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Electroglide Report for April 2023

This month’s Electroglide could be renamed, “Smash and Crash Day”. We had several off-field or hard landings, plus a dramatic mid-air collision. The North West winds would prove to be problematic throughout the contest.

Eight pilots were on hand at the first launch and after fixing a glitch with the speaker system, we got under way. With the mentioned winds, six Radians and two open class gliders took a steep, quick climb to altitude.

Dennis La Berge and Scott Vance, both flying Radians, battled for the longest flight. Scott came back to the runway at 4:36 minutes and Dennis at 4:30 minutes. Bob Anson, flying a Radian, was third at 2:45 minutes. Lewis Dotson, flying in the open class, was the only pilot to score bonus landing points (10-points), as well as earning the first down “Lucky Dog” award, giving him a respectable 34 points.

Second launch again had similar flight times with wind lift being the only lift available. Dennis had the long flight this time at 4:39. Both Scott and Stephen Treger, (Radian), came back at 4:31; Scott with a 20-point landing and Stephen picking up a 10-point landing. Bob came in third at 3:42. Lewis again earned the Lucky Dog award and a 10-point landing.

Third launch was I think where the mid-air happened. This involved two Radians with one having its tail boom completely severed. This resulted in the damaged aircraft doing an inverted “death spiral” towards the runway and pit area. We on the ground could only watch this happen and move out of the way if needed. I lost sight of my aircraft momentarily and I’m sure other pilots did too!

Bob had the long flight at 3:52 plus the only 30-point landing for the morning. Dennis came in second at 3:30 and Stephen was third at 3:06. Neil Zhu, flying open class, got the Lucky Dog and a 20-point landing.

Fourth and final launch had better flight times. Scott had the long one at 5:19 minutes. Dennis was second at 4:50 with a 20-point landing and Neil Zhu came in third at 4:35, also with a 20-point landing.

Top place scores for the day:

Radian Class-

1st. place,     Dennis LaBerge         125 total points
2nd. Place,    Scott Vance                108 total points
3rd. Place,     Bob Anson                 104 total points

Open Class-

1st. Place      Neil Zhu                       127 total points
2nd. Place     Lewis Dotson                62 total points

It was a challenging day for all pilots and their aircraft, two gliders had to drop out due to damage and there were a few off field landings as well.

Congrats to the pilots scoring extra landing points. With the wind, it was a hard thing to do Saturday.

Thanks to Spring Zhu for the event pictures.

Next Electroglide will be on May 20th.

See you there,

Jeff Struthers