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Beautiful RC Model Collection for Sale

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The price is NOT “Free”.  You will need to contact Larry and discuss an offer.
I am getting out of the hobby and have decided to sell all of my RC gear including an 11 channel JR radio, Fat Shark FPV goggles, multi chargers, 110 AC power supplies, some small batteries, storage racks for the planes and misc. plugs, motors, etc.  I would like to sell the whole lot as a package rather than parting it out. I will make a very sweet deal with the right person and make that someone the deal of the century, but they need to be serious. I just don’t have the time and would rather these planes go to a good home.
There is no junk, no foam, all fly very well and some are very special. Each plane has working servos, receivers, BECs where applicable and fully wired. Just add batteries and fly some awesome planes! I also have a smaller (36″) GB R3 and a DW Foamy profile that both fly as well that I will throw in just for the heck of it.
Please see photos.
  • 48″ Texaco Racer – fast and fun! (4s)
  • 58″ Relentless – Composite fuselage, build-up wings and retracts (can’t show it because I don’t have batteries so I show the plane and wings with retracts) (6s)
  • 82″ Hornet Hotliner – Full Composite, Steve Neu geared motor, flaps – real fast, fun and sounds great! (5s)
  • 66″ GB R3 – all wire struts – flies great! (6s)
  • 74″ Pitts Bulldog – 30cc Sebart built as electric. Awesome plane!!! Flies as good as it looks. This one is special. An Acrobat and pattern plane. (12s)
  • 78″ Yak 55 – Sebart. My favorite plane to fly!
  • and the racks for storing the planes
There is no junk! Please pass this on to anyone who may be interested.  If you are interested, please call me at:
Larry Lewis
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