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Electroglide Report for July 2012


Todays launches were great. No bumping, no grinding, no lost canopies. There were thermals to be found as lots of pilots found lift. For round 1, Pedro Brantuas was the last man up. Round 2 found Pedro and Jim Bonnardel trying to hang on to some lift, but landing with 2 seconds at Jim 6:16 and Pedro at 6:18. During Round 3, Norm Arndt grabbed the longest flight of the day and was the last man down at 9:45. Round 4 had Jim Bonnardel last man up at 7:58.


Radian Class

1st Norm Arndt 229 (High score for the day)
2nd Tom Erickson 153
3rd Terry Thoman 144

Open Class
1st Jim Bonnardel 227
2nd Pedro Brantuas 219
3rd Jim Shelton 118