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Electroglide Report for October 2012

I had planned on being away for this months loitering session, thanks to Bob Anson who hosted the event and kept time for us.
Kudos to Vince Gonzowski who came down without his teammate Bob Stinson,  and put the smack-down on the rest of the competitors with his respectable 228!  Norm Arndt grabbed the longest flight during round 3, with 9:27!


Heres the Leader board

Vince Gonzowski     228
Norm Arndt            190 (round 2 zero, zero for flying through a gate)
Bob Anson             147 (flew, and scored the event)
Rich Rodgers           84   (everyone on the podium!)

NEXT MONTH,   be ready for a new twist.   The “LUCKY DOG” BONUS!

See you in November,
Jim Bonnardel