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Electroglide Rules & Information

Home of the San Diego Electroglide

The Electroglide is the third Saturday of each month, pilots meeting 09:15 with  a 9:30 am first launch. The whole contest, with the 10 minute limits for each round lasts short of an hour.

This LMR (Limited Motor Run) event is designed for any motor glider powered by a brushless motor dimensions not to exceed 28mm in diameter and 16mm in length, with a max of a 3 cell (11.1 volts) battery.

The contest consists of four consecutive, group launches, with all classes flying simultaneously.

The total score will be determined by final placing in each class.

No inter-launch battery charging, or exchange will be allowed.

Bonus points for accurate landings, are to be assessed from the nose of the aircraft — 10, 20, or 30 points per flight.

Landings off field, flights longer than 10 minutes, or the use of additional motor run time will result in a zero-zero score.


Class Definition:

Radian Class: Factory Parkzone Radian with no modifications. Battery limited to 1300 mAh.

Easy Star Class: Factory Multiplex Easy Star with no modifications. Battery limited to 2200mAh.

Open Class: Any 2 meter wingspan  airframe can be used.  3 cell battery with no limitations on mAh.  Motor not to exceed 35mm dia., 33mm  overall length. No battery exchange or charging during the contest.

SCORE SHEET – See below.

AUDIO FILE for ipod and similar device.