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Electroglide Report for March, 2014


The last event was missing only 1 thing… LIFT!  Yes,  spring is headed our way, but on this last E-Glide,  there were no thermals to be found by anyone.  The longest flight of the day was Ray Fulks with a single flight (round 2) of 6:22,  and although that was the longest run of the day,  it was way off our normal averages, and way short of the 10 minute limit.


It was announced that we will only have 10 Electroglide contests this year…  Taking a 2 month break was actually a real good thing for your Contest Director,  who really appreciated the time off. It is planned that we will skip November and December this year.  It is not etched in stone,  but everyone should plan accordingly.


It was also announced that this years entries will each earn 1 raffle ticket for our end of the year drawings.  So…. Even if you only get 1 point,  each Electroglide that you turn in an entry sheet will get you a ticket to the prizes at the end of the year.


Randy Wynant was the solo Open Class competitor,  so he won his class! Flying a Calypso,  he finished at 135 points


For the remaining contestants, all flying Radians,  here are the stats:


Scott Vance               196
Norm Arnt                 190
Jim Shelton               176
Vince Gonzowski        174
Ray Fulks                  173
Bob Stinson               169
Dennis LaBerge          148
Tom Erickson             135
Jeff Struthers             120
Bob Anson                 115
John Forrester             17


We will see you glider-types next month in the Spring,  as the 3rd Saturday is the 19th.