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Electroglide Report for September 2012

This month (for the first time I can recall) there were more Open Class ships than Radians,  since only 2 Radian pilots brought their planes down.
The heat was oppressive, there was no lift to be found through all 4 rounds,  which made for some short flights, which in retrospective was best for all.  It was just darn hot.   Open class had a whopping 3 planes, so everyone that came down today was on the podium.  Scott fuller has joined Electroglide so his first foray into Electroglide was a bit lackluster with minimal competition, but he still had a great time and gave it his best.

There were no mishaps, no crashes or splashes and minimal lift.  The longest flight of the day was the #4 launch at 6:37 by Jim Bonnardel who also got the high score for the day in that round with 70 pts. Jim had motor plug issues and did not launch in round 1.   Jim Shelton had his video camera going,  and grabbed some nice video and stills. Jim Shelton also captured the high score for the day at 165 points,  one of his personal best scores.

In Radian Class:

Bob Anson        141
Tom Erickson     134

In Open class:

Jim Shelton         165
Scott Fuller         120
Jim Bonnardel     103

NEXT MONTH….  look for a new ‘twist’ on Electroglide Scoring.  We will try out the “Lucky Dog” rule.  The Lucky Dog is simply where the first pilot down,  gets DOUBLE the flight points, if a scoring landing is made on the runway.  Only the first pilot to land gets the Lucky Dog, regardless of class.  If the first pilot down does not land on the runway, no one gets the Lucky Dog.

See you next month,  on the 3rd Saturday,  which for anyone reading this, is October 20th, 2012   😉