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Electroglide Report for March 2023

 Considering all the wet weather we have been receiving lately, it may be hard to believe that we had some excellent flying weather last Saturday.

 The sun came out and warmed up our very green flying area. The winds were light with a slight south west component; things seemed primed to generate thermal lift.

 Seven pilots were on hand for the first launch, six Radians and one Conscendo took to the blue sky on first launch. Scott Vance, (Radian), had the long flight at 5:55 minutes. Stephen Treger, (Radian), was second at 5:15 and a 30-point landing. Neil Zhu (Conscendo), was third at 4:47 and a 20-point landing. Bob Anson, (Radian), also picked up a 20-point landing.

 Second launch had the pilots finding some great lift, North West of our runway. Stephen had the long flight at 9:56 with a 20-point landing. 10 minutes is the cut off for flight time scores, so Stephen timed that one perfect. Alex Sutton, (Radian), was second at 9:46 with a 20-point landing and Bob was third at 9:37 with a 10-point landing. Scott and Neil both scored 30-point landings.

 Third launch had the lift disappear on us with Scott getting the long flight at 4:12 with a 30-point landing. Stephen was second at 4:03 with a 20-point landing and Bob was third at 3:32 minutes. Neil and Alex both scored 20-point landings.

 Fourth and final launch had the lift tease us a bit, Scott had the long flight at 7:55 and a 20-point landing. Stephen was second at 6:51 minutes and Bob was third at 3:46, also with a 20-point landing. Neil scored a 30-point landing and Alex scored a 20-point landing.

Winners for the day

Radian Class:    1st. Place  Scott Vance at 248 points

                        2nd.Place  Stephen Treger at 237 points

                        3rd. Place Bob Anson at 180 points   

Open Class       1st.  Place Neil Zhu at 203 points

 A fun (dry) day in San Diego, congrats to all the pilots for scoring so many bonus points with the landing credits and the great long flights on that second launch.

Thanks’ to Spring Tong (Neil’s Mom) for the event pictures.

Next Electroglide is scheduled for April 15th. 2023

See you then,

Jeff Struthers