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Electroglide Report for July 2022

 We had nine glider pilots competing in Saturday’s Electroglide. The weather conditions could have been better, but the pilots made do with the marginal lift and tricky ground turbulence that caused a few “off field” landings.  

 For those unfamiliar with the rules of this contest, any landing not done on the runway will cause zero points to be earned for that launch.

 First launch had us all looking for the lift but only two pilots found anything. Bob Anson flying in the open class had the long flight at 4:41 minutes. Alex Sutton, flying a Radian, was second at 4:15 minutes with a 10-point landing and Dennis LaBerge, also flying a Radian was third at 3:40 minutes with a 20-point landing. Daric Knight also picked up a 10-point landing.

 For the second launch, pilots found the lift to the west just beyond our runway. The long flight was earned by Dennis (Radian), with a time of 7:30 with a 20-point landing. Stephen Trager, (Radian) was second at 5:35 minutes and Jeff Struthers, (Radian) came in third at 5:30.

 Third launch had us all looking around for the lift and not finding much. Stephen, (Radian) had the longest flight at 2:35 minutes. Bob, (open class) came in second at 2:22 with a 20-point landing and third place is shared by Dennis, (Radian) and Neil Zhu, (open class) at 2:20. Neil also picked up a 20-point landing and Carl Cox got a 10-point landing.

 Fourth and final launch again had little to offer in the way of lift with the long flight earned again by Dennis at 3:20 minutes with a 20-point landing. Second place is shared by Daric and Neil, (both open class) at 2:30 minutes, with Neil again picking up a 20-point landing. Third place was earned by Alex at 2:19 with a 10-point landing.

 The flight times were on the short side of things but we all still had fun.  Next Electroglide is scheduled for August 20th.

 Thanks again to frank Sutton for the event pictures.

Jeff Struthers