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Electroglide Report for July 2021

We actually had a pretty good Electroglide this past Saturday. Instead of having the predicted marine layer, we had clear skies at the ten o’clock launch. Winds were light from the West at 7 mph.

At first launch, four pilots took their gliders to the sky, three Radians and one Conscendo. Flight times were on the short side with Scott Vance having the longest flight at 4:44 minutes. Alex Sutton had the next flight time at 4:28 plus a 20-point bonus landing. Daric Knight brought his Radian back at 3:30 with a 200-point landing as well. I earned the Lucky Dog award at 2:40 minutes so my pitiful time score of 16 points was doubled to 32 points. Adding to that was a bonus landing of 10-points, leaving me a respectable 42 points over all. Successful target landings matter.

Second launch found us getting better flight times. Scott again found working lift to give him a flight time of 7:10 minutes with a 20-point landing. Alex was second with a flight of 6:47 minutes and a 20-point landing as well. Deric was third with a flight time of 6:32.

Third launch had Deric getting the long flight at 8:26 minutes. Scott came back at 4:19 minutes with a 20-point landing and Alex had a flight of 4:01 minutes and a 20-point landing.

Fourth and final launch had Scott fly the longest flight but unfortunately, he landed off field so that round was unscored. The longest scoring flight went to Deric at 4:30 minutes. I was second at 4:23 plus a 20-point landing.  Alex earned the Lucky Dog at 3:45 for a score of 46 points.

Winners for the day, Alex Sutton at 200 total points earned first place. Second place goes to yours truly with 193 points and third place for the day goes to Deric Knight at 139 points.

Thanks to Frank Sutton for the pictures of the event!

Next Electroglide is scheduled for August 21st.

10:00 a.m. first launch.

See you there,

Jeff Struthers