Dedicated to the Promotion of Electric Propulsion in all types of Aeromodeling

Electroglide Report for June 2012


I think everyone is really getting used to the electronic start and 
timer,  its nice to see folks coming to the line on time for a good, 
prompt start. Its important that you come ready to fly out of respect 
for all those that are ready.  Since we started the electronic timer,  
we have not had to ‘hold’ a start while someone shoves a battery in at 
the last minute.  That alone has lessened the stresses of someone 
holding the whole group up,  and is worth thanking you all for.   
Being ready means you are committed to Electroglide and the rest of 
the pilots who are ready to go.

Don had us a fresh target right laid out early enough for some 
practice,    and with the field getting soft and fluffy again,  it 
didnt take long to start to disappear.

The thermals cooperated,  we had good lift in spots for all 4 
launches. We only had one bird showing us the way in round 3,  and he 
was not fooling us at all,  he was simply saying “Under me,  is where 
you want to be!”.  It was natures way of showing us where the lift 
was,  and it was really going off.

As far as scoring goes,  we had good ones in both active classes.   
Robert Stinson and Pedro Brantuas both broke the 300 point mark,  with 
good times and landing points each round.  Remembering that Bob was 
flying a Radian, and Pedro with his unlimited class ship,  Bob was 
only was only 8 points behind Pedro,   Awesome!   It is easy to see 
that the trusty Radian is always a good, competitive ship.  Kudos Bob 
(should we be happy that Pedro does not have a Radian??)

On to the scores…

In Radian Class:
1st Place  Bob Stinson  301 points
2nd Place Norm Arndt  279 points
3rd Place Don Wemple 209 points

In Open Class:
1st Place Pedro Brantuas 309 points
2nd Place Jim Bonnardel  212 points
3rd Place Jim Shelton  134 points

Everyone deserves a hearty pat on the back for making Electroglide 
what it is.  When other events are being cancelled/rescheduled/
postponed due to folks not being able to make it,   its nice to see 
the flock of birds jumping to altitude during Electroglide.  There is 
no doubt that Electroglide is still going strong,  and is a vital part