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Electroglide Report for May 2022

 The Electroglide for May was held last Saturday and unexpectedly, was quite fun. The weather conditions didn’t look favorable; 61 degrees, a 10 mph wind from the Southwest and overcast skies. At the pilots meeting before the contest, we debated then voted to begin the contest anyway. A little after the 10:00 start time, seven gliders took to the skies.

  Surprisingly, the lift was there, high and slightly westward. The Southwest wind crossing the San Diego river channel, created some lift that the Radian gliders could make better use of.

 Scott Vance, flying a Radian, was able to get the long flight of 6:26 minutes. Neil Zhu, flying a Conscendo, had the next longest flight at 4:43 with a 20-point bonus landing. Dennis LaBerge, also with a Radian, had the third longest flight at 3:26. I was able to pick up a 20-point landing.

  One pilot had his glider get away from him and end up in Mission Bay. A thank you goes out to the friendly jet skier who returned the swimming aircraft to the pilot waiting on shore. 

 On the second launch, the secret was out. Most of the pilots headed to same high west spot that worked so well for Scott and Neil. Dennis made good use of the lift, flying for 7:06 minutes. Scott had a flight of 4:48 with an excellent 30-point landing. Alex Sutton came in third with 4:04 minutes aloft and a 20-point landing. Both Neil and I picked up 10-point landings.

 Third launch had Scott again winning the long flight at 8:30 minutes. I was second at 8:21 with a 20-point landing and Neil was third at 4:40 minutes. Bob Anson nailed a 30-point landing and Dennis had a 10-point landing.

 Fourth and final launch had the fun lift disappear on us. The long flight was earned by Scott at 3:16 with a 20-point landing.  I had the next long flight at 1:59 and third place is shared by Dennis and Alex at 1:48. Dennis, Scott and Neil all picked up 20-point landings.

 I would like to point out that getting any extra landing points via the target circles was a hard thing to do, what with the Southwest wind and ground turbulence.

 Good flying everyone and kudos to those who made the small 30-point circle.

Thanks to Frank Sutton for again supplying the event photos.

Next Electroglide will be on June 18th. Ten o’clock, first launch.

See you there,

Jeff Struthers