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Electroglide Report for June 2024

  We had a pretty fun Electroglide this past Saturday. Only five pilots showed up, maybe because the weather conditions didn’t look so good for glider flying in the early morning hours. By 9:30 however, the sun was shining and there was a nice westerly breeze.

 At 10:00 and the first launch, we had three Radians and two open class gliders looking for some thermals. Nothing much was found. Dennis LaBerge,(Radian), found a little lift, coming back at 4:30 minutes plus a 30-point landing. Neil Zhu,(Conscendo), was second at 2:13 with a 20-point landing and Fritz Logan,(Radian), was third at 1:35 with a 20-point landing.

 Second launch had a much greater thermal activity to play with. All pilots found the lift or at least parts of it. Flight times jumped with Neil having the long flight at 9:35 minutes, Dennis was a close second at 9:20 and fritz was third at 4:32 with a 30-point landing.

 Third launch had the pilots heading to the same spot but the lifting area was moving away. Neil had the long flight at 5:14 with a 30-point landing. Dennis was second at 4:40 minutes and Fritz was third at 1:34.

 Fourth and final launch was a quick one, the westerly wind having picked up and blowing the thermals away. The long flight being recorded by Dennis at 3:20 minutes with a 20-point landing. Neil was second at 1:49, also with a 20-point landing. I don’t have enough returned time sheets to verify but it seems like the other three aircraft landed off-runway, thus not getting a time aloft score.

Winners for the day:

1st.  Place-           Neil Zhu                  185 total points

2nd. Place            Dennis LaBerge     162  total points

3rd. Place             Fritz Logan             118  total points


Thanks again to Frank Sutton for the pictures of the event.

Next Electroglide is scheduled for July 20th 2024

See you there,

Jeff Struthers