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Electroglide Report for March 2013

March Electroglide Results

By Jim Bonnardel

Spring is here! We were greeted by overcast skies, but the marine layer burned off as fast as it could.
This month we had some visitors from Chula Vista Model RC Club, aside from our own Tim, Ray & Jeffrey who are also CV club members.  They came up from the border to see how the Electroglide is done, start to finish. I think they like the format, as we are having a Bonus Electroglide on Saturday, April 6th at CVMRCC.
Check out for more information and directions to the field


I started the day with “Rise”, by Herb Alpert. lots of folks recognized it, but no one could name it from memory. Bob Stinson took a shot at making video’s for us, working his poor Radian real hard carrying a GoPro camera. He has already posted his video at: Thanks Bob!


We had a nice turnout of 13 pilots, 2 new Electrogliders Ray Fulks, and Tom Svircev. Open class had 4 pilots, Marshall & Jeff Struthers were the only Easy Star pilots (working the same plane as Jeff continues Marshall’s training). Round #1 was the boomer of the day, lots of pilots getting long times. Our visitor Tom had the longest flight of the day, during round 1 at 9:38. Talk about stepping up to the plate and hitting a home run~!
Jim Shelton was the last man up for the first round. I took the high score for Round 1 with 9:30 and 30 landing points.  Earlier in the day, someone mentioned that we have not had anyone get a “Grand Slam” of 4, perfect 30 point landings. I took that challenge and proceeded to get 30 point perfect landings for round 1, 2, and 3. On the landing approach for round 4, the last two pilots up were myself and JIm Shelton. Jim landed at 5:30, and I came in hot for the bulls eye at 5:33. Jim had not gotten his Culex, and I plowed right into him..;.. OUCH! Sorry Jim! Jim Shelton had successfully held me out of the middle, keeping the “Grand Slam” still unclaimed.


Round 2, had Bob Anson getting the longest flight at 6:25, round 2 was all about the landing points. Round 3 I was last man up at 8:20. Scott Vance owned round 4 at 4:30. John Forrester swept the Lucky Dog award, taking it every round.


Next month, I will not be in town during Electroglide. I need someone to step up and run the event. Its not hard, I’ll show you anything you need to do. Anyone??
It will still be on the 3rd Saturday of the month, the 20th of April.

Open Class

Jim Bonnardel  226
Jim Shelton  189
John Forrester  118

Radian Class
Bob Anson  233
Scott Vance  223
Tim Attaway  209
Jeff Kuehn 195
Ray Fulks  193
Vince Gonzowski 142
Tim Svircev  163
Tom Erickson  163

Easy Star Class

Jeff & Marshall  107

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