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Electroglide Report for Oct 2013

By Jim Bonnardel


Fall is upon us! We had a fair turnout for this month, and a new entry into Radian Class.
Jim Shelton, who has been a top competitor in open class,  bought a Radian and decided to give it a go.
We had 9 entries, and a new contestant flying a Calypso (the only one in open class).

The skies did not look too promising,  but alas,  we had pilots maxing out the clock in round 1 showing that you cant always tell what is going to happen when standing in the pits.

Norm had a fun first round,  after launch he was actually watching the wrong plane… we watched one spiral in just missing the bay,  and Norm was still thinking he was in the air.  It was not until the plane he was watching made the turn to come in to land he realized he was not watching his Radian.  Luckily,  no damage and he was able to continue the next 3 rounds and still place 4th!

Be sure to come out in November,  there may be some fun surprises in store!

Radian Class:

Bob Stinson           273
Scott Vance           266
Vince Gonzowski    228
Norm  Arndt          182
Jim Shelton           134
Rich Rogers           112
Randy Wyant         ??

Next month,  another lesson in completing the score sheet…. apparently it was just too much for Randy to figure out!
Novembers E-glide is on the 16th which is as you know…. the 3rd Saturday of the month.

C U There!