquet which brings up my next topic.

Have you renewed your Club membership and purchased your tickets to the Grand Event, yet? Quan Nguyen did a great job enabling the Club Renewal along with the opportunity to purchase tickets to the banquet.  We’ve prepaid the Aerospace Museum and capped attendance at 100 guests. Since we have just over 300 members eligible and assuming every member could bring one guest, that’s 600 people eligible, so buy your tickets early (if you haven’t already) to ensure you don’t miss out! Jovi has already spilled the beans on the fabulous raffle aircraft and I can say the non-modeler guest prize array is shaping up nicely, thanks to Michelle Manganelli. The join/renew link was activated on December 1.  If you’re currently a member through December 31, your new badge with the new Gate/Potty combination will be printed and first available early in the year when we have “Badge Day”, likely the weekend of the 7th and 8th of January. Badge Day saves the club some $ on mailing; those not picked up on Badge Day will be mailed shortly thereafter.  The combination will be changed to the number on the new badges on January 14th . New members will be mailed a 2023 badge when they join up.

Our really last flying event of the year was a T-28 race that took place last weekend, the 10th of December.  Ten of us braved 65 degree temps, clear skies and virtually 0 wind to conquer the pylons, tough duty! The impetus for this event was a set of medals identified as “December” and “2022”, ergo we had to have another race to use them up. However, race master Mr. Neu forgot to bring them, but he did remember his airplane which he expertly piloted to 1st place in Gold class. Silver winner was Alex Sutton and Bronze to relative newcomer Artie Means, well done Artie! Steve did remember the prizes for the goodie raffle and the medals will be awarded next time he sees the awardees.

Glen Merrit of the Weedwackers announced he was taking over race master duties at their field next year and we are all invited to join in their races. He will follow our format exactly and his races will be scheduled on a Saturday other than the 2nd of the month so us racers can double up!  Watch for E-mail blasts announcing the dates.

Let’s go back to the subject of the Club Trailer. Paying to store things we’re probably never going to use again is waste of resources, but storing a few things we are likely to use is a different story. I have custody of a Gas powered back pack blower and a cordless back pack weed sprayer that belong to the Club. If field maintenance requires these things, let me know and I’ll arrange to get them out for you.  One final thing retrieved before the trailer goes to it’s new owner is a dry erase board having (to me anyway) a touching message pictured below. A little sleuthing suggested that “Sunday 5/16” must have been 2010, our last Mid-Winter Electrics, or “MWE Spring Fling” as I believed we called it toward the end. It’s a bit bittersweet that MWE didn’t go on, but at least I will “See you next year!” as your Treasurer.

Chairman’s Corner for Nov – Dec 2022

Happy Thanksgiving SEFSD members.  I would like to say Thank You to the BOD for this past year.  Steve Manganelli was a great President for our Club.  He kept us all informed with all events and how the club was running and what we have planned as a club for the city of San Diego.  Thank You Steve!  Here’s the good news, Steve is going to be our Treasure for 2023.  Stepping in for President is going to be Brad Bender.  I want to welcome Brad back to the BOD and we all look forward as you guide us through 2023!   Thank you, Quan, being our VP for 2022 and he is going to continue as VP for 2023.   Allen, for his contribution in being our treasure (I hope Allen returns and comes to our banquet.) and Quan for stepping in, to take over the treasure for the last few months.  Ken Dresser for being our secretary when he was able to contribute.  Coming in for next year for secretary with be Eric Shapiro, thank you Eric to returning to the BOD!  Our Safety officer, Steve Neu, who kept us safe and for the T-28 races each month, and those races are fun, I do believe we’ll have a couple T-28’s at the banquet to give away….

Yes, I will be back as Chairman to guide us though the 2023, and I look forward to the fun we will have next year.

 Our members at Large for 2022 were Carl Cox with his contributions at the BOD meetings, Carl will be returning for 2023, Jeff Struthers, wow what I can I say about Jeff.  Jeff contributions this year and the many years before are greatly appreciated and we are sorry to say that Jeff is stepping down for the upcoming year.  However, Jeff will continue to host the Electroglide for 2023 which is a great event if you have not yet participated in.  Jeff Thank You and we hope to see you soon on the BOD once again!  Larry Kosta for our logo and shirts, hats, stickers, magnetic logo.  Thank You Larry, and we look forward to your continuing contribution to the club.   Hello Nick for joining as a member at large for the upcoming year.  Thank you for joining us!

We have many non-BOD members who have contributed in more ways than one can really Thank.   Jim Bonnardel, who took the task of being our Contest Director for the past year, great news is that, Jim will continue to do our monthly events for 2023.  Next year you will see all events on the calendar on our website, this way you can schedule your life around flying…. lol   Dennis Laberge, keeping our field in great shape, helping newcomers in flying. Always stepping up no matter what the task is, Dennis will be there, Thank You Dennis!  Mark Davis, bringing all that food and drinks, for our Monthly meetings, I tell you is not easy task to do, I have done it.  Thank You Mark. 

The last Thank You, goes out to each club member who are the ones who make our club, in coming out during the week or the weekends.  Joining our events, everyone contributes in many ways.  We have two moms who come out and have contribute to the club, Laura Thompson with her son Ty and Spring with her son Neil, matter of fact, both Ty and Neil are in the same class at Bishop…..

It is that time for renew of membership and starting Dec 1 or 2nd, when Quan gets the renew button setup, you can renew for 2022 and most importantly, get your banquet tickets.  Event will be held at the Air and Space Museum in Balboa Park.  Cost:  Yes, we upped our dues for next year to $60.00.  Within this past year the cost of supporting our field has gone up.  Banquet tickets also increased in priced to $55.00 per person.   With the purchase of the banquet ticket, you can enter the Air and Space Museum anytime during the day and stay inside the building once it closes.  Our Banquet starts at, we’ll check in at about 5:45 and then get your picture taken by Frank Sutton, (Thank You Frank for your contribution with all the photos and videos you have created).  The event starts at 6:00pm, dinner is around 6:30 – 7:00 pm, and then it’s, give away prizes! Here is a list of prizes……

  • Skynectic SXtarling 1230mm PNP
  • Freewing Vulcan 4S
  • Flightline P-51D Mustang 850mm
  • Flightline Spitfire Mk.IX 1200mm
  • Freewing Rebel V2 70mm
  • FMS 800mm T-28 Trojan V2
  • FMS 64mm EDF F-16 PNP
  • FMS 64mm EDF F-18 PNP
  • Gliders, work in process

And our Grand Prize:

AVIOS (PNF) King Twin 1700 Sports/Scale Executive Turboprop Airplane!!!

I cannot forget our better half’s that allow us to go fly our airplanes, that we will have some real nice items for our wives in which Steve Manganelli wife, who greatly is taking on this task.  Thank You so much for your contribution!  I have also created a video this past year (Who Started the Fire) and I look forward to sharing it all with you at the banquet.  100 tickets will be sold, so get yours as soon as you renew and don’t wait too long, for they will sell out!

As a last item to discuss is Thanksgiving:  It’s so easy to get caught up in our busy lives. These Thanksgiving quotes will help you feel appreciative anytime you need them.

  • Thanksgiving is one of my favorite days of the year because it reminds us to give thanks and to count our blessings after each flight. Suddenly, so many things become so little when we realize how blessed and lucky we are to bring our planes home in one piece.
  • I love Thanksgiving because it is a holiday centered around food, family, and airplanes, three things that are of utmost importance to me.
  • Gratitude unlocks the fullness of life. It turns what we have into enough, and more. It turns denial into acceptance, chaos to order, confusion to clarity. It can turn a meal into a feast, a house into a home, a stranger into a friend. Gratitude makes sense of our past, brings peace for today and creates a vision for those perfect landings.
  • Give thanks for everything that happens to you, knowing that every step forward is a step toward achieving something bigger and better than your current airplane.

Happy Thanksgiving and be safe this coming Holiday Season!

Happy Flying!


President’s Corner for Nov – Dec 2022

By Steve Manganelli

As the Newsletter year and my tenure as your President comes to a close, this needs be my “Thank You” edition. I’ve enjoyed R/C modeling virtually my whole adult life, but at the end of the day, the people I’ve shared it with and the places it has taken me, become more memorable than any particular model. I like to think the popularity of our Club is not just because we have the most central City location, least expensive dues and certainly the best Summer weather in San Diego, but that we all like hanging out with each other, sharing each other’s triumphs and commiserating with each other’s follies. We like learning things from each other between flights and getting first hand advice for our next model by searching the flightline for attractive models. In this context, I thank my fellow BOD members whose energy and enthusiasm sets the tone for the Silent Electric Flyers of San Diego, and makes the Club what it is.

The glue that keeps us together is this newsletter, the Club Calendar and a series of E-mail blasts that reminds us of events. All of those tools are the purview of our editor, Mr. Steve Belknap. Thank you for your service, kind Steve! Thanks to Jovi Murek for chairing the BOD to keep us on the straight and narrow, for procuring great raffle prizes for the banquet (hint : we have some awesome raffle prizes for the Winter Banquet, you won’t want to miss it!) and scoring/officiating T-28 Racing and the Monthly Fun Contests. Jovi also pitched in as Hot Dog lead when Mark Davis was unavailable. Thanks to Quan Nguyen for paying our bills, keeping our books straight as replacement treasurer and being in charge of club events as Vice President. Beyond simply paying our bills, he arranged and negotiated our expenses such as the outhouse rental, water truck and Dust Down procurement.  I’m going to try to fill Quan’s shoes next year, but it’s going to be tough!

Thanks go out to Steve Neu for keeping us safe, hosting BOD meetings at his home and running the T-28 Racing Series. I have it on good authority that the prizes from the post-race raffle come from his Neumotors business and the club may or may not get a bill;  it’s wholesale if we do! I Next want to thank Jeff Struthers whom provided valuable input to the Board of Directors and along with his Misses, conducted Electroglide throughout the year. Even better, Jeff is standing up to do it again next year; thank you kindly, Jeff! I want to recognize Larry Kosta whom along with BOD issue insights, used his business to provide a variety of graphic arts items to the Club at no cost. These include the Lindberg Field warning addendum to the main sign board, the “SEFSD Property” sign and stencil for the new chairs, numerous paper stickers with our new logo and the and Electroglide medal inserts. Larry’s professional graphic artist “Felix” is the one responsible for our new logo. Next, thanks to Carl Cox for reasoned input to BOD decisions and pylon judging for T-28 Racing. Lastly, thanks to Alan Issacs and Ken Dresser for doing what they could when available. Non-BOD members whom made great contributions to SEFSD include Dennis Laberge, Frank Sutton, Mark Davis, Randy Wyant and Jim Bonnardel. Dennis for his selfless field maintenance activities, Mark for his incredible home-made salsa and the rest of the hot dog roasts, Randy for surveilling our field for nefarious homeless encampments and lost airplanes, Frank for his expert photography and graphic arts and Jim for running the Club Fun Contests all year and maintaining the tables. Yes, it’s all those efforts that make us what we are and I appreciate it!

Military scale at the last Club Members Meeting in October  was a hoot! It took all year, but master of ceremonies Jim Bonnardel finally found a scoring rubric that us rocket scientists could handle using only half our brains : every other method tried seemed to need all our brains which apparently could not be mustered for these contests…”Ever watch a dog show on TV” says Jim? You just walk up and down the flightline, put the medal on your favorite airplane and declare it the winner! Quan and I had a lot of fun watching the show and coming to agreement on the winner, er “Best In Show” which I recall was a twin bomb dropper guided by Bob Simpson. The lack of paperwork to be second guessed was a bonus!

In closing please support our new President, Mr. Brad Bender, new Member at Large Nick Anton and new Secretary Eric Shapiro and the rest of the 2023 BOD (details contained in the November BOD Meeting Minutes elsewhere in this issue)  and of course, see  you at the Winter Banquet on January 13th where there is at least one surprise awaiting one well deserving somebody, just saying.