Dedicated to the Promotion of Electric Propulsion in all types of Aeromodeling

Electroglide Report for April 2013

By Jim Bonnardel


We had 10 pilots for the Electroglide Redux this month.   Nice skies and great conditions.


Bob Stinson took the Radian Class with Tim Attaway and Tom Svircev close behind.    Open Class had Jim Shelton and John Forrester,  and Easy Star Class had Jeff Struthers alone in the class.


Jim Shelton had a 10:02 in the first round,  with his Hyper.  He’s getting good launches now and has to remember to work the other side of the clock!
Jeff Struthers had the longest legal flight of the day,  9:53 on a hyped up Easy Star!  Awesome.


The Scores:
Bob Stinson 257
Tim Attaway 230
Tom Svircev 216
Tom Erickson 207
Matt Cage 178
Ray Fulks 153


Jim Shelton  102
John Forrester 94


Jeff Struthers 141


In May,  the 3rd Saturday is the 18th. Please remember to print your scoresheets from the link on the web page and bring them with you.


See you then!

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