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Field Rules for Mission Bay

Club Safety & Operational Rules

Revised May 2024

SEFSD Field Rules

Whom: Membership in the Academy of Model Aeronautics (AMA) (Insurance indemnifying you) and membership in our Club, Silent Electric Flyers of San Diego (Insurance Indemnifying the City of San Diego) are both required to fly here. This field is within the City of San Diego’s Mission Bay Park. AMA members whom are not Club Members may fly on a very limited basis as a guest of an SEFSD member. Members should have their AMA membership card in their possession and club badge on display when flying. Commercial use is prohibited.

What: Fixed Wing Aircraft, Helicopters & Drones weighing less than 55lbs only. No Internal combustion engines. Autonomous aircraft and FPV must be flown per FAA Regulations. Under no circumstances are model flights permitted beyond Visual Line of Sight (VLOS) of the Operator or out of field boundaries. All models shall be identified with the Pilot’s AMA, FAA Registration numbers and owner’s identifying information.

When: Dawn to Dusk, 7 Days a Week except as restricted by a Presidential NOTAM, Civic Event blocking the Streets or flooding and/or a Club Event taking precedence over sport flying. Night Flying is not permitted. If field is deemed too wet for “no-rut” operations after a heavy rain, the BOD may close access with a red lock.

Where: Flights are to be made within the field boundaries at an altitude of at or below 200 ft. Please study the map carefully. Flying deliberately over spectators, other pilots, or outside field boundaries is prohibited.

How: First arriving pilot to open the lock on the gate using the annual badge code, close the lock and spin the numbers to protect the combination. Takeoffs and landings shall be into the prevailing Wind. High speed or low passes should be made North of the runway. If full scale aircraft are heard or seen with apparent intent to transit over the field, announce loudly “Full Scale Aircraft Approaching” and then descend to 50ft or land until the full-scale aircraft clears the airspace. All flights shall begin and end at one of the gaps in the fence. The pilot shall announce “Taking Off” if positioning a model for takeoff or taxi. The pilot should also announce “On the Field” to retrieve a model not able to taxi back to a gap in the fence. Pilots must loudly announce “Landing” before they make their landing approach. Precedence is given to landing models whom may be low on battery power; takeoffs should wait. Last departing member pilot should coordinate with any non-modeling spectators and then lock the gate.

In Case of Emergency: In case of debilitating Injury call 911. Our Physical Address is “South Shores Driveway, San Diego”. In case of Fire, attempt to extinguish with fire extinguishers, dirt and/or stomping or call 911.

AMA Safety Code

A model aircraft is a non-human-carrying device capable of sustained flight within visual line of sight of the pilot or spotter(s). It may not exceed limitations of this code and is intended exclusively for sport, recreation, education and/or competition. All model flights must be conducted in accordance with this safety code and related AMA guidelines, any additional rules specific to the flying site, as well as all applicable laws and regulations.

As an AMA member I agree:

•  I will not fly a model aircraft in a careless or reckless manner.
•  I will not interfere with and will yield the right of way to all human-carrying
aircraft using AMA’s See and Avoid Guidance and a spotter when appropriate.
• I will not operate any model aircraft while I am under the influence of alcohol or
any drug that could adversely affect my ability to safely control the model.
• I will avoid flying directly over unprotected people, moving vehicles, and occupied
• I will maintain visual contact of an RC model aircraft without enhancement other
than corrective lenses prescribed to me. When using an advanced flight system,
such as an autopilot, or flying First-Person View (FPV), I will comply with AMA’s
Advanced Flight System programming.
• I will not fly a powered model outdoors closer than 25 feet to any individual,
except for myself or my helper(s) located at the flightline, unless I am taking off
and landing, or as otherwise provided in AMA’s Competition Regulation.


  • Take off and landing shall be into the prevailing wind and shall be announced by the pilot.
  • Helicopters and multicopters shall fly from any of the runway flight stations when they are flying the same pattern as fixed wing aircraft. Extended hovering and 3D acrobatic flight must be done in the helicopter/multicopter area to not obstruct the runway.
  • Aircraft shall yield to all wildlife. Do not fly directly at or near any wildlife.
  • Pilots or callers will announce all take offs and landings in a strong voice. Any person needing to cross the runway shall also call out “On The Runway” and “Clear” when necessary.
  • All airborne model aircraft must immediately descend to 50 ft or less if any manned aircraft enter or approach the flying area.
  • Club officers and board members have the authority to enforce safety and operational rules.
  • Operating model aircraft under the influence of drugs or alcohol is not permitted.
  • First person view flight (FPV) will meet all of the requirements of AMA Document 550. Visual line of sight must be maintained and flight must be maintained within the clubs flight boundary’s.
  • Advanced autopilots using failsafe and stabilization may be used that meet all of the requirements of AMA Document 560. Aircraft that are being flown by preprogrammed set of waypoints must set all waypoints within the posted flight boundary. Failsafe systems that return to a set position are allowed.


 Visitors with a valid AMA card may fly with a club member sponsor. Both the visitor and the club sponsor will sign the visitor logbook agreeing to the club and city rules before the visitor can fly. The club sponsor must stand at the flight station with the visitor for the first flight to make sure that the pilot is flying consistent with the club rules.


As mentioned in the newsletter:
Due to the increasing costs of the damages caused by the public and the additional health risks we are fighting, we have secured a lock. 

 Effective 5-12-2018 the outhouse will be LOCKED when not in use.

The lock codes will be printed on the back of the membership card, and will change from the previous year’s combination on the 3rd Saturday in Jan.

Please Re-lock the door when you leave.

Please have patience when the public now will come in at 40 MPH like before only to find it locked,  then to leave at 50MPH. Cammo Paint will be added ASAP as that helped reduce traffic substantially before the current shack was put in as a replacement.

Thank you for your attention in this matter.