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Electroglide Report for June 2022

 For the Electroglide this last Saturday, we had a South wind at 8 mph, and a temperature around 64 degrees. From these conditions you would expect short flight times and few extra points earned by landing in the target circles.

 The pilots did much better than that with flight times up to 6:20 minutes and scoring several 30-point spot landings.

 After a brief ceremony of handing out 1st, 2nd

and 3rd place medals for last month’s winners,

the contest began.

 First launch had Scott Vance flying the longest flight with a Radian, at 4:25 minutes with a 30-point landing. Bob Stinson, flying a Conscendo, had a flight of 4:00 minutes with a 10-point landing. Stephen Trager, flying a radian, came in third at 2:30 with a 20-point landing. Neil Zhu also picked up a 20-point landing.

 Second launch had Neil, with the longest flight, at 6:23 with a Conscendo in the Open Class. He also picked up a 10-point landing. Scott came in second at 6:10 with another 30-point landing. Daric Knight, also flying in the open class, came in third at 5:30 with a 30-point landing. Bob Stinson also picked up a 30-point landing.

 For the third launch, the south wind picked up and disrupted the lift, so the flight times dropped. Scott had the long flight at 3:41 with a 10-point landing. Bob Anson, flying a Conscendo came in second at 2:30 and Stephen came in third at 2:20 with a 30-point landing. Neil and I both picked up 20-point landings.  Bob Stinson and Daric picked up 10-point landings.

 Fourth and final launch had Scott again with the long flight at 4:05 with a 10-point landing. Bob Anson came in second at 3:40 and Daric was third at 3:00 with a 20-point landing.

 Winners for the day:

Open class:

Neil Zhu, 167 points.

Bob Stinson, 148 points.

Daric Knight, 145 points.


Radian class:

Scott Vance, 192 points.

Stephen Treger, 79 points.

Jeff Struthers, 76 points.


 With the strong south breeze, there were several “off field” landings but as you can see from this report, also many extra point landings in the target circles.  

 Congrats to all the pilots for making do with the weather conditions, flying for good aloft times and getting extra landing points. This is what makes the Electroglide so fun.

Next Electroglide is scheduled for July 16th.

See you there,

Jeff Struthers