Dedicated to the Promotion of Electric Propulsion in all types of Aeromodeling

Electroglide Report for February 2013

By Jim Bonnardel,


Ahh,  Sunny San Diego California.   Today was a fine example why we continue to voluntarily over-pay for property, energy and services.  Its why we tolerate traffic,  its why we stay in San Diego.  Our weather today although didn’t have the best conditions for thermals,  it did have spectacular skies, warm temps and near still air. All morning long, landings were coming in from all directions.
I started the morning with “A view from above” by Derek Sherinian through the PA and that seemed to get guys to the line very promptly.

Did you know you can win A MILLION DOLLARS flying the Electroglide? Yes,  you can win a MILLION DOLLARS simply by paying attention! At the pilots meeting, I had 5 lottery scratchers to give away.  First set went to all the pilots wearing Electroglide Shirts….. and there were none….  Then the next one to be given out went to the person who read the Electroglide report from last month,  and could name the song I played before we launched last month.  Jim Shelton knew it was “Mr. Blue Sky” from ELO.  I didn’t find out if the scratcher won anything.  Next month be prepared for some other way to score a million dollars at Electroglide.

We had 16 pilots,  but only 13 forms turned in. One open class pilot, and one Radian class pilot, and Pedro Brantuas didn’t turn in any forms. I know the open class pilot was flying a Hobby People Phoenix like Tak’s,  and I think he took the lucky dog 2x.   We had pilots in all classes (although Jeff and Marshall Struthers should be in open class with a modified Easy Star).  We’ll talk about classes again next month.

There was no dominant direction, and launches had pilots going out in as many different vectors as possible. During the first launch of the day, Pedro lost visual with his Radian and it wound up in the bay.  Its been a very long stretch since we’ve had a spash.   Landings were just as crazy with the average flight down to the 3 minute mark,  everyone was landing one right after another.  During several rounds, there were multiple planes on the target at a time as the crowd came down.

No one wrote that they got the Lucky Dog,  but we know 4 did….  hrumph.

KUDOS TO SCOTT VANCE!  Scott gets the “THANK YOU SO MUCH” award for completing his form so perfectly.  Tom Ertickson’s form is always perfect,  but I think Debbie completes it for him.   You other schlubs need to be schooled. Scott and Debbie will get a Lucky Lotto TIcket next month…. will you?

Open Class:
Jim Shelton        Culex      180
Tak Hara           Phoenix     75
John Forrester   Flip?          65

Easy Star Class:
Jeff & Marshal Struthers   132

Radian Class:
Norm Arndt                    205
Vince Gonsowski            180
Scott Vance                    177
Bob Anson                     156
Tom Erickson                 148
Matt Cage                      128
Fred Daugherty              113
Rich Rogers                     57
Pedro Brauntuas                0

Next month,  Electroglide is on the 16th.
Yup…. the third Saturday.  Go figure.

I hope to see you all again next month,  I have it on good authority that there will be insane thermal activity for us in March.   


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