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Electroglide Report for April 2017



 Lucky Dog again


Second launch had short flight times as well. The longest time aloft again going to Steve and Tom at 2:50 and 2:32 respectively. Only Tom picked up a landing credit (20-points), for that round .


For the Third launch only Tom Erickson found the lift, staying aloft for 3:35 and scoring a 30-point landing credit. Rich Rogers had the second longest flight at 2:25 and picked up a 10-point landing credit. Fred Daugherty, flying for 2:08 picked up a 20-point landing. Stephen Treger flew for 2:11 and scored a 10-point landing.



 Fred, Stephen and Rich


Fourth and final launch found Tom Erickson above and alone from all the rest. With a flight time of 4:40 his closest competitor was Fred Daugherty at 3:20. Fred being the only pilot of that round earning a landing credit, 20-points.



30 points for Tom


Winner of the day is Tom Erickson with total points of 137. Second place goes to Fred Daugherty at 85 points. Third place is Stephen Treger at 79 points. Kudos for the day go to Tom for finding lift when others could not and Jim for keeping at it when the motor in his aircraft was so weak.



Going for extra points


Next Electroglide is scheduled for May 20th. Until then let’s fix our airplanes, practice and hope for lift.