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Electroglide Report for September 2013

So,  we had 9 pilots, but one of the forms I received back was blank… no name…. just scores. It WOULD have been good for 2nd place,  but with no name or any identifier… you get ZIP!

Jim Shelton was the only man in Open class this month as I had just returned from Hawaii and did not have any time to get my stuff ready. He did top the charts with a total score of 213.

Both Norm Arndt and Jim Shelton tied for the longest flight times of the day at 8:37.  Norm in round 3, and Jim in round 1.  Vince Gonzowski also broke our record for the SHORTEST flight as he had motor trouble in round 3 with a Lucky Dog time of 30 seconds!

So here is how it played out:
Jim Shelton               213
Bob Stinson               193
Bill Graham                151
Vince Gonzowski        137
Ray Fulks                  133
Norm Arndt               132
Jeff Struthers            113
Rich Rogers                94

BLANK FORM             189
See you next month,  and in October,  the 3rd Saturday is the 21st.
First launch, as usual,  09:30.