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Popwing Rules & Information




SEFSD Pop Wing Racing is a “SPEC CLASS” event. All pilots are required to fly the exact same aircraft. There is no specification on battery type other than 3 cell. There are no limitations on servos. The aircraft must be the NitroPlanes Popwing or the HobbyKing TecSumo version using these specs:

Fuselage length: 575mm (22.6in.)
Wingspan: 900mm (35.4in.)
Flying Weight:300–350g (with battery)
Motor: AS2208-15 KV 1370
ESC: 15-20 Amp
Propeller: 7050E OR 6050E
Servo: 8g micro servo * 2pcs

Modifications to add strength are allowed. Reshaping of the wing surface is not allowed.

Aircraft MUST have a number. Number recommendation is to use MS word, Stencil Font, 500 size. Print your number, cut out the stencil, then paint it on the wing as shown. If you have a preferred number, check with the race manager to see if it is available, or to have a number assigned.




Pilots must have a “Spotter” to count their laps, and finishing position. Pilots usually team up to call/spot for each other.

The Race Course is a 2 flag track. 300 ft. long. Counter Clockwise Lap (Left Turns). You must go around the flags. Failure to make a turn results in a loss for that lap. However, if the spotter or pilot believes they have missed a turn, the pilot can go around the flag to stay on the lap they are on. If a Turn Marshal states the pilot missed a turn, and the pilot did not go around again, it results in a loss of lap. Laps CAN NOT be made back up after the race is finished. Once the leader crosses the Start/Finish line after the required laps, the race is over, and finishing positions for the remaining pilots is noted as they cross the line. Turn Marshals can call a turn that is not around the flag, or if it is cut short. The call of the Turn Marshal is FINAL.

Racing is done in a single qualifier to Main event format. Depending on the number of pilots signed up on that race day, groups of 4 or 5 are assigned to a qualifying race. Finishing position in that qualifier dictates which race group you are in for the main event. Qualifiers are 5 laps, Main’s are 10. Points are awarded equally through the main groups, meaning if you finish 1st place in group 1, you earn 10 points. If you finish 1st place in group 4, you still earn 10 points. Points are awarded with 2 point deductions for finishing position. 1st, 10 points, 2nd 8 points, 3rd 6 points and so on. Points are also awarded for qualifying races. 1st place 4 points, 2nd place 3 points and so on. Points are accumulated through the year with awards issued during the final event in October.

Races are done with an airborne start. There is an audio launch sequence that gives the pilots 2 minutes to ready their aircraft, then a 30 second “Pilots to the Air” command, and a 15 second tone. If pilots are not airborne by the 15 second mark, they are scrubbed from that race. The audio continues with a 10 second mark, and a 5 second countdown tone to the start. Pilots crossing the start finish line before the final tone (called a “Jump”) must loop up or around the cross the start/finish after the tone to begin their race.

Racing is held on the 2nd Saturday of each calendar month, first race at 10:00am. Racing is complete usually before 11:00am. In the event of weather, we will reschedule to the earliest following Saturday that is convenient.