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Electroglide Report from 8/20/2011


Bob Anson led the charge to altitude showing everyone where the elevator was,  and in the first round all the pilots except Tom Erikson had flights over 7 minutes.  Tom must have missed the elevator,  which was fitting,  because out of character,  he missed the target on landing netting a low time, and zero landing points.  Everyone else was hitting the target with deadly accuracy, Fred & Bob @ 30,  Terry @ 20 landing points. Bob had to dive to the field, and ‘haul butt’ home to be under time,  but he nailed it with a 9:55 time.  AWESOME.

Round 2 was even better.  Longer flights by the group, good landings, EVERYONE except Tom got 30 landing points!  Tom was so close with 20.

Round 3 again netted long run times, and Bob racing down to beat the clock at 9:39, but he missed the target for zero landing points, giving the rest of the pack some room to catch up.

Round 4 someone flipped a switch.  The lift was GONE. 5:53 was the longest flight (Bob came last last early)  and landing points were hard to come by. Bob was the only one to get landing points (20) so that made up for his loss in round 3.

Results From : Radian 4th place w/171 Fred Daugherty, 3rd w/177 Tom Erickson, 2nd w/182. Terry Thomann, and the winner was Bob Anson w/293.

In Summary,  we reaffirmed that Electroglide is not hampered by a 20 second motor run,  and that we can have an Electroglide and IMAC events co-exist on the same day without impact.  Electroglide is getting done in about 45 minutes from start to end,  and that has a very low impact on other flight operations.  Leaving the target in its current westward location,  keeps the electrogliders at one end of the field so IMAC pilots can show up, and set up down on the east end. That seems to work very nicely versus having the target at the runway ‘show center’ like it was before the field was moved east.   I would like to remind everyone to stay current on the website at as well as the club Facebook Page to know the calendar.  Don’t let weather fool you here in San Diego.  We have a real nice lift generator, just to the west, that big, black parking lot. with our prevailing wind from the west,  that column of warm air is blowing our way nearly all the time. August was proof that weather that looks like crud, can have flights that take the clock to the end.


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