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Electroglide Report for 4/21/12

San Diego Electroglide for 21 April 2012

Fog, fog, fog!!!   Three perfect San Diego early Spring days and now this Saturday of FOG!

I suppose that the fog scared some of the stalwarts away.  then again, perhaps it was early vacations.  Whatever the reasons there was jus a small turn out.

With the top of the Sea World Tower still shrouded, it looked as if it was possible to go for the first toss at the 9:30 time.  If we began to get lost in the fog, then we decide to delay the further launches.  However, there were no momentary visibility losses so we kept at it for all four of the required tosses.  There was no consistent left, but occasionally one of the pilots would get into a bit of zero sink to s=extend their flight.  The longest flight with the proc=scribed 15 second motor run was 4 minutes, 20 seconds.

Hopefully next month we will have better morning weather, a bigger turn out, and SUN!

for the Standard Class  — Radians

Tom Erickson   43  25  53  24  Total 145   with bonus landings of 30, 10, 30, and 10

Jeff Struthers  13  44  29  32  Total 118

Terry Thomann  37  15  0  21  Total 73

John Forster was the only contestant in the Open Class  17  14  21  15  Total 67

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