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Electroglide Report for March 2017



EG 2




The first launch looked great as 7 aircraft took to the sky. Flight times were short, with most coming back down within 4 minutes. Roger Ball got the long flight working some ridge lift above the boat ramp, coming down at 7:38 with a 10 landing. Skip Babbitt got the Lucky Dog award at 1:10 and picked up a 30-point landing credit. Fred Daugherty and Jim Bonnardel also scored 30 point landings. Steve Gobel and Scott Vance picked up 20 point landings.


EG 3

 Jim Launching


The second launch again had short flight times with only two pilots going over 4 minutes aloft. Roger Ball at 4:58 and Jim Bonnardel at 4:27. Roger Ball and Fred Daugherty both picked 10 point landing credits.


EG 4



Third launch again had short flight times with only Roger Ball exceeding 4 minutes with a flight time of 5:50 and extra a credit landing of 10 points. Jim Bonnardel and Scott Vance both earned 20 point landings. Steve Gobel and Fred Daugherty also picked up 10 point landings.


EG 5

Lucky Dog Skipp


The fourth and final launch found all new conditions. We had lift and the flight times jumped. All flight times were above 5 minutes with Fred Daugherty first down and getting the Lucky Dog at 5:05. The longest flight went to Scott Vance at 8:45 with a 30 point landing. Jim Bonnardel, flying on one working aileron, came in second with 8:01 flight time and also picked up a 30-point landing. 10 point landings were earned by Skip, Roger and Tom Erickson.


EG 6

Roger on Long Flight


Winners for the day were Roger Ball at 197 points, Jim Bonnardel at 187 points and Skip Babbit with 177 points. Yes, I checked the math. 1st, 2nd and 3rd are separated by 10 points each. That’s got to be a first.


eg 7

T – 10 Seconds


It was a enjoyable start for the Electroglide and we all had a good time, again proving that the clubs contests are a fun and challenging way to enjoy our hobby. Next Electroglide is scheduled for April 15th.


See you there,



eg 8

 Fred, Roger, Scott, Jim & Steve