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Electroglide Contest Report for April 2024


We had a surprisingly fun Electroglide last Saturday.

I say we were surprised because at the first launch, the skies were overcast, temperature was 63 degrees and there was a westerly breeze of 5 mph. Not the best conditions for creating thermal lift.

First launch had eight aircraft go up, Seven Radians and one Heron in the open class. Most pilots found some good lift, making for long flight times. Deric Knight, (Heron), had the long flight at 8:20 minutes and a 20-point landing. Scott Vance, (Radian), had the second longest at 7:37 with a 20-point landing. Dennis LaBerge, (Radian), was third at 6:40 minutes, also with a 20-point landing. Stephen Treger, Bob Anson and Fritz Logan, all picked up 20-point landings.

Second launch had our overcast start to break up and everyone headed for the same lift spot but the lift had gone away. Scott had the long flight at 3:00 minutes. Bob Anson,(Radian), was second at 2:24 with a 30-point landing and Deric came in third at 2:20 minutes with a 10-point landing. Stephen picked up a 30-point landing. Fritz had a 20-point landing, Scott an Dennis both picked up 10-point landings.

Third launch had clear skies over Mission Bay, the wind started to pick up a bit.  Dennis and Bruce Driver, (Radian), shared the long flight at 6:10 minutes. Bob was second at 4:45 plus a 30-point landing. Stephen Treger, (Radian), was third at 4:39, also getting a 30-point landing. Deric picked up a 30-point landing.

Fourth and final launch had even stronger winds, making it hard for pilots to hit the target circles. Dennis had the long flight at 4:40 minutes and a 10-point landing. Scott was second at 4:20 and Bruce was third at 4:02 with a 10-point landing.


Winners for the day:

Open Class-       1st.  Deric Knight        166 total points

Radian Class-     1st. Stephen Treger   166 total points

                         2nd.Bob Anson           161 total points

                         3rd. Dennis LaBerge  159 total points


Thanks to Frank Sutton for the great event pictures.

Next Electroglide is scheduled for May 18th. 10:00 a.m. First launch.

See you there,

Jeff Struthers