Dedicated to the Promotion of Electric Propulsion in all types of Aeromodeling

SEFSD Bylaws


AMA Charter # 3078



1.1. The core objective of the Silent Electric Flyers of San Diego (the “Club”) shall be to promote and further the technology of electric R/C modeling through technical instruction, demonstration, competition and other promotional activities as shall be required.


2.1. Applicants and/or members shall possess a valid membership in the Academy of Model Aeronautics (AMA).

2.2. Members shall conduct themselves in a sportsmanlike manner during all Club activities and shall abide by the Club Field Rules posted at the flying field.

2.3. All member’s radio transmitters shall be FCC Type-Approved and operated in accordance with FCC regulations.

2.4. Members who wish to operate R/C radios in the Amateur Radio Service shall possess a valid FCC amateur license in the grade of Technician or higher.

2.5. Any member who directs any threat, intimidation, physical harm, intentional equipment damage or any action deemed to be retaliatory by the Board of Directors shall be reviewed and dealt with accordingly. This can include immediately expelled from the Club.

2.6. Members shall pay dues and/or fees as shall be levied by the Officers and Board of Directors.

2.7. Membership shall run from January 1 until December 31.


3.1. Officers shall be members of the Club. The duties of each Officer relative to the Club shall be as follows:

3.1.1. PRESIDENT – The President shall conduct all meetings and be jointly responsible with other Officers for discharge of Club business. The President shall be the official Club spokesman.

3.1.2. VICE-PRESIDENT – The Vice-President shall plan and schedule Club events and act in place of the President in case of the President’s absence.

3.1.3. SECRETARY – The Secretary shall keep Club records, attend to Club correspondence and prepare reports of Club activities when necessary.

3.1.4. TREASURER – The Treasurer shall receive and dispense Club funds and prepare a financial report at least annually; said report to be presented at the annual meeting for the election of Officers.

3.1.5. EDITOR – The Editor shall be responsible for publishing a newsletter describing the activities of the Club.

3.1.6. SAFETY OFFICER – The Safety Officer shall be responsible for all aspects of flight safety.

3.2. The tenure of Officers shall be one (1) year.

3.3. The President shall not serve more than two (2) consecutive elected terms of office.


4.1. The Board of Directors shall consist of nine (9) Club members. The last President, the current President, the current Vice ­President, the current Treasurer, Safety Officer, Secretary, and three (3) Members At Large, nominated and elected in accordance with Article 6.

4.2. The last President shall be the Chairmen of the Board of Directors. If the office of Chairman is vacated during an elected term the current President shall assume the roll of Chairman of the Board. Alternatively the Board may elect an interim Chairman from among the Board Members to act as Chairman until the next normal election cycle.

4.3. If the office of President is vacated during an elected term he or she will no longer be a member of the Board of Directors and will not become the Chairman of the Board of Directors at the next election. The Board may then fill the vacancy by holding an extraordinary election, in accordance with Article 6, or wait until the next election cycle.

4.4. Any Board member may call a Board meeting by notifying all other board members with 10 (ten) days notice prior to the meeting. A quorum of board members shall be present for Board decisions to be voted upon. A simple majority vote by those present shall be required to pass any Board decision.

4.5. The duties of the Board of Directors shall be as follows:

4.5.1. Make all business decisions regarding the Club’s operation.

4.5.2. Serve as an advisory group to the Officers of the Club.

4.5.3. Serve as a grievance and arbitration committee.

4.5.4. Serve as emergency replacements for Officers.

4.5.5. Suspend, revoke or recommend reinstatement of membership as mandated by these Bylaws.

4.5.6. The three Members At Large may be assigned special duties and responsibilities by the Board as needed.

4.6. Any Club member or other individual may attend Board of Directors meetings by invitation of the Board Chairman.


5.1. When a committee is appointed by the Board of Directors and/or Club Officers, the duties and length of service of said committee shall be outlined at that time.


6.1. The election of all Club Officers shall be held at the Club’s regular monthly meeting in November.

6.2. Nominations for Club Officers shall be opened at the October meeting. Nominations shall close at the November meeting.

6.3. The Board of Directors shall submit one nomination for each Officer. The remainder of candidates may be selected by the general membership.

6.4. Nominees for Club Officers have the right to decline nomination.

6.5. The nominees shall be elected to their offices by a simple majority vote of the members present at said meeting. Absentee members shall submit their vote, to the Board of Directors, in writing prior to the meeting at which the vote is to be taken.

6.6. If a Board member or Club Officer vacates his or her office during an elected term an extraordinary election shall be held in accordance with Article 6 to fill the vacancy.


7.1. A regular Club meeting shall be held each month, except December.

7.2. Meetings shall be called to order and conducted by the President. In the President’s absence, the Vice-President, Secretary, Treasurer, Editor or Safety Officer shall preside.

7.3. Special meetings shall be called by a majority vote of the Board of Directors or Officers.

7.4. All meetings shall be conducted in an informal manner except that Club business decisions, which the Board of Directors has opened to the members, shall be made according to Robert’s Rules of Order.

7.5. The Board of Directors shall meet on a regular monthly basis at a time and place as directed by the Board of Directors. Guests may be invited at the board’s discretion.


8.1. All complaints shall be submitted to the Board of Directors in writing in a timely manner and carry the signature of the complainant as well as a witness. Both complainant and witness shall be members of the Club.

8.2. The Board of Directors shall request a written response form the accused and shall by a two-thirds (2/3) majority vote decide on the action to be taken.

8.3. Both the accused and complainant shall receive the decision of the Board of Directors in writing.

8.4. The Board of Directors decision shall be final and absolute and not subject to appeal.


9.1. These Bylaws may be changed by amendment. The proposed amendment shall be read at a regular meeting, published and disseminated to all members, and shall be voted upon at the next regular Club meeting. The proposed amendment shall be ratified by a simple majority vote of the members present at said meeting. Absentee members shall submit their vote, to the Board of Directors, in writing prior to the meeting at which the vote is to be taken.


10.1. Equipment, supplies, etc., physical or virtual (Eg: Online/Internet), purchased with Club funds, or purchased by an individual and so designated, shall be the property of the Club (Silent Electric Flyers of San Diego).

10.2. Terminated or voluntarily withdrawn members shall immediately return all Club property in their possession.


11.1. The Club shall only be dissolved with the approval of a two­ thirds (2/3) majority vote of the total membership. This vote shall take place at a meeting arranged by the Board of Directors who shall announce the meeting, in the Club newsletter, at least thirty (30) days prior to the date of the vote. Absentee members shall submit their vote, to the Board of Directors, in writing prior to the meeting at which the vote is to be taken.

11.2. Upon dissolution of the Club the Board of Directors shall:

11.2.1. Firstly pay off all liabilities.

11.2.2. Secondly dispose of all the assets of the Club exclusively for the purposes of the Club to such other organization or organizations operated exclusively for non-profit activities as defined in Section 501(c) of the Internal Revenue Service Code of 1986.

11.2.3. Finally any assets not so disposed of shall be disposed of by the Court of Common Pleas exclusively for such purposes and to such organizations, as said court shall determine.