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Electroglide Report for September 2021

 The Electroglide went pretty well this past Saturday.   At the start, we were dealing with partly cloudy skies with 7 mph winds from the North West.  Eight pilots were on hand with five Radians, two Conscendos and one Easy Star.

 First Launch was briefly delayed due to my mistake with the speaker system. Quickly fixed however and we started the contest. The longest flight for that round was flown by me for 3:32 minutes. Scott Vance had a flight lasting 3:12 and Alex Sutton had the third longest flight 2:53 minutes, picking up a bonus landing of 20-points as well. I’ll point out here that Alex was the only one to hit the target circles on that first launch. The rest of us were down field or off field due to the winds.

 Second launch was again into poor conditions with the only lift being wind generated. Flight times were the short side. Again, I had the longest flight at 3:39 minutes with a 20-point landing. Scott was second with a flight time of 3:26 minutes and a 10-point landing. Deric Knight came in third at 2:59 and hit a 10-point landing. Bob Stinson also figured out the windy conditions and picked up a 10-point landing.

 Third launch had Scott flying the longest at 3:23 minutes. Dennis LaBerge came in second at 2:50 and I was third at 2:49 with a 30-point landing. Bob Stinson also picked up a 30-point landing.

 Fourth and final launch had almost all of us flying less the three minutes except for Deric Knight, who found the lift far to the West. With a flight time of 8:00 minutes and a 10-point landing, Deric showed us how to fly a glider. Scott was second with a flight time of 2:50 and a 30-point landing and I was third at 2:40 minutes. Alex Sutton picked up a 30-point landing and Bob Stinson got a 20-point landing.

 It was a tricky flying day but it was impressive to see so many pilots adapt to the windy conditions and land in the target circles. Congrats to all of you!

 Thanks to Frank Sutton for the event pictures.

Next and final Electroglide contest for the year will be on October 16th.  There will be a club sponsored raffle for all of this year’s Electroglide Pilots after the final launch and recovery.

See you then,

Jeff  Struthers