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Electroglide Report for Feb 2024

It was an overcast and cool day for a glider contest last Saturday. A light breeze of 3 mph and the temperature was 59 degrees. We had seven pilots competing, five Radians and two open class gliders.

First launch had Neil Zhu, (Conscendo), get the long flight at 3:31 minutes with a 20-point landing. Fritz Logan, (Radian), and Bob Anson, (Radian), both tied for second at 3:23 minutes and both had 20-point landings. Dennis LaBerge, (Radian), was third at 2:44 minutes.

 Second launch was again into quiet air with Jon Vance, (Radian), having the long flight at 3:38 with a 10-point landing. Neil was second at 3:30 plus a 30-point landing and Bob was third at 3:15 minutes.

Third launch had Neil and Daric Knight, (Multiplex Heron), finding workable lift. Neil found a thermal straight west of the runway while Daric found some ridge lift over the palm trees close to the boat launch area. Neil’s flight lasted 4:20 minutes plus a 20-point landing and Daric came back at 4:09 minutes with a 10-point landing. Dennis came in third at 1:35 minutes plus a 10-point landing. 

 Fourth and final launch had the magic lift disappear. Daric had the long flight at 2:30 minutes and a20-point landing. Neil was second at 2:13 plus a 30-point landing and Dennis was third at 1:55 and a 20-point landing.

 We all know and respect the Radian as being a great glider but Neil and Deric piloted their open class ships with great skill. Finding lift where others didn’t try and landing in the target circles for extra credit always helps.

Winners for the day:

Open class –        1st.   Neil Zhu          183 total points

                         2nd.  Deric Knight   125   “     points

Radian Class –     1st.   Fritz Logan & Dennis LaBerge 137 total points

                         2nd.   Jon Vance     98    “       points

                         3rd.    Bob Anson   41    “       points

The next Electroglide is scheduled for March 16th. at 10:00 a.m.  Have some dreams of blue skies and plentiful thermals.

Jeff Struthers