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Electroglide Report for May 2019

It was looking like we were going to have a terrific Electroglide this month. The weather consisted of clear skies, warming air and little wind. Nothing resembling the early predictions from Lindbergh Field. Scott Vance, young Neil Yieh Zhu and I had our gliders up about a half hour before the 10:00 start time. The lift was not hard to find.

Abundant lift was anywhere north of our runway, all you needed was about 150 – 200 feet of altitude. Scott and I noticed that even with moderate down stick applied, our Radians continued to go up. I watched Neil put his glider in a tight left turn and with wings banked, the glider maintained its altitude. This was looking like fun!

The 10:00 o’clock start time soon arrived along with, some western wind. Seven pilots sent their aircraft aloft, looking for that thermal lift and it was gone. With lift now disrupted, Scott Vance had the longest flight at 3:30 minutes with a 20-point bonus landing. Bob Anson came in second at 2:53 aloft, also with a 20-point landing. Dennis La Berge was third at 2:30 and a 10-point landing. Eric Byrd and Neil both picked up 20-point landings

This was looking depressing; the wind had blown away that great lift.

Second launch took place two minutes after Scott retrieved his Radian from the runway. Seven pilots again took to the skies with a slight change in the wind strength. Five pilots found the lift and with careful piloting were able to get long flights. Bob had the longest flight at 9:30 minutes. Eric came in second at 8:54 and Scott was third at 8:50 aloft with a landing bonus of 20-points. Dennis picked up a 30-point landing. Alex Sutton had a 20-point landing. Neil and Stephen Treger both had 10-point landings. This was looking much better.

Third launch now had eight pilots trying their best and the lift had vanished again. Scott had the long flight at 3:35 plus a 30-point landing. Second longest flight was from Eric at 2:30, also scoring a 30-point landing. Bob came in third at 2:26 aloft. Dennis picked up a 30-point landing and I picked up a 10-point landing.

Fourth and final launch was into pretty much the same conditions. Vince Gonsowski had the long flight at 5:00 minutes with a 30-point landing. Bob and Scott both flight times at 3:30, Scott getting a 20-point landing. I came in third at 3:07 with a 10-point landing. Neil picked up a 30-point landing, Dennis and Stephen both had 20-point landings.

Good flying to all involved in the Electroglide. The weather was frustrating, but pilots made the best of it. Kudos also to all who continue to score the bonus landing points. It’s a hard thing to do, placing your aircraft in the target circles so often.

Thanks again to Frank Sutton for the great pictures of the event.

Next Electroglide is set for June 15th at 10:00 a.m.

See you there,