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Pilot/Plane Numbers for the T28 2022 Racing Season.

The list will be updated after the first races and inactive pilots will be removed. Pilots with 3 digit numbers need to change to a 2 digit number as the smaller T28 planes don’t have enough room for large 3 digit numbers. Pilots who don’t have a number from the Pop Wing series and  plan to fly in the T28 series please pick a first and second number choice and send me an e-mail and I will get your number on the list. Number choices will be on a first come—first serve basis.

1              Tuan Nguyen

2              Tony Blackhurst

3              Jim Bonnardel

4              Richard Bonnardel

5              Roger Ball

6              Brad Bender

7              Brian Zhuang

8              George Sullivan

9              Bruce Driver

10            Lewis Dotson

11            Steve Neu  

12            Eric Shapiro

13            Julian Jones

14            Steve Manganelli

17            Jeff Keesaman

20            Vince Cavataio

25            Eric Byrd

27            Alex Sutton

31            Larry Kosta

33            Otto Dieffenbach

44            Frank Gagliardi

51            Quan Nguyen

55            Raphi Houri

66            Arthur Markiewicz

69            Randy Wynant

71            Mark Davis

77            Barry Mattingly

81            Tom Guggio

88            Ian McInlay

101          Carlos Mercado (needs to be changed)