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Electroglide Report for Sep 2022

 The summer sun did not bless the Electroglide this past Saturday. We had overcast skies and a moderately strong south wind at launch time. This forced us to launch from the northern edge of our runway, and then try to find some clean air for wind lift. Flight times became short, so landing in the target circles would now carry much more importance. 

 First launch had seven aircraft, four Radians and three open class aircraft, in a steep climb into the wind. After ten seconds, all motors were shut off and it was a challenge to find clean air. Bob Anson, flying a Conscendo, had the long flight at 1:45 minutes with a 10-point landing. Stephen Trager, with a Radian, was second with a flight of 1:36 plus a 20-point landing. Daric knight, flying a Multiplex Heron, was third with a time of 1:28. Alex Sutton, flying a Radian, picked up a 30-point landing.

 Second launch had a little improvement in the flight times. Stephen again had the long flight at 3:24 and a 20-point landing. Bob Anson was second with a flight of 3:08. Jeff Struthers, flying a Radian, came in third at 2:59 with a 20-point landing. Alex again had a 30-point landing, Neil Zhu and Fritz Logan both had 20-point landings and Deric had a 10-point landing.  

 Third launch had Jeff with the long flight of 3:56. In second place was Stephen at 3:32 and a 30-point landing. Third place was earned by Neil, flying a Conscendo, at 2:20 with a 20-point landing.

 Fourth and final launch had the flight time’s drop back a bit. Jeff had the long flight at 2:20 minutes with a 20-point landing. Stephen was second at 1:42, also getting a 20-point landing. Deric was third at 1:31 with a 10-point landing. Neil, also picked up a 10-point landing.

Winners for the day?

Radian Class,

1st. Place, Stephen Trager with 154 points.

2nd. Place, Alex Sutton with 108 points.

3rd. Place, Jeff Struthers with 96 points

Open Class,

1st. Place, Neil Zhu with 93 points

2nd Place, Deric Knight with 41 points

3rd. Place, Bob Anson with 40 points


 Yes, the flight times were quite short but we can’t control the weather. We can however, make up for poor flying conditions with our landings and many pilots were able to land within the target circles, despite the strong south wind. Good flying guys!

 Thanks to Frank Sutton for providing the event pictures.

Next and final Electroglide for the year will be on October 15th, usual start time of 10:00.

See you there,

Jeff Struthers

See the entire album of pics here.