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Electroglide Report for October 2023


The last Electroglide of 2023 was a pretty happy event last Saturday. The weather was not the best for a glider contest but those with a bit of skill were able to coax respectable flight times or score extra points landing in the target circles.

Adding to the fun, it was time to have the club sponsored raffle for all the Electroglide pilots. Three $ 100.00 gift certificates were giving away.

First launch had 12 aircraft climb up into a beautiful blue sky; (have a look at the event pictures).

Scott Vance, (Radian Class), had the long flight at 4:24 minutes with a 10-point landing. Fred Daughtry, flying a first generation Conscendo on a two cell battery, had the next longest at 4:06 minutes. Jon Vance, (Radian), was third at 4:00 minutes. Stephen Treger had a 30-point landing. Neil Zhu, and Daric Knight, (both flying open class) had 20-point landings. Jeff Struthers, and Dennis LaBerge, (both flying Radians) had 10-point landings.

Second launch was pretty much in the same weather conditions. Jon flew the long flight at 5:10 minutes. Daric was second at 5:06 plus a 20-point landing. Dennis was third at 4:25 minutes. Stephen, Neil and Bob Anson, (Radian), all had 20-point landings.

The North Westerly wind picked up a bit for the third launch. Jon had the long flight at 6:30 minutes. Scott was second at 5:15 plus a 30-point landing and Bob had the third longest flight at 4:31 minutes.

Neil, Stephen and Jeff all had 30-point landings.

Fourth and final launch again had Jon with the long flight at 6:15 minutes plus a 10-point landing. Scott was second at 6:06 and Jeff was third at 4:15 with a 30-point landing. Neil, again scored a 30-point landing. Stephen, Daric and Lewis Dotson,(Radian), had 20-point landings.

Winners for the Day:

Radian Class:

1st. Place    Stephen Treger               181 points Total
2nd. Place   Scott Vance                     163 points
3rd. Place    Jon Vance                        142 points

Open Class:

1st. Place     Neil Zhu                           180 points
2nd. Place    Daric Knight                    148 points
3rd. place     Jeff Struthers                 147 points

Winners for the 2023 year:

Radian Class:

1st. Place   Scott Vance                   1396 points Total
2nd. Place   Stephen Treger             1260 points
3rd. Place    Dennis LaBerge             1247 points

Open Class:

1st. Place    Neil Zhu                           1243 points Total
2nd. Place   Daric Knight                        379 points

Congratulations to these pilots above and to all who come out each month to compete in a club event.

Thanks to Frank Sutton for recording these events too!

The next Electroglide will take place on January 20th. 2024.

Happy Holidays,

Jeff Struthers