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Electroglide Report for Feb 2023

 We had a pretty fun Electroglide last Saturday. I didn’t think the weather would give us much lift but there were some longer than expected flight times.

 We had nine pilots competing, eight flying Radians and one flying in the open class.

 The sky was mostly cloudy, 60 degrees and a light 3 mph breeze.

 First launch went smoothly and had us all looking for the lift. Jeff Struthers (Radian) and a few others headed to the west and found a little bit of lift coming off of the boat launching area.  Dennis LaBerge (Radian) and some others found the lift to the east of our runway. That was a good choice for Dennis as he was able to stay in a narrow column of rising air for the longest flight of 9 minutes, plus picking up a 30-point landing. Jeff was second at 6:30 minutes with 20-point landing. Jon Graber (Radian), was third at 3:13 minutes. Alex Sutton, Stephen Treger and Fritz Logan (all Radians), had 30-point landings.

For the second launch, the lift pretty much disappeared. Dennis again had the long flight at 3:33 minutes with a 20-point landing. Bob Anson (Radian) had the second longest flight at 3:20 minutes and Stephen was third at 2:45 with a 20-point landing. Alex had a 30-point landing and Jeff and Fritz both had 20-point landings. It was a pile up in the target circles with a lot of aircraft landing at the same time. Have a look at the event pictures.

 Third launch again had short flights. Dennis was first at 3:20 and a 30-point landing. Bob was second at 3:15 minutes and Stephen was third at 3:00 minutes with a 10-point landing. Alex again scored a 30-point landing. Jeff and Bob both scored 20-point landings and Stephen and Jon both scored 10-point landings.

 Fourth and final launch had a bit longer flight times. Stephen had the long flight at 4:36 and a 20-point landing. Bob was second at 4:25 minutes and Dennis came in third at 4:20 with a 20-point landing. Fritz and George Sullivan both had 20-point landings. Alex and Jeff had 10-point landings.

Winners for the day:

Radian Class

Dennis LaBerge   222 total points

Alex Sutton         174 total points

Stephen Treger   158 total points

Open Class

Lewis Dotson       28 total points

Congrats to all the pilots for scoring so many extra points by landing in the target circles. You’re getting better and this is still the start of the season.

A thank you goes out to Frank Sutton for the event pictures.

Next Electroglide will be on March 18th. , usual start time of 10:00.

See you there,