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Electroglide Report for Jan. 2015

By Jeff Struthers


Yahoo Yippee, The Electroglide is Back


 The start of the 2016 Electroglide Competition happened today at our soggy field. Only four pilots came, so let’s get a better turn out next month. The field was not that wet, but all of the pilots launched from close to the fence, anyway winds were very calm with rising air hard to find. Flight times were on the short side with the sun hiding behind some clouds.  All aircraft were Radians, two new style, two older.

 Bob Stinson displayed good flying style keeping stick movement minimal and eking out the longest flight time of 5:09 in an older style Radian.  Scott Vance was close behind in a new Radian with a time of 5:03.

After checking the math ( sorry, I know we’re honest but mistakes happen ),  Scott Vance wins the day with a score of 187 ( two 30 point landings sealed the deal ).  Bob Stinson came in second with a score of 183 and third place goes to Rich Rogers at 169.

 Just to keep things fun, I will be awarding Real Loot to the first, second and third place score totals at the end of the 2016 Electroglide season. These will be redeemable at our favorite local hobby store, so unless you want Scott, Bob, Rich or Vince to be the only ones to divvy up the prizes, get your lazy duffs down to the Electroglide next month ( Feb. 20th ).

 Fly with those with a gentile stick and who can keep it up the longest.  Hmm, that might make a good T-Shirt.

 Until next thermal,

 Jeff Struthers


Get ready

 Getting ready.