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Electroglide Report for April 2022

 Nine pilots competed in April’s Electroglide. Weather conditions were not so great with a 13 mph breeze blowing from the North West. This wind made for an exciting first launch. There was a midair collision between Alex Sutton and myself on the first launch.

 My Conscendo pitched hard up. I wasn’t ready for it, so before I could react, I flew into Alex’s Radian.   With a resounding “whack” a large bite appeared in the Conscendos vertical stab and a broken prop fluttered to the ground from the Radian. I was able to keep flying but Alex’s Radian was out of the competition, my bad Alex, sorry.

 The long flight for the first launch was earned by Bob Anson flying the open class at 2:26. I was second at 2:07, also flying open class. Carl Cox, flying in the Radian class, was third at 1:40. Dennis LaBerge (Radian) and Daric Knight (open), both picked up 20-point landings.

 On the second launch, Scott Vance, flying a Radian, had the long flight at 6:20 with a 20-point landing. Bob Anson, flying a Conscendo, was second at 5:45 with another 20-point landing. Carl Cox, with a Radian, was third at 5:20. Dennis LaBerge scored a 30-point landing, Bob Stinson and I scored 20-point landings and Daric Knight scored a 10-point landing.

 On the third launch, Scott Vance again had the long flight at 6:50 with a 10-point landing. Bob Anson came in second at 5:47 and Dennis LaBerge was third at 3:33 with a 10-point landing. I picked up a 20-point landing.

 Fourth and final launch had Scott again showing us how it’s done, flying for 6:52 minutes. Bob Anson was second at 5:05 with a 10-point landing and I was third at 3:20 with a 20-point landing. Both Dennis and Bob Stinson also scored 20-point landings.

 Winners for the day:

 In the Radian Class, First place, Scott Vance, 151 total points. Second place, Dennis LaBerge, 140 total points. Third place, Carl Cox , 42 total points.

 In the Open Class, First place, Bob Anson,  146 total points. Second place, Bob Stinson, 100 total points.

Third place, Jeff Struthers, 96 Points.

 Frank Sutton supplied the pictures of the event; check out the battle damage to the mid-air aircraft.

Next Electroglide is scheduled for May 21st. 10:00.

See you there,