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Electroglide Report for Jan 2024

The Electroglide season for 2024 started last Saturday. This being wintertime, flying conditions were not so great. Temperature was 60 degrees and the wind was from the Southeast at 9 mph and the skies were mostly cloudy.

I had my Radian up at 9:30 when there was little wind and actually found some lift off to the West of our field. By the 10:00 start time, the wind had picked up.

First launch had six pilots try their skills, five Radians and one Conscendo.  Dennis LaBerge, (Radian), had the longest flight at 2:54 minutes plus a 30-point landing. Stephen Treger, (Radian), came in second at 2:44 and Jon Vance was third at 2:36 with a 10-point landing. Neil Zhu, (Conscendo), and Fritz Logan, (Radian), both picked up 20-point landings.

Second launch again had short flight times with Dennis having the longest flight at 2:30. Stephen came in second again at 2:23. Fritz Logan, (Radian), was third at 2:08. Neil Zhu again picked up a 20-point landing.

Third launch had a little bit longer flight times with Dennis again having the long flight at 3:30 minutes. Stephen came in second at 3:00 with a 10-point landing. Neil was third at 2:36 and a 20-point landing. Fritz also picked up a 20-point landing.

Fourth and final launch had almost everyone going to the area above the Rotoplex, the spot found for the third launch, but the lift was no longer there. Stephen tried the far western area of our field and found some good lift, giving him the longest flight of the day, a time aloft of 4:05. He also had a 10-point landing, just clearing the weeds at the edge of the runway. Second place goes to Dennis at 2:15, with a 20-point landing. Third place was earned by Neil at 2:12, also with a 20-point landing. Fritz picked up a 30-point landing.

I would like to point out how hard it is to park a glider, (dead stick), in the target circles while dealing with a South crosswind. The fact that so many pilots scored extra point landings Saturday is quite impressive.

Thanks go out to Alex Sutton for the event pictures.

Next Electroglide is scheduled for February 17th. The first launch being 10:00 a.m.

See you there,

Jeff Struthers