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Eglectroglide Report for 2/18/12


The scoring was great,  and there were some real interesting twists to the final placement. The first twist was with Bob Anson and Jeff Struthers.   Although Bob won the event,  Jeff was only 19 points behind Bob.  Jeff had landed off field in round 2,  making a Zero-Zero score.   If Jeff could have made the deck in round 2, he could have knocked Bob out of first place!  Bob had 2 rounds of zero landing  points,  but being on the deck meant he got the flight time points, which was enough to hold Jeff off.

I will say that I had far fewer forms turned in, than we had airplanes launching.  Please gents,  if you play,  at least turn in your form.  I’ve revised it to make it easier to use, and even if you think you are dead last,  it helps validate the Electroglide and prove that we need to continue to have ownership of the field. Electrogliders are an essential part of SEFSD,  so be a part and turn in your form to show our solidarity. I wont directly ‘call out’ the pilots I know who did not turn in the form, THIS MONTH.   Next month, prepared to be  harassed here if you do not turn it in.   I wanted to add a personal note of thanks to those of you that thanked Richie for scoring.  Your appreciation and respect means a lot to him, and he tries real hard to do a good job.


Radian Class:

Bob Anson        225
Jeff Struthers    206
Bob Stinson      202

Open class:

Jim Bonnardel    228
Pedro Brantuas   181

Jim Shelton       128

No entries in Easy Star class.
Honorable Mention:  Steve Neu (flying Pedro’s ship in round 4)  78 
points, top score for round 4.