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Electroglide Report for August 2019

We had an enjoyable Electroglide this month. Lindbergh Field was reporting a South West wind of 6mph at the 10:00 a.m. start time. The skies were clearing, and it was 68 degrees.

Seven pilots took to the skies shortly after 10:00, four Radians, two Conscendo’s and one Easy Glider. Most of the gliders were sent westward, yet Arthur Markiewicz flew his Radian to just north east of the FPV area. That paid of well with the longest flight of 6:20 minutes. Eric Byrd had the second longest flight at 4:07 and picked up a 20-point landing. Alex Sutton came in third at 3:58, also with a 20-point landing. Scott Vance picked up a 30-point landing, Bob Stinson and Vince Gonsowski both picked up 10-point landings.

Second launch had Jon Graber’s repaired Radian joining the group as most pilots headed west again. Arthur again had the long flight of 8:18 working the eastern end of our flight area, plus getting a 10-point landing on the return. Scott came in second at 4:31 with a 20-point landing. Alex again came in third with a time of 3:59 and placing a 30-point landing. Eric picked up a 30-point landing, Jon got a 20-point and Bob Stinson placed a 10-point landing.

We had to pause the third launch countdown as a full-size helicopter passed overhead, but soon eight gliders rose up into the now blue sky. Arthur was bringing his Radian back over the runway after about a 4-minute flight when his glider suddenly flew through a lift zone. With a quick turn, he reentered the lifting column gaining some altitude. By keeping a sharp turn going, Arthur stayed with the narrow lifting air and extended his flight time to 8:44. Scott had the second longest flight at 8:14 and Alex was third at 3:47. Stephen Treger picked up a 30-point landing and Bob picked up a 10-point landing.

Fourth and final launch again had Scott and Arthur battling for the longest flight. Arthur had a 9:48 aloft with a 20-point landing. Scott had 9:04 aloft with a 20-point landing. Alex, came in third again with a flight at 3:58, also with 20-point landing.

I’ll point out that Jon Graber had at least a 7-minute flight on that last launch but landing off runway produced no score situation. Still, this was Jon’s longest flight thus far in the Electroglide.

Winner for the day was Arthur Markiewicz at 230 total points. Scott Vance was a close second at 225 points and Alex Sutton came in third at 165 points.

Nice flying everyone, I hope you all had a good time.

Thanks to Frank Sutton for being our event photographer.

Next Electroglide is set for September 21st., 10:00 a.m. start.

See you there,