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Electroglide Report for July 2017


The second launch had us all heading to the west, as high as we could get in the 20 seconds before motor shut off. The lift was there, brought to us by the breeze across Sea World. Flight times now jumped, the shortest time was Roger Ball’s 6:16, earning a maxed out 60 Lucky Dog points. Jim Bonnardel, flying the Radian Pro and Tom Erickson flying a standard Radian, battled it out towards the ten-minute time limit. Tom came in at 9:19 for first place, Jim a close second at 9:14 with a 20-point bonus landing. Really good flying guys. Scott Vance came in third at 7:53 with a 10-point landing. Dennis LaBerg also scored a 20-landing.


Can We

Can We Have a Club Chiropractor?


Third launch showed the lift was still available. I had a flight time of 9:29 plus a 20-point landing. Scott came in second with 9:02 with a 20-point landing. Dennis came in third at 8:30 with a 10-point landing. Fun stuff!


Jim Approach

Jim on Approach


The fourth and final launch was into a stronger breeze that seemed to be effecting the lift patterns. Flight times reflected this with Jim earning the longest flight at 6:37, also with a 20-point landing. Scott came in second at 6:02, I earned third place at 5:37. Roger also picked up a 20-point landing on this round.



Jim-It’s still sliding


Winners for the day: Jim Bonnardel, flying in the open class had a point total of 238. All the other aircraft flown were in the Radian class. I had the highest point total at 233. Scott Vance came in second at 224, Dennis LaBerg came in third at 202.


Jim Well

Jim-Well it’s Still Worth 10 Points


I would like to point out that in the first launch, I had the shortest flight at 3:36 which earned me the Lucky Dog award. That award which when added to a 20-point landing bonus gave me a competitive 64 points for the first round. One does not need to be able to fly their glider a long time. Points are awarded for flight time and the target landings. Because of the Lucky Dog award for the first aircraft back on the runway, the flight points are doubled. Park your airplane in the target circle and you can pick up an additional 10, 20 or 30 points.



Jim, Jeff, Roger & Tim Heading Up


Come join us next month, the third Saturday. It really is fun and it makes you a better pilot.


The August Electroglide will take place on the 19th. I will be on vacation but Scott Vance will be hosting the event.







 Roger-A Light Touch of Down Elevator



Roger yes