Dedicated to the Promotion of Electric Propulsion in all types of Aeromodeling

Electroglide Report for January 2013

Welcome to 2013 Electrogliders!

Today was a absolutely perfect day to fly RC Airplanes.  RC Airplanes  
with power that is~! We had a good turnout of 10 pilots today which  
always makes for some real nice launch photos. Some new things for  
2013 were discussed at the pilot meeting,  I will keep scores for all  
now,  and post everyones scores.  I’ll also keep tally through the  
year. There were 2 pilots who did not attend the holiday party who  
received Electroglide 2012 gift,  if you participated in Electroglide  
in 2012 and have not yet gotten one please let me know.

With the new IPod speaker set, I opened the day with “Mr. Blue Sky”  
from the Electric Light Orchestra.  I’m going to open each  
electroglide with a musical selection that has something in common  
with Electroglide. If you have any suggestions, please let me know  
what you’d like to hear to open your flying day.  Tom and Debbie  
Erickson brought a plate of cookies to share and everyone dove in,   
thanks guys!

As perfect as the weather seemed,  there was nary any temperature  
differential to create any thermals,  and the wind was so soft there  
wasn’t much action.  Round 4, which is typically our short round, is  
where Vince was able to get the longest flight of the day of 8:30.    
Lucky dog action was real fun. Jeff was buddy-box flying with Marshall  
and Marshall took the Lucky Dog in round 1 netting him the highest  
score for flight points of 40 for that round!   Welcome to  
Electroglide Marshall. Fred took the LD in round 2,  I grabbed it in  
round 3 and Matt Cage grabbed it in round 4.  In round 4,   the Lucky  
Dog dash was exciting as I saw Matt start his landing approach.   I  
was behind and above him and dove down like an attacking Falcon racing  
in under him headed for the bulls eye just before him.   BUT…  
because I had dove in under him,  my wingtip caught the brush-line at  
the edge of the runway, and I spun in the weeds,  and Matt got the LD  
but overshot the target.  I almost stole it from him, but FAILED in my  
attempt getting a zero-zero score for being in the weeds!
Tim took the points for Radian Class this month,  with consistent  
times at or above 5:30 all 4 flights, and a solid 20 landing points  
EVERY round,  he was a rock solid competitor today. Not too far behind  
was Bob who had a bad landing score in round 2 that was enough to keep  
him from the top spot.  Had he gotten a landing score he may have  
taken Tim from the #1 spot.  Norm was solid and had the same point  
miss in landing with Bob, and got his only zero for the day,  getting  
points in that landing would have made the top spot REAL TIGHT!  Tom’s  
new battery is showing,  he’s getting real good launches now,  his  
scores reflect the higher launch. Scott had some excitement in round 3  
that caused him a little damage and to get zero for round 3 and 4.    
BUT,  he had 121 points for the first 2 rounds clearly putting him in  
the lead for the day… 2 more rounds like his first 2 and he would  
have won by 20 points or more.

I was the only pilot in open class….  (insert puppy dog whimper  
sound here)

Jim Bonnardel        163

1  Tim Attaway        221
2  Bob Anson        207    
3  Norm Arndt        202
4  Vince Gonzowski    181
5  Tom Erickson         165
6  Matt Cage            164
7  Fred Daugherty    155
8  Scott Vance        121
9  Marshall Struthers     83

See you next month for more loitering!

Next month, Electroglide is February 16th. 2013, As usual, the 3rd  
Saturday of the month.

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